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  1. Hey Josh Ross - Thanks for your question! Take the following as a starting point. From my understanding that shaft was a low/mid launch profile. I would suggest you take a look at the following models. Ventus - our fastest growing line ever, designed to enhance velocity and on-center face contact through VeloCore technology. Ventus Blue is our mid launch low spin model, Ventus Black is our launch and spin killer (low launch low spin). Motore X F1 - new for 2020, F1 offers a low-mid launch/spin and was designed to increase ball speeds while still providing stability and control in a tour-feel profile. Hope this helps! - AT, Product Mktg Mgr, Fujikura
  2. RickyBobby_PR - From a broad view, we are able to do this through material types, orientation, and size/wraps of materials. Thanks! AT, Product Mktg Mgr, Fujikura
  3. Hi Mabyboi - Thanks for your question. When looking at the two models (Pro 2.0 TS and Ventus Black), consider the following: Pro 2.0 TS - designed as a stiffer, lower launching option of Pro 2.0. Designed with a low-mid launch and spin. Tip stiff, but smoother in the handle section to increase energy transfer. Ventus Black - extension of the Ventus line, designed to be ultra-stiff in the tip and handle section with a stiff mid section. One of the stiffest profiles we offer but uses an accelerated taper to reduce the "boardy" feel that most ultra-stiff profiles seem to have. Utilizes VeloCore Technology to improve center face contact and tighten dispersion. Harry Nodwell is a big fan of this model and has found success in not only the driver but 3W as well. To summarize, Ventus Black is overall stiffer, will tend to launch lower and spin less. Hope this helps! - AT, Product Mktg Mgr, Fujikura
  4. Hi Ward Jackson - Thank you for your response. We have several options for you to try, but I would recommend starting with the following (highest launching first): Motore X F3 / Atmos TS Red / Ventus Red / Pro 2.0 This isn't intended as a prescription, but a place for you to start in our product line. Hope this helps! - AT, Product Mktg Mgr, Fujikura
  5. Hi chisag - Without giving away the recipe, we use a combination of stiffness in the mid/tip sections and decrease torque. Thanks for your question, - AT, Product Mktg Mgr, Fujikura
  6. Bucky CC - Thanks for your question. Within any manufacturing there are tolerances and we work HARD to eliminate any production tolerances through the tight specifications we require of our supply partners to our multiple production specification checks. Additionally, our production and shaft rolling processes were designed to eliminate variances. With graphite, we are able to place materials (lighter/heavier, softer/stiffer) exactly where we need them to create specific performance attributes - this is our advantage. Meaning, we not only have the ability to use a variety of types of carbon fiber, but we also can apply and wrap these materials with exacting precision to ensure concentricity, eliminating any performance/quality issues during the production process. All of this being said, all products have tolerances, no matter what you purchase. If you feel PUREing will provide you confidence in your purchase, by all means go for it, but we believe and stand by our production processes and multiple specification checks that ensure the performance of our designs. For more on this, check out - https://mygolfspy.com/shaft-u-production-process-101/ Hope this helps! -AT
  7. JScott - thanks for checking out the Shaft U education pieces we collaborated with MGS on. We enjoyed this series and look for more/different topics from us in the future (once the current situation is behind us). Stay tuned! - Austin, Fujikura Product Marketing Manager
  8. We like that you guys are coming out of the gates with the tough questions like these! there are many ways to answer this and many opinions. A simple answer is we all have different machines to measure the CPM so nothing is apples to apples. Also this is one of the big reasons why all of us in the industry recommend going to get custom fit, because at the end of the day the specs should not matter to the golfer so long as a certified fitter puts the golfer in the one that best enhances their performance. See above, we all use different machines so this would not really help unfortunately. Not apples to apples. Most all of our dealers have their own CPM machines, so when you visit their shop they know how the shafts compare having used the same machine to test all. The most important data for the golfer is the ball flight performance, not the CPM or torque. If you find one you hit the best and feels great then who cares what weight or flex or torque value or bend point (etc) it is right?! also, as the marketing guy I have to disagree about the BS comment Another juicy topic! Nice. There's quite a misconception out there about spines on shafts, even with graphite. Check out ShaftU Production 101 for more on how we produce our shafts which do not have spines: https://mygolfspy.com/shaft-u-production-process-101/ When we apply the plies of materials they are "clocked" so the starting point rotates. If we applied the material at the same spot on the clock every time it would create a spine and an imbalance, which is why we do not. And our tolerances are extremely tight on every shaft we produce at both of our wholly owned factories. We do not have some shafts with tight tolerances and others without. Hope that helps. -Eric
  9. Hey MGS Community - How's everyone doing? We at Fujikura are using this time to do our part to turn our attention to education and having a conversation with golfers. We want to get back on the course soon just like you, but in the interim we hope we are able to chat with you and answer some questions. We have looped in our sales team, product experts and Tour fitters to participate in the Q&A and help answer your questions. Please feel free to use this as an opportunity to ask us anything, it does not have to be just about shaft specs. Also, please let us know how you’re doing during this tough time – how are you trying to keep your game in shape? or what golf content are you watching on YouTube? Things like that. Also, if you’re looking for some reading material about Fuji and how we design and make shafts, check out ShaftU which is educational content in collaboration with MyGolfSpy: https://fujikuragolf.com/education#shaft-university maybe some of this will inspire questions that we can address here! Thanks for chatting with us and we hope to hear from you. Also please follow us on Instagram and twitter and you can engage with us there also. Sincerely, The Fuji team in Carlsbad, CA
  10. Congrats to those who were selected to test and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the interim please let us know of any questions about Motore X!
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