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  1. I would be happy to assist in this testing: Jason/Kansas City, MO iPhone XR Outdoors Yes (and no). I have a net, but I like the range better. I also have a Swing Caddie SC 200, that I use occasionally. And am very interested on how they compare. Again, thank you for all the opportunities!
  2. Jason/Kansas City, MO I have used a 10' x 7' sports net for several years. I occasionally use a Swing Caddie SC200.
  3. Well done, congrats! Interested to read the results!!
  4. Jason Phelps Kansas City, MO Current: Taylormade M5 tour 12 handicap s.s. = 105-110 mph TSi3
  5. Jason, Kansas City, MO Evnroll er1, 35" I'm interested in the Tomcat 14. I did the Ping arc fitting, and have a straight to slight arc (I wish I had one or the other!). Thus, I have been contemplating switching to a mallet. I'd love to test a mallet against my Evnroll blade!
  6. Those look gorgeous! I’m intrigued. Jason Phelps/Kansas City, MO Vokey SM6 60°
  7. Very cool concept. I wonder about how feel and neuro—adaption translates by seeing putts roll out on the screen. It creates several questions for me, and I’m very interested in the data that’s discovered. I’ve really enjoyed the Puttout cup, and not sure I have the setup for this system. Although putting competitions with buddies online sounds like a blast! Good luck to those applying!!
  8. Rickie and Wolff—I'm from Oklahoma, and it's fun to see an OSU team! Rory is one of my favorite people on tour though, but Rickie and Wolff are just easy to route for. Also, it'll be fun to watch PGA players compete live. I'm starving over here!
  9. Those look amazing! I’m aiming to get a set of those some day. Thx for posting.
  10. I’ve sooo enjoyed walking, I don’t wanna go back! Now, if I could only find a push cart, bloody things are hot commodities right now.
  11. That’s a nice looking set! I’ve been thinking about switching to an M5 or M6. Were you fitted for your clubs?
  12. @Jbmullin that’s too bad my friend! I’ve really enjoyed my Evnroll. It’s the first putter I’ve used since my Scottie Newport I bought 25+ years ago!
  13. @calvo90 It's a F grind for the 48º; M grind for the 54º; and K grind for the 60º. I would love to someday do a wedge fitting, but I did research online, and chose what I though would work for my game. I've contemplated replacing the K grind with something else, because it hasn't helped my sand game .
  14. Love Snell! That’s so cool. Thx to MGS I play the Snell MTB-X pretty exclusively. Love them so much!!! Can I ask what you did with Snell? If you don’t want to or can’t say that’s cool? Just curious.
  15. I may be the odd one, but I think I prefer the 2i to the hybrid. That said, I currently have a hybrid and the 4i is my lowest blade. But I’ve always enjoyed hitting irons. Some of my all time favorite shots are rippin long irons off the tee! I was pretty bummed after I got my AP1s and found out they don’t make a 3i.
  16. @rsilman Thx! The different finishes I thought would help me to not hit the wrong wedge. I still occasionally pull the wrong one lol!
  17. Driver: Titleist 917D2 9.5º, Fujispeeder T.S. 74 (I would like to change either this club, or my shaft.) 3W: Titleist 917F2 15º, Rogue Max 75 Hybrid: Titleist 818H1 19º, Atmos blue 8.5 Irons: Titleist 718 AP1, White AMT s300 Wedges: Vokey SM6; 48º, 54º, 60º Putter: Evnroll ER1.2 blade
  18. I feel the budget! And cannot pay for another fitting, although I did do the True Fit one for $9. That has got me wondering about just changing my shaft, because a new driver would not be welcomed in my household currently. How do you go about choosing your new driver if you didn't get fitted for it?
  19. Did you get fitted for your clubs, or what's been your process to build your set? I ask, because I got fitted a couple of years ago, and want to tinker with my driver, or at least my driver's shaft.
  20. Jason Phelps Kanas City, MO 15 handicap Current: Titleist 718 AP1 I would love a shot at the T-200S. (I'm skeptical they will go further than my AP1's!)
  21. I played today. It was a little more spread out between groups, but busier than I thought it would be. I didn't take any special precautions, other than make sure I distanced myself. I left the flagstick in, but MGS told me it's what I should do before Covid did! One interesting thing that happened was the course superintendent pulled all the cups halfway up. I thought it was a mistake, but then realized it was to prevent people from reaching into the cup after each other. You just clanked the ball off the hole & moved on. I felt way more confident about my putting—cause I didn't have
  22. I really appreciate this thread. I've shot in the mid-80's for most my life. I went and got fitted two years ago and invested in new clubs. My goal is to get down into the 70's. I do practice a couple of times a week in a net. I've definitely improved, but am not as consistently low as I want to be or feel I should be. I belonged to one online coaching/lessons for about a year. I stopped the subscription, because I didn't see any real gains from it. It also, jacked my swing up for a little while. Moreover, the best insights I figured out on my own. I didn't think it was worth continu
  23. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf since I was 9. I have never been serious about it until the last two years—after I got a fitting and bought my first set of clubs. My handicap is a 15, my goal is the single digits! What do you love about golf? I love pure shots! Hitting a really good iron shot has always been one of my favorite feelings. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been an avid reader and consumer of MGS's research. It was about time to take the next step and
  24. Jason / Missouri 15 Titleist 718 Ap1 175 yds
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