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  1. One of the craziest things I saw was added and removed offset with out change in loft. Therefore the club it self is a completely different cast than a retail club, and I can reassure you no tour van has the capability of casting a club onsite.
  2. Internet trolls unite! I’m not comparing anyone to pros, and no he is not playing the same irons you get anywhere, I’ve been on multiple tour vans your just wrong but I’ll let you figure that out
  3. I agree on the cast comment S55’s easily the best iron ever made no question, side note not a blade! Lol
  4. Hey thanks for not being a hater, first off I don’t think only blades should be the only clubs mades I’ve tried almost every brand of blades personal favorite was the MP18 but most importantly 7-PW what and where is this forgiveness you are seeing, I’ve tried every CB along with the blades and can’t seem to find this forgiveness they feel almost exactly the same and unless you pick the club up they look the same. Besides mizunos 4 versions of the CB. I don’t care what anyone says I know hovland picked those clubs cause they worked for him but I know he knows and the people who built his clubs know he could do more with a more bladed style short clubs. Why he plays them I don’t know really don’t care but I do know being a guy with access to a monitor and almost every major manufacturers clubs to test on and off the course I can’t be convinced a thick cavity 8 iron will out preform a bladed 8 iron regardless of ability. Numbers don’t lie sure a high handicapper may hit that cavity 8 iron 160-170 but what’s the spin what’s that ball doing I bet 10 times out of 10 that a bladed 8 irons numbers besides distance will be better. How many cavity back/ game improvement iron players do you know that pick up their forgiving 7 iron and check the ball from 150-160 out cause everyone I know the ball rolls off the back. Personally I believe the only place for that shot is 4-6iron where your main concern is getting to a distance you want. I have never heard some say I want my 6 to go 220 and check! They want 220 and then some most of the time. Also to me I don’t look at the 210’s as CB’s I look at them as the game improvement irons. I see the difference in MB’s to i210’s but take titleists MB’s to CB’s besides looks I don’t see a significant difference in swing weight address or performance I’m big on science and unfortunately numbers don’t lie thanks again for some positivity
  5. You’re probably correct but I did say it was just my thought. Either way I’ll come out as hot as I want lol I’m arguing with a guy that prides himself in his cute forum photo and probably owns a reptile of some sort.
  6. They were for a week, and it was because of swing weight, which ping fixed for him with wait for it wait for it without lead tape! Zero merit cause I’m not an internet troll like you? You weren’t forced to comment? Good luck continuing to pretend you have it all figured out
  7. They were for a week, and it was because of swing weight, which ping fixed for him with wait for it wait for it without lead tape!
  8. The fitting that Hovland and we are getting is two very different things, he’s not hitting i210’s you get at dicks sporting goods, your lying to your self if you think they aren’t tweaked or adjust to benefit his style of play, he’s also been spotted playing blueprints just saying
  9. I’m not saying speith sucks by any means, just my thoughts I think everyone could benefit from blades (which are never advertised) 7-PW. Almost everyone that has tried blades I own is almost shocked at how well they can hit them. Not saying anyone can go out a rip a 3 iron.
  10. Get out of here with that! Every player has ups and downs it’s easily the most unpredictable sport that’s why everyone struggles, side note what’s you most comfortable/ confident club in your bag?
  11. Lol you’re drinking the water, so explain jordan spieth, amazing ball striker who plays a players iron. Why isn’t he winning every week?
  12. Im a higher handicap player playing a split bag of T100’s(4-6)MB’s(7-PW). Most golfers I play with (high and low handicap players) are most comfortable/confident with their wedges. Almost everyone I play with have blade style wedges. These players are also almost always terrified at the thought of playing a blade style iron. To me if you’re most comfortable/confident with a blade style wedge why wouldn’t you want to have that in your short irons also. I truly feel everyone should play blades 7-PW regardless of handicap.
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