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  1. The video has been taken down
  2. Do you have a link to the ball marker you use?
  3. Location: Los Angeles, CA Current Bag(s): Sunmountain C130 Things you look for most in a cart bag: Full length dividers, a soft pocket for valuables, easy to access pockets, a lined pocket for wet items, lightweight(!).
  4. I'm trying to buy one of the recommended push carts but can't find the one I want.
  5. I started at 56 and have been playing for about 7 months.
  6. Yes. I was hit about 2 months ago in the thigh. No one ever said "fore" and when the group was close to us, my buddies yelled at them but the guilty party never apologized. Left a bruise for about a week.
  7. Location and Age: Los Angeles, CA (56. 57 in June) Current Driver SS: 103. I'm currently using the SuperSpeed sticks. I'm in Level 2 Week 3. SS started at 95 back in February. Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average: Average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through: I'm already doing it and plan on keeping it up.
  8. Yeah. Same here. That's how I've been keeping in golf shape during this mess.
  9. I suppose I did. I haven't really thought about where I hit it. I'm using cast irons and I haven't been playing long enough to know where I hit the ball based on feel.
  10. Is anyone using these sticks with a Swing Caddy 200? I'm finding that the speeds register much slower with it than when I use my driver.
  11. During my last round, I found myself on the fairway on 18 about 160 yards from the pin. My Arccos told me to use my 6 iron but I had been hitting strong all day so I opted for my 7. I landed the ball about 15 feet from the pin to reach the green in regulation and ended up parring the hole. Since I haven't been able to golf since, that's the shot I keep remembering.
  12. Welcome Ploobear. I played Fullerton on New Years Eve. Pretty nice course. Have you played it?
  13. Welcome, Rami! My brother lives in Ventura County and they just opened their courses. He wants to play at Sterling on Saturday but I'm not quite ready yet to venture out and risk it.
  14. Yes. They keep it in very good shape. Comparing it to the greens at Harding, Rancho is Augusta. I also like playing the par 3 there to work on my short game.
  15. Thanks. Appreciate the nice words. And yeah, the Rogue x irons are terrific.
  16. Here's what's in my bag. The driver (for now) is a Mazel 9.5 degree driver I picked up off of Amazon on Black Friday for $85. It's good enough for now. I waiting to get out of isolation so I can get fitted for something that might fit me better. The irons are Rogue X's. I'm carrying a Rogue X 3H & 4H. My wedges are all Cleveland CBX 2s. I have 4 wedges because the lofts on the irons are very strong. The putter is an Odyssey Exo 2ball.
  17. Hi everyone. I'm Jim. I live in Los Angeles. I am a COO of a small MSP/MSSP focusing on cybersecurity. I started golfing in September 2019. My current handicap is 31.7 and was on its way down from 36 when we were all put in isolation. i had hoped to be under 30 by now. My home course is Rancho Park in West Los Angeles (near UCLA) and so far I love this game. I love the challenge of it but mostly I love the camaraderie and being outside surrounded by nature. During the isolation, I've installed a hitting net and get out there 3-4 times a week practicing my pitching and hitting.
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