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  1. 13 strokes. Shot 50 on the front and 37 on the back. On the back 9 I missed a hole in one by an inch and I also 3 putted the last 3 holes and got bogies on them. I was also inside 20 feet on the last 3 holes and it’s the closest that I’ve ever come to breaking par for 9 holesI’ve also never broken 80 in my golfing life. 82 is my best score and on one occasion I quadrupled the 18th after playing out of my mind. After playing for 30+ years I will break 80 this summer
  2. Yes. I won’t be working as much and as long as the weather here in the Midwest will allow me to play, I can see me play 1-3 9 hole rounds in the evening
  3. James/Indiana 12 New Level 902’s 150
  4. Tommy Armour 845’sThey were great clubs for a wide variety of handicaps. They also sold so well that they didn’t change the design for quite a few years.
  5. That didn’t come off very well on my part. I just really prefer walking and only take a cart when I’m forced to. I have a bad back and it honestly feels better when I walk. I see your point on the way some course are set up and it makes it impossible for some not to be able to walk even if they wanted too. I’ve also found that when I walk I can get around just as fast if not faster than foursomes in carts. On a side note, when I take both of my sons with me I make them walk much to their chagrin. Only when Mom comes along do they get a cart. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Or so they say.
  6. I rarely if ever ride in a cart. I prefer to walk and carry. Carts should be used by those who truly can’t walk, otherwise get off of your behind and play golf as it was meant to be played.
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