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  1. The perfect storm of too much time to browse the internet, not making enough putts, and, as I mentioned before, stupidity. I got the Queen B 9 with store credit and stole the Queen B 5 on the bay but still have the SS8 to fall back on. So I guess the answer to your question is that I haven’t gone away from it yet, but rather, seeing if anything can beat it.
  2. I’ve used the studio stock 8 the last 2 seasons. I’ve done well with it. But, I’m stupid and evidently incapable of being satisfied with a putter so during quarantine I’ve had a run with a Queen B 9 (didn’t work out) and now I’ve got a Queen B 5 on the way...
  3. I use MG dynagrip elite in winter. I use leather grips that get really sticky when they are wet so I don’t need a glove in the summer time.
  4. I have the exact same set up but I utilize it a bit differently. I use the rangefinder for approach yardages and the gps to figure out layups and hazard distances. Sometimes I use the front and back distances. I use the gps because my watch happens to have the feature, I don’t think I’d buy a stand alone unit.
  5. I’ve been on a pretty hot streak lately. Between finding good deal and trade in values plus some creative purchasing, I’ve replaced wedges, irons twice, fairway wood, driver, putter, and bag for around $500 out of pocket.
  6. I am Andy Mercer, a 36 year old high school agriculture teacher in the great state of Arkansas. Although I consider myself to be an avid golfer with a healthy enthusiasm for the game, my wife informed me that it was an obsession bordering on sickness when I tried to replicate the wet wedge test on my Skytrak in the “golf room” in my home. Looking back on it, running the test four times could be viewed as overkill but I wanted there to be no question as to the results and I now have a Ping Glide 3.0 60* that I know will perform well during my dewy early morning rounds. I am a member of a large
  7. I’m Andy Mercer and I’ve played about 8 years over the course of 15. I’m a 6. Being outdoors, the fellowship, the frustration followed by that small success that keeps me coming back, obsession... I don’t know why but I love it! The Most Wanted lists. No I’m in central AR and although I’m a long way from retirement, my home course is a retirement community called Hot Springs Village Being in the south there is only a small portion of the year when I can’t play. You could probably say the same of any region but spring time is very soggy. Also, as the temperature increas
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