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  1. 9.5. adidas code chaos comfort for walking 18 and more
  2. Maverick driver and 3 wood. Wilson staff 100 anniversary blades. 5-p. Taylor made p790 4 iron. Volley sand and lob. Cobra MIM gap. Taylormade mini spider putter
  3. I have been playing since I was 6 years old. Normally shoot mid low 70,s live about golf... the ability to try and beat myself each week. Golf is a very humbling sport and you have to learn that everyday will be different and you have to roll with everything. Follow on Twitter and live the content. Omaha, Ne. Home course Indian Creek. Winter. And Winter. health care administration
  4. Steve Goltl. Omaha NE Taylormade mini Spider Floki the MOI. With the spider I can feel the weight working for me without trying to hammer the ball. Like the substantial look of the mallet and the aiming line in the middle. Looks like it can’t miss the putting line you pick.
  5. Steve/ Nebraska 4 Taylor made P790 180
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