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  1. Hello all, New golfer here. What an incredible game 1- I've only been playing since last August , so the majority of it was playing in wet and/or cold conditions, winter greens and all.. There have not been many opportunities to play qualifying rounds, so my officially registerd handicap (EGA 50) is not a true representation, but I'm still really a beginner golfer. 2- I love being outside, and competing against my own skill level and being in the company of friendly people is amazing. 3- I stumbled upon MyGolfSpy on the Internet, and love the attitude towards the game and the industry around it. Refreshing, and quite a laugh now and again. 4- I'm from the Netherlands, and my home course is Wageningse Golfclub in ( you guessed it...) Wageningen. 5. I really couldn;t tell, I really lack the experience to have an informed opinion, I guess. An abundance of cheap and accessable municipal golf courses would be nice,and would do much to popularize the game in my country I would imagine. Sadly, there are no real municipal courses in the Netherlands AFAIK, although my home course is very accessible from a monetary perspective. But my home course is actually really an outlier. 6. I'm self-employed, and have a range of activities, in quite a broad spectrum. Among others I'm an aborist, but on the other side of the spectrum I also work as an industrial designer. 7. That;s acually quite simple - they're my initials. I hope to be able to participate, and not just lurk. Of course I will always try to be civil, but if my lack of understanding of either the game, the etiquette or even the english language leads me to being impolite or acting like a jurk, I hope to be corrected.... Kind regards, Job van Steenbergen
  2. Fantastic opportunity! Beginner golfer here, I've only been playing since last August. I am already seriously addicted to this game though - it's fascinating and loads of fun! Although my game has been improving rapidly, that is not necessarily reflected in my handicap - it's been cold and very wet where I live, so there haven't been many occasions to play a qualifying round, due to wintergreens and such. I would really love to try a set of modern irons, and documenting my experiences and (hopefully!) my further progress would actually be something I'd very much like to do. I kinda like my second-hand Callaway irons, but I was already looking to upgrade - just not sure which direction yet. Job (first name) / Netherlands 50 Callaway Steelhead X16 (34 degr. 7 Iron) 140 Yards
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