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  1. First Name and Location: Matt - Los Angeles How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? As almost all of the putting greens around have been shut due to COVID, it's a LOT of carpet-putting and then hoping-and-praying on the course. Not ideal. Current/Past Experience with putting mats. My dad had one that was...not great. Granted, most things in the 80s were "not great" I'm interested to see where the tech has come - especially since this is so highly rated. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. Slow 9-10 Stimp. Though...I'm
  2. Legit newb question here: How do I get my bag-info in my signature like I see everyone else has? I tried to "complete my profile," but every time I get past the "who referred you" page (which is page 1, and no one referred me), the screen just reloads and I see "complete your profile" again as an option - but it won't actually let me complete my profile. I assumed it was because I was still in "recruit" status, but now that I'm out of the probational period, I still can't seem to fill that stuff in. Anyway, just thought I'd ask the experts. -Swanson
  3. Matt/Los Angeles, CA 18 (and lowering) Taylormade Sim Max PTX Pro-Icon Combo. -FWIW, These Hogans are just stupidly beautiful, and my only real complaint so far with the TM's (beside getting fit for them RIGHT before lockdown, sigh) is I wanted something that looked...cleaner, and less "techy" - I know, I know, I bought about the MOST techy-looking clubs on the market, but they fit pretty great, lol. That being said, something with a little more "this is what clubs are supposed to look like" would feed my soul a little bit, and I love that they're not SO strongly lof
  4. Shiels and Crossfield get a lot of views from me, but I really enjoy Peter Finch's channel, as he's not only a teaching pro, but he's actually trying to qualify for the tour events (specifically, the Open), and so watching his journey through trying to get incrementally better has been really fantastic. He's very good friends with Shiels, as well, so there are often cross-over episodes where they battle each other over 9 or 18 holes and course vlog it. Really entertaining stuff. -Swanson
  5. Nice! I've been dying to get out and play some more courses - I'm guessing it might not be until June at this point, given how nuts everything still is here in LA, but I'll message you sometime.
  6. lol - hell, man, take all the credit you can get! I'm happy to now say "Berg is the DIRECT REASON the new inserts are firmer" and if anyone questions it, they get a light punch to the throat. That's how I roll. (It's not. If you new how tentative I am at confronting people, you'd be laughing hysterically, wiping away the tears, saying "Oh, that Swanson - he just gets it, you know?") -Swanson
  7. Hey all! Just got an email that the new Spark Golf season (who says targeted advertising doesn't work? sheesh - I'm such a sucker) is starting up May 13th - anyone in the Alhambra/Los Angeles/Pasadena area of Cali that's interested in partnering up? Play is Wednesday nights - there are 16 rounds (one each week), and you have to play at least 9 - if you buy the pass, it's $25/night for 9 holes and a cart - info is at https://spark.golf/ Anyway, I was planning on just randomly getting paired up with someone, but then realized (I'm still new around these parts) that - duh - I have
  8. I played Pelham Bay/Split Rock a bunch over the last 18 months, and have to say if it's not immediately following rain (and therefore a bit water-logged), they're beautiful and FUN courses. Cherry Creek Links on Long Island is one of the most beautiful courses (and incredibly challenging rough) I've ever played - caveat - haven't played that many "extraordinary" courses, but man was this one pretty. -Swanson
  9. Man - just finding this now, and what an incredible (all-around) group of testers - guys, your reviews were FANTASTIC. Genuinely helpful, and a true example of why I'm so grateful to have found this site - members who are enthusiastic and informative - my brain probably hurts a little from all that info, but thanks so much. I'm (obviously) new around here, but the Stroke Lab shafts were VERY high on my list of "must check out" when I first came to the site, and I'm so glad you all put in the work and time to produce your reviews. Thanks again - great work. -Swanson
  10. My Eye-2 7 iron (36 degrees of loft) was almost exactly 150, day-in, day-out. These new Sim Max 7s are (lol) 28.5 degrees - so my hitting it (easy) 175 is not a huge surprise - it's effectively my old 5-iron. I'd be surprised if your experience wasn't the same. My biggest issue is that I went (to save some money) 4-PW instead of going to UW - now I think going 5-UW would have been a MUCH better set for me, considering that I can hit the 5 well, and up over 200 yards, which means I really need a hybrid and then I'm into my 5-wood - so the 4-iron is effectively redundant (and a little ha
  11. Love that you have all this data to compare against - this might be a silly question, but what is Skytrak? Is that similar to GCQuad or some of the other tracking software? Is this an at-home thing, or do you go to a center/driving range that gives you access to this data? Really great stuff! Exited to see what you think, especially after seeing TXG's take on the shaft. -Swanson
  12. Super appreciate you taking the time to walk us through this - feels like you're coming from a very similar place as myself prior to getting fitted to my current set (which I managed to do one week before all of Cali was shut down - well done, me). The gains in distance are REAL, but also...not? I mean, my current 7 iron (playing TM Sim Max) is 28.5 degrees - my previous 7 iron (Ping Eye 2 that I got used ages ago) was 36 degrees - that's literally two clubs + difference (Usually hit my previous 5 iron about 175, and easily hitting this new 7-iron 180, minimum). So it's a lot of getting used
  13. Congrats! These were JUST out of my price range - ended up with the TM Sim Max, which are my first new (and fitted) irons ever. But the 710s were VERY lusted after in my head Curious to see how you feel they compare to your Rocketbladez, and if the stronger loft is a help/hindrance? I'm finding it both rewarding and VERY confusing to suddenly find myself hitting a 7 iron 25 yards further than I'm used to (coming from VERY old Ping Eye 2's that are almost 8 degrees weaker lofted). Also, obviously we're in a strange time here, so no rush on any of this - I'm trying to figure out how t
  14. Hey all! Been a fan of the YouTube content for a while now, and finally decided to just go ahead and wade into the murky waters of...online comments Name is Matt - live out here in SoCal (Los Angeles). Been playing on and off since high school - never great - but have always loved the game. Got VERY into it about a decade ago after discovering some cheap muni's out here, and have been pretty hooked ever since. Recently have gotten ... "obsessed" is probably the wrong word, but not very far from it Last few rounds have been 90 on the dot, after never having broken 95 prior, so
  15. Matt / California (Los Angeles) Handicap: 18 Irons: Taylormade SIM Max (JUST got them three weeks ago) 7 yard: 180 I'd be particularly interested in these, as my former clubs were Ping Eye 2's from the early 80s, where I was hitting the 7 iron about 155-160. The new TM's are slick, but I LOVED the look of the 710's when being fitted, but they were JUST out of my price range. I also like that the lofts are slightly less aggressive than the SIM's (28.5 degree 7-iron vs. 29.5). Being in SoCal means lots of opportunity to test these out, both at the range and on the course
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