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  1. This is awesome, thank you! I will for sure be asking as many questions as I can think of/they’ll allow I’ve been waiting on this moment for a while now - I’m nervous I’m going to annoy the cap out of my fitter, lol. I’ve got a great excuse not to be worried about their prices, as I’m 100% unable to buy anything at this point, so my only goal is to find out what my best settings are for a future buy.
  2. I bought the driver (XF Gen 5) during their sale earlier this year - $299 with shaft I wanted to try, and they were doing free shipping. Given the 60-day return policy, the shipping being free, and the crazy-good price for a new driver (especially as I was able to offload a piece of golf tech I wasn't using for almost exactly the price I paid for the driver), it was a no-brainer for me. I will say the same driver at $499 or $599 - not the same deal. I LOVE the driver, btw, but I'm not sure it (or any driver, for me, for that matter) would be worth a $500+ price-tag. For one, I love that they do these sales. I can absolutely say that it would drive me crazy if I had purchased and then they lowered the price, but...given their 60-day return window, there's a good chance you could return it and re-buy it at the lower cost. Those 0211 irons are calling my name, especially at $99/club.
  3. Oh, I've seen your episode, trust me (I LOVE their fitting videos, and when I first found the channel, ran through nearly all of them) @GolfSpy_APHsent it to me, actually. So great. Ian would be a bucket-list type of thing - just watching him work with average golfers is a pretty exceptional thing - I kind of wish they'd do more stuff like that on their channel, instead of all the club-reviews, but...I get it. Clicks are where it's at. Here's hoping I get even half out of my fitting that you got out of yours!
  4. I stumbled into one in NYC years ago when I was working in Midtown, and it was like I was Charlie walking into the Chocolate Factory. I just couldn't believe a place like that existed right down the street. I wasn't able to take advantage of it then, and I missed last year's Black Friday deal, so this feels like a long-time coming. I'm so curious to see where, if at all (and obviously there will be places), I can see clear gains. I'm also super curious to see what a REAL fitting looks like - my irons were done at GolfTec, and while an okay process, it was...here are 4 options, pick one, and I went with the cheapest option. Now knowing so much more (thanks to TXG and the forum) about the fitting process, I'm really excited to try some stuff that I would have been intimidated to try before (no, I'm not trying blades ).
  5. Merry Christmas to me, from my wife (well, her aunties who always insist on buying me a present...twist my arm, why don't ya). Full bag fitting (sans putter) at True Spec Beverly Hills (fancy shmancy), scheduled for January 6 - 50% off ($187.50) with code "BFCM50", in case you want to get in on the action. They're also doing +15% on any gift cards, so for $165 (or so), you end up with a full bag fitting normally $375. Killer deal. Anyway - it's more for the experience than anything else, as I've never been fully fitted, and it'll be exciting to have that kind of day in a place like this. I'll try my best to document as best as I can - this has been a dream for a while now, to get the whole experience, so hopefully I'm in good form that day.
  6. They are legit stunning. Awesome write-up! Loved hearing the process, and having someone be an EXPERT at their job must be so refreshing compared to a lot of the other 'fitters' at some big-box stores...:) How is it you were able to adjust your Edel to the same settings - did you bring it to a pro, or were you somehow able to do it yourself? Loved that aspect - super cool! Congrats on the clubs, and definitely keep us posted as to whether the woods follow suit!
  7. Helpful, thank you. I know a lot of clubs nowadays have cast bodies and forged faces (players distance, I believe, in particular), which is probably a good, happy medium for me to end up in. I'm asking for a proper fitting at a TrueSpec for Christmas/bday, especially if they offer their 1/2 off promotion again sometime soon. I'd love to find out what really suits me as my game has progressed significantly from where I was last fit. Thanks again for the feedback.
  8. I have a question re: needing to bend your irons if their lie-angle changes. It seems to me that, while cast irons don't bend as easily, that could actually work to your benefit, as they would be less likely to bend during multiple swings. Would that be correct? If a forged iron is inherently softer than a cast one, wouldn't that mean it was more prone to bending, and thus needing readjustment more often? I play a set of GI irons that I was fitted into at 2-degrees flat. I've had them going on 3 years (February will be 3, anyway), and have been playing about 1x a week (on average), so, about 125 rounds (considering weeks off) - how worried would I need to be about the heads needing to be adjusted? I'm pondering a new set anyway, but was toying with the idea of a softer head (Takomo/Sub-70) - but if I went with a forged head, how often would I be needing to get them adjusted? This is something I hadn't really taken into consideration. FWIW - driver-head speed right about 101-103, depending on day, in case that has any bearing on frequency of adjustment.
  9. Date 11/18/2022 Course Name Balboa Golf Course Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 9 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 292 As I said in the Turkey Shoot thread - a real tale of 3 sixes - a brutal start (+8 thru first 6), followed by a brilliant (for me) even-par 6, and then a mediocre last 6 (+4). Great drive on the 16th - 292 - that if I didn't (insert expletive here) three-putt, would have been a pretty brilliant way to play the hole (cut the dog-leg at the knee and just flew it over a tree...it was so pretty) Anyway, I'm happy to post my scorecard pics, but since they're taking up server space over on the Turkey Shoot side, figured I'd leave them off for the time being. Thanks all!
  10. Oh, I'm just a full-on Idiot today. Yes - partnered with @Golf2Much. Sigh
  11. Alright @fozcycle - sorry for the delay, but the weekend was a bit of a madhouse and I'm just now getting my score-card uploaded Let's just say this was a tale of three 6's...first 6, +8, with two(!) doubles. Next 6, even par (with one legit birdie). Last 6, +4. Ugh...if I could only play that middle 6 three times Long drive was a (for me) monster 292 that made a tricky dog-leg right a piece of cake (that I managed to 3-putt (nothing in the whole round made me angrier)) - I couldn't have hit it better - just a really delightful feeling. If I'm calculating correctly (using the GHIN app), my course handicap was a 9, so I think that leaves me with three net-birdies (one net-eagle included), but I'll let the mods do the calculating. All told, 84 on this course was probably 4-5 strokes worse than what I should have shot - I'm still cursing those first 6 holes...brutal. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with some of the shots I executed (especially the 5-wood from 180 yards that I had to keep no higher than 6' because of tree trouble - and I put it 30' from the cup on the green for a GIR on a par-5 - that one felt pretty special). Thanks for putting this together, guys! Great stuff(ing)! Happy Thanksgiving! Score Card Info Front 9 Back 9 Jesus those are tiny - Hold on - I just realized I sized them to 200px instead of 800, lol. BRB - I'm going to edit the main post. Sorry!
  12. I cannot BELIEVE I missed this thread, as I was one of the fools who caused that derailment, lol.
  13. The DREAM is to get another round in, but unlikely at this point. I'll for sure let you know, though, if I can squeeze one in somewhere. Thanks!
  14. I think I still need a partner - I'm currently sitting at 11.8, so hopefully each of us has a killer round and we can make some noise (obvi: gobble-gobble is the noise we make. And yes, I have a 2 1/2 year old...). @GolfSpy_BOS - this work for you? I know you're playing a bunch, but if there's an issue with this team-up, let me know? @Golf2Much - how 'bout 2MuchNite for a team name? I'm open to other suggestions ("GobbleGobble"...might be a bit too on the beak) I'm playing this Friday (11/18 - thank giblets for the @tony@CICrule.
  15. Was in the order room for US tix as well - had no idea the prices for Sat/Sun, and hesitated just long enough for them to evaporate. I'm sure it would have been incredible to be there, but...$300/ticket felt like way more than the wife would smile knowingly about. I'd get the dreaded "knowing frown"
  16. For sure - again, this is a first-run product (serialized 1-500, upgraded shaft, etc.). Stock options (available in January) were quoted to me as being "a hell of a lot cheaper than $750" - my only issue with the stock offerings is that my lie angle is 65, and usually the stock comes in 67/69/71 or something along those lines, so it'd be a bit of a crap-shoot to order the 67. I absolutely love how this looks, though - maybe a little more upright would work for me, lol...(don't mind me, just changing my whole set-up just to get this putter. See you in 3 months)
  17. For now - the "stock" one will be configurable come January. I may or may not have a little inside info - apparently the website just crashed with the traffic, lol - but the $750 includes the upgraded Accra shaft (normally $100 upcharge), so it's not AS expensive as it might seem - plus it's a first run, so it's always a little more pricey. I would assume, as with all their models, LH is available after this initial run.
  18. https://labgolf.com/shop/all-products/link-1-firstrun/ I kind of love the hell out of this thing - old meets new, Karsten meets LAB. Thoughts? $750 is steep for the first-run - but I gotta say, having putted with the DF 2.1 all summer - could be very easily "worth" it.
  19. Much like my belt on the night of the 24th, I'm straining to contain myself.
  20. I just booked my round for Friday morning (11/18 - thanks @tony@CIC ) - anyone want to pair up? I'm currently sitting at 11.8 GHIN, if that helps/hurts anyone's decision-making Given my wife having to work 11/25, this is most likely the only time I'll be able to head out and play in the next 2 weeks, so hoping to team up with somebody and give these boys already registered a run for their stuffing. Maybe I (y)am dreaming, but giving thanks as we mash the other players' giblets and cranberries (all while making a net big bird) while we say Pie-Pie on our way to the top of the (charcuterie) board is all I want for T-Day. Green bean casserole (I don't have a way to work that into the previous sentence) can be our team name. Lol. I'm such an idiot. Anyway, if anyone needs a partner, let me know. We'll be able to post (at least my score) early enough to look intimidating (it most likely won't be VERY intimidating, ahem). -Swanny
  21. This is next-level pranking. I'm very, very pleased with this story Well done.
  22. I've missed the last two weeks - family vacation followed by a NASTY sinus infection that laid me out for 5 full days (including my "golf day"). Hoping to get out tomorrow for a round somewhere - looking up GolfNow for rates. Eager to get back out there, but with VERY little expectation as to how I'll perform, given the layoff Fingers crossed it's not a horrible showing. Either way, it'll feel good to swing the sticks.
  23. I'm going to a fitting day in a week and a half - super curious to see what they bring (if it's just HM line or if it's HM and MP). Even though I'm not in the window for the HL, I'd be SO curious to hit it just to see what that flight actually looks like. Should be a fun day - I've only ever hit the 919 HM, and those felt pretty shockingly nicer than what I ended up with (Sim Max), but at the time, the extra $$ per club made a huge difference. Now I wish I'd splurged a little. Live and learn
  24. Wouldn't the question be a matter of cost vs. sales? How many of those blue sets would they actually sell, and, ultimately, what's it cost to make ... BLUE STEEL (just go with it, ya nerds)
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