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  1. Jorin Walker, MN Cobra F9 12 around 110-115 swing speed TSI3
  2. I got a bit carried away buying second and selling second hand clubs and now am set with two full sets I’m really excited
  3. Handicap and Location 12 Handicap Boulder CO Social Media Accounts Instagram @jorinbecker Twitter @jorinbecker Facebook facebook.com/jorinbecker23 Expected rounds in an 8-week span 16 or more. Can play at least twice a week and will want to play much more if chosen to participate! Current OEMs in your bag Cobra F9 driver and 3 wood Mizuno Irons and Cobra One length forged Mizuno Wedges SeeMore Putter Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge Cobra SZ Extreme Driver Cobra SZ 3 wood Cobra SZ One length 3 hybrid Cobra ForgedTec One length 4-G Cobra King Black One length 54 and 58 degree wedges
  4. Been following MGS for a while now and would be so stoked to be a part of a test! Jorin, Boulder, CO 15 Handicap JPX 919 Tour PTX Pro/Icon Combo Sets
  5. Got out for my first day of golf this year with the service dog today. A few course employees said I couldn’t bring the dog at first but were fine after I explained service dogs. The guy I played with was really cool with everything so that was great.
  6. Thanks! That makes sense. I'll be excited to see the results once this is all over and they have time and the capability to do that testing once again.
  7. I thought I heard there were plans to test the winners from previous years against this years most wanted winner. Is that information out there or was i mistaken in thinking that?
  8. You are correct. One of the more difficult parts of having a service dog in my opinion is that people don't really understand the ADA laws and the amount of people who abuse the law can make it tough on those who rely on their dogs and follow the laws. As of now there is no official registry or certification process so that leads to a lot of people pretending to have trained service dogs or people distorting or misunderstanding the regulations for a emotional support or therapy animal and passing them off as a service dog.
  9. Thanks everyone for the positive responses. That makes me feel a lot better about bringing the dog on the course with me in the future! Here's a dog pic as a thank you to everyone
  10. Hi Everyone, I was just curious how most of you would feel if a player you were paired with brought their service dog with them to the course? I usually tend to play on deal times in my local area and am paired with other players or groups. I prefer to play with my dog if I'm not with friends as she alerts me to, interrupts and provides assistance for occasional balance and vision loss issues. The dog is familiar with golf courses, does not interfere with wildlife, set foot in hazards or bunkers or on the putting greens. My primary concerns are slowing pace of play for other players by walking instead of riding and taking the time to give the dog commands between shots so she knows what to do. Also just making sure everyone is comfortable as I know some people aren't too fond of dogs. What would you think if you were paired with someone playing who has a service dog accompany them and what else could I maybe do to make it as easy going for another player or group?
  11. Finally Just joined the forum after being a follower for a while. Excited to hopefully play some golf with fellow spies! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I learned to play when I was young but just got back into the game last year. My handicap isn't official but I'm estimating about a 12 What do you love about golf? I always have fun and its a challenging and beautiful game What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? The quality content and unbiased reviews. I don't yet know any other spies. Where are you from? What is your home course? Boulder, Colorado. Flatirons Golf Course or whatever is cheap on deal sites locally What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best things are the distance gains from altitude and the nice weather during the season. The worst things are the winters and cold/snow shutting everything down What do you do for a living? I assist eCommerce and third part Amazon sellers with their online businesses and am in school for Data Analytics How’d you pick your user name? Initials and favorite numbers
  12. Jorin / Colorado 12 Mizuno MP-15 190 at ~5280 ft altitude
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