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  1. John Georgetown, TX Cobra Speedzone 18 91 mph TS2
  2. John Sutch, Georgetown, TX Newport 2 Would be interested in any of the blade type putters
  3. Played for the first time in 2 months last week. First 2 drives out of the gate with the SZ were slices. Turned my right hand under a little more and it straightened everything out. Also try the 8 deg draw setting. Works for me.
  4. If you can try a 44.5 inch shaft, go to R flex and a little lighter say 55 grams. I had a lot of problems with heel strikes and the shorter shaft allowed for consistent center face strikes. My swing speed is about the same. May help.
  5. Srixon makes a very good ball for use on a windy day.. Shot an 84 today in a two club wind using a Q Star Tour. Ball performed really well.
  6. I purchased a standard Speedzone because it did go 10 yds farther.
  7. Play Pro V1, Srixon Q Star Tour, or Taylormade Tour Response
  8. John, Texas 18 hndcp Mizuno 919jpx 22 deg good distance, playability from different lies, ability to stop on the green
  9. As you age you will find lighter shafts are of benefit. Once your over 65, you'll be loving them. Am 74 and that's all I use.
  10. I play what works best for me. Have a mixed bag. Driver and 3 wood are Cobra Speedzone, 5 Wood is Callaway Fusion, Mizuno 4 hybrid, 5 iron thru gap wedge are Ping G700s, sand wedge and lob wedge are Cleveland and putter is a Cameron Newport 2.
  11. Hit an 8 iron from a fairway bunker 145 yds from the green to within 3 ft of the pin on a par 4. Sank the put for a bird. One of two birds yesterday. Was a good day on the links.
  12. Nailed it as far as I'm concerned. Gaming a Cobra Speedzone with UST helium tour shaft R flex. Set to 8 and a half degree draw. 74 yrs old. 91 mph swing speed. Constant center face hits averaging 230 yds. Consistently hitting 8 - 10 fairways per round. Love this driver.
  13. Supported local Edwin Watts store yesterday and purchased a Ping Traverse cart bag, a box of Taylormade Tour Response balls and a Bionic golf glove.
  14. I try to purchase USA made products when possible and avoid anything made in China.
  15. Not in Corpus Christi, Texas. There is no Costco here.
  16. Used to take a yearly vacation to Myrtle Beach back in the 90s and early 2000s. Was living in SE Pa back then so it was only 6hrs from home. Likes staying a Pawleys Plantation which has a Nicklaus course. Favorite courses to play are True Blue, Caldonia and Heritage Club. Planning a trip there next year. Little longer drive from south Texas.
  17. Played the new Q Star Tour for the second time today and really like the performance I get both off the tee and around the green. Normally play ProV1s and based on two rounds with the Q Star would rate them even.
  18. Corpus Christi, Texas Callaway Cart Bag Lightweight, full length dividers, putter well that won.t wear, plenty of storage My bag is shot. Edwin Watts just reopened here and was going to see what they had in stock tomorrow. May be worth waiting to see what happens with this. Looks like a good bag.
  19. Being 74 I need all the help I can get. Constantly play in windy conditions. Play Ping G700s with Alta senior flex shafts. Tight dispersions and the ball goes high, straight and long. Works for me.
  20. Played my first round with the new Q Star Tour yesterday. I usually play a ProV1. My first impressions are that its longer than the ProV on both the first and second shots. Short irons into the green are drop and stop. Could see no difference with the putter compared to the ProV. Also seems to be a good ball into the wind. Winds here yesterday were two to three clubs. Great first outing.
  21. Currently playing ProV1, however, just ordered 3 boxes of the new Q Star Tours based on reviews I've read. If they perform as well or better than the ProVs will likely switch due to the price point. Cost difference is $1.25 a ball. With Srixon season opener special it comes to $2.20 a ball. Not chump change in the long scheme of things. Can get free shipping from Amazon prime.
  22. Walked nine holes with my wife this afternoon. Picked up a New York pizza from Papa Murphy's on the way home. Had a couple cans of Shiner Bock with the pie. All is good in the world.
  23. Started playing at age 42 and have been addicted to the game for the last 32 yrs.
  24. Golf is a year round sport in south Texas. Try to play once a week or more weather permitting. We get a lot of winter Texan golfers from the Midwest down here between October and April.
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