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  1. Check out this outdoor comparison vs Trackman4 (link at bottom)

    Ball speed and clubhead speed look pretty accurate. Carry distance looks accurate for irons. Launch angle +\- 3 deg.  The rest of the data (probably because it’s calculated) leaves something to be desired.

    For me, I will be using on outdoor ranges year round and am very tempted to pick up for $600 to at least get decent ball/club speed and iron carry numbers.


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  2. On 6/5/2020 at 9:06 AM, sixcat said:

    I am 45 now and have been pushing a cart since sometime around 2000/2001.  I can legitimately think of only one instance where someone attempted to give me grief for not carrying.  I told the guy that just because he was accustomed to carrying his balls around in a bag for his wife doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer the same emasculation.  His nickname around the local golf scene has been "Mask" for 15 years and he doesn't speak to me!  Which I find mildly amusing considering he was a starting offensive lineman for an ACC football program in the 90's.  He's not accustomed to anyone standing up to him and firing back because he is a rather large human.

    The point is, do what makes you happy, let everyone else do what makes them happy.  Anyone that has an issue with that can piss off!

    I like this story. But I have to ask, is his nickname "Mask" because you said emasculation??  If so, that is brutal hahaha!

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  3. 5 hours ago, edteergolf said:

    As a golfer:

    1. what do you want from an instructor or coach?
    2. What makes you say, I paid for and received exactly what was expected? 
    3. What is missing that you wished was always included?

    1.  Someone who takes the time to analyze all aspects of your game and your swing, and then works with you in order to formulate a plan/schedule prioritizing the things likely to make the biggest difference or most improvement (and therefore  hopefuly leading to more enjoyment of this wonderful game)

    2. Someone wholly and 100% focused on you for the time of the lesson. Someone who sticks to and implements the plan/schedule devised in#1. Someone who gives "homework" and drills to be worked on at home or on the course.

    3.  More on-course, or game-situation training. Non-perfect lies. Feel training.

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  4. Hi Everyone,

    Recently joined MGS, and very happy to be here.  I picked up this set of clubs haphazardly via scrounging around South Florida Craigslist and also some ebay purchases (except for my 52 and 56 degree wedges are from Dicks)

    Driver: Cobra F7 with stock regular shaft at 10.5 deg

    Fairway: Ping G 5-wood at 18 degrees

    Hybrids: Ping G 3H with Stiff Alta stiff shaft

    Irons: Ping K15 4H, 5H, 6 through PW with regular shafts

    Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 52 and 56 deg cavity back wedges (were tough to find) and a 60 deg Vokey (unknown model year)

    Putter: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2

    Once I play a few more rounds and feel a little more consistency in my swing, will be heading for a fitting soon! 

    I  Hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe.








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  5. Golf Science Lab with Cordie Walker: Best for players interested in the subject of improving  their games via training, science, psychology and learning how to practice. The quality of the guests and teaching advice on this podcast is second to none. You can scroll through the library and I am sure you will find some episodes that appeal to you.  His youtube channel is awesome as well. 

    NoPutts given: Is equal parts entertaining and informative. I think in the last few episodes the team has been gelling better and the banter is enjoyable. Also they discus MGS testings and tests.

    GolfWRX: some good episodes but also many that are not of interest. Johnny Wunder needs to take some classes on interviewing.

    TXG Podcast: Ian Fraser....enough said. Brlliant youtube channel on fitting and equipment.

    I am more interested in playing, equipment and getting better, don't care as much what happening on the Tour.



  6. 4 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    I think this is great advice.   Use the free Golftec fittings as a learning experience.  You'll see how and what a fitting generally encompasses.  Make sure and get as much info on your LM numbers and club recommendations as you can from them.    Ask questions before/during and after. 

    Once you have digested that info and thought back on what you liked and didn't like about the fitting, use that to go into the True Spec Fitting.  Since you have the $200 credit, I  would go for he full bag fitting--split over two sessions if the extra cost is within your budget.  if not, then put priority on an iron fitting and you can always use the Goftec driver fitting results if you felt good about it. 



    Thank you.  All of  the above posts have been very helpful in providing me guidance and also stopping the FOMO.  I am somewhat obsessed with TXG YT channel, so  I will make sure to be open minded and ask lots of questions during the initial GolfTec fittings. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, hckymeyer said:

    The Golftec fittings will be free right?  Absolutely do those, it's not going to cost you anything so might as well see how the process works and gain some knowledge.

    Then I would take that knowledge you gained and do both the driver and iron fittings at Truespec.  The advice from just about everyone here is going to be go to Truespec anyway, but there's no need to throw away free fittings from Golftec first.

    Yes the fittings will be free with GolfTec.

    Thanks this makes a lot of sense really. Also breaking up the iron fitting and the woods fitting into two fittings is a good idea. It will allow me to upgrade to a new set of irons which I am likely to strike more consistently than my driver  and therefore get more value  immediately. And will give me time to work on the driver swing while saving up for a driver/shaft combo.

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  8. 7 hours ago, cnosil said:

    Do you have a budget? Are you willing to spend the money on upgraded shafts? Do you just want best fit with stock shafts?


    How much do you know about club fitting? Are you prepared to ask questions about you fitting or are you just going to have the fitter make a recommendation.


    Are you not going to purchase and just want to learn?


    Two fitters may come up with completely different results; there isn’t a single answer.


    Golftec will probably fit you to more stock offerings and true spec will be more brand agnostic.


    Depending on your strengths, I’d probably do driver at golftec and irons at true spec.

    Thanks Very much.  

    I am definitely planning to purchase after the fitting, and am likely going to purchase through the fitter (although being in South Florida some advantages that there are a few builders around here).

    My main goal is to get the most performance per dollar. This would likely be in irons at my stage of the game. If substantial difference I would be willing to pay for the aftermarket shafts and build.  But like someone suggested, it probably makes sense for my budget and my skill level to purchase irons first and then driver.

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  9. 15 hours ago, jddaigneault said:

    I personally would get the iron fitting done at true spec. Irons last longer than a driver, and are used for far more shots. Even if you get a driver perfectly fit for your game, you won’t see the benefit of a true spec fitting until you can hit it more consistently. I would think where your game is a golf tec fitting would fit the bill on the woods. Just my two cents, having gone through fittings at both!

    Thanks very much.  Makes a lot of sense that the most performance per dollar will come from an Iron fitting seems to the consensus from other for my skill level.

  10. Hi All,

    I am currently taking lessons at Golf Tec and have "earned" two fittings through my time there. Additionally,  (as a Bday gift) I received $200 towards a fitting at TrueSpec Golf  which I will use at the Doral location.  I have had my current irons (Ping K15's) for about 10 years and bought them on craigslist.  My Cobra F7 and Ping G 5-wood and 3H I also bought on Ebay and have never been fit for clubs before.

    I assume TrueSpec has a larger selection of shaft options as well as Iron heads.  Should I do my iron fitting with True Spec and my Driver at GolfTec? Should I do an Iron fit and driver fit at both and see if I get similar recommendations? Not really sure how to approach it.

    I would appreciate any insight or advice the MGS community has.

    P.s. I am a high-handicapper, but am actively working to get better. I know that new clubs will not stop my shanks but still I have been saving for over a year and I am ready to upgrade my irons in the near future and likely my driver as well.




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  11. I am planning to get a fitting done within the next 6-8 months. My Irons are from model year 2010 so I think new iron technology will lend itself to some increased distance  and hopefully increased forgiveness and consistency. In general though I view a fitting as another tool or modality in the quest for playing better golf. The same as taking lessons and practicing, I believe a good fitting is just another component a player has to get more performance out of their game.  I hope to improve my handicap but definitely not expecting that from a fitting...but I am hoping for that from my lessons!

    1. I have played golf for about 10 years, but really started to develop an obsession for it 1 year ago.

    2.  My Handicap is around 25-30ish, I usually shoot 104,  will be breaking 100 post-COVID-19!!!!

    3. I love competing against myself, I love the feeling of a perfectly struck swing (doesn't happen much, but nonetheless I love it)

    4. I have followed mygolfspy on instagram and also on their podcast. I love their data driven approach.

    5.  I dont think I know any other spies...

    6. I am from Ottawa, Canada but currently living  Miami, Fl

    7. I play the public courses in Miami including Palmetto, Crandon Park Golf, Granada, Greynolds

    8.  What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The weather and The Weather!

    9. What do you do for a living? I work in the medical field

    10.  How’d you pick your user name?  A cheeky play on my last name

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