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  1. Cobra, I tried a few and they are amazing particularly of the deck.
  2. Do not limit your self simply to GI, try as any as you can that is within you price range. Shafts can also change ball flight and hopefully the fitter have you try a number. At the end of the day it is all about feel and confidence. If you step up to a ball with a club that you know feels great then your confidence level is high and trust the clubs. One last suggestion, take with you the balls you normal like to hit as they can affect how a club feels. BTW they well be knackered after hitting the nets but is is a small price to pay.
  3. Another thing you may want to look at is the ball you are gaming because depending on the ball you it may be increasing your spin rate. For example a Pro v1 vs a 1x, the 1x actually has a higher spin rate according to the reviews I have seen.
  4. Hi skippy, a couple of questions. Where do you live and what course does he usually play. Also what is his handicap. If he has a back issue then you may also if you can afford it, get an electric buggy if he prefers to walk. A mate has a back issue and he found graphite shafts suited him better than steel as they transfer less vibration and he found that he could swing easier without sacrificing distance. The Golf Clearance Centres https://www.golfclearanceoutlet.com.au/golf-clubs/iron-sets.html can have some great deals but because of the pandemic and Vic being in lockdown right now their stock is limited.
  5. Never had a full bag fitting, just irons. Hit driver when I was going through the performance centres but the getting a full set was cost prohibitive. Driver and 3 wood cost as much or more than 4-AW. Never had a putter or ball fitting.
  6. I use the mScorecard app on my phone, it is free. I use it mainly for scoring as it does stableford but there are several doglegs on the course that I need to use GPS as I do not have line of sight with the laser. I bought a Laser, cost me $110AUD - is just a copy of a Sureshot 3000 with pin lock. I prefer it as our course is not flat and there are a number of pins where you cannot see where they are on the green. Plus I use it quite a bit to find distances to a trap, water a tree etc and it is easy to use.
  7. First fitting I ever had was back in the early 90's but that was for the shaft only. We went to the True Temper office and they had you swing a club that had a cable coming out the top of the shaft that was connected to a laptop. Have to admit the data and graphs that were produced were impressive. One thing that was highlighted was that my driver was bending in 2" towards me at impact. They then provide me with a special X100 shaft the had a really stiff tip. Made a huge difference. Still have it the Callaway Warbird Driver and every now and then take it out for a hit.
  8. The two I found forgiving was the Callaway Epic Flash ( have not hit the Marick but heard similar comments) and the Cobra SZ Speedzone Extreme. I bought the Flash as you can get really good deals on them at the moment.
  9. Just say that you think you are going to buy yourself a birthday present this year, that is what I do.
  10. The course I play I can only really hit driver on 2-3 holes so I regularly leave it out of the bag. If I am swinging ok, then it does make my approach to the par 5's a little easier but the distance difference between my to my 3 wood is only 20M.
  11. Just goes to show how dangerous Covid 19 is. 6 weeks ago we were seeing new case numbers in the low teens, now 650-700+ per day. How you ask, because the security guys that were hired to enforce the compulsory 14 day hotel quarantine for returning travelers did not do their jobs and the Victorian govt did not check if they were doing the job. The govt was offered military to preform this task but they turned it down. In fact rumors are that the security people even had sex with several of the returned travelers who turn out to be positive. They then became carries and spread it to family and friends and people they meet. So we have gone from 50+ cases 6 weeks ago to over 5000+ today. The really bad news is that 40%+ of the new infections are in retirement homes and the death toll keeps rising. When compared to other countries our levels of infection are still quite small but just goes to show if you do one thing wrong this virus is unforgiving. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Not sure what is is called but here is the flower.
  13. I review a round after, not during. I get annoyed when I play a bad shot of hole at the time but never dwell on something in the past. My biggest issue is that I usually loose concentration when play in really slow and I am waiting on almost every shot or generally somewhere around 12-13.
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