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  1. First Name / State or Country of residence melvin/ oman Handicap not got one yet... Current irons in Play wilson fat shaft The carry distance of your 7 iron 135 ish..
  2. Well I would certainly volunteer my time and energy to review these irons. I am just learning golf and about to get my handicap! I am currently using 20 year old Wilson Fat Shaft irons with Cobra drivers. (Same era) I am between jobs so currently playing three times a week! I have already come down from 106 to 96 on par 72 course and only losing 2 balls a round instead of 6. This is just with the extra continued practise. YouTube videos and forum advice on mygolfspy!! It would be great to review how much a brand new set of Ping compare to 20 year old tech and from a genuine beginner.
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