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  1. Thanks @Peaksy68 - I need it! Just finished a round at Curlewis yesterday and was punished for not being disciplined. Beautiful course though, especially the front 9
  2. Hi All, I've been playing golf on and off for almost 10 years. Only in the last couple of years though have I got an official handicap which is currently 23. My aim is to get that number below 20 before the year is out. So my mantra is "beat 20 by 2020" I truly love how golf can level out the playing field, and yet can separate individuals decisively all within the same 18 holes! I was introduced to MyGolfSpy by a colleague from work and although I was initially interested in the possibility of being a tester, I can really see myself getting a lot of value from this community. Coming from Melbourne, Australia we are blessed with having a great variety of courses with some in the top lists hailing from the region of the Melbourne Sandbelt. To be honest, I can't fault the city/state I am in, I'm simply grateful to have the options I do have. My profession lies in member experience within a company that delivers an electronic property settlement platform to all members of the industry. I'll finish on a funny story. Firstly in Australia, single syllable names are used mostly because with a country as vast and widespread as ours, we want to at least be able to get to your name in the shortest time possible - Zac. Lastly I was boarding a plane and was fortunate to board business class. A personal touch they provide is welcoming you by greeting by your name. Unfortunately this plane was already delayed by quite some time and the flight attendant was a little rushed and flustered. This led to an utterly axed version of my surname - Kips And thus, my alter ego was complete. Looking fore-ward to meeting many of you and learning from even more. Happy golfing.
  3. Isaac / Australia 23 Wilson 431ss 140 yards
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