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  1. Brock Cary, NC Callaway HyperX 28 110 TSi3
  2. Brock / Cary, NC Handicap is 28 Currently have old Cleveland 990 BRZ TA The raw wedge appeals to me for the spin factor. My understanding is that the groove edges can be sharper without the finish coating allowing for more bite. At least initially before the grooves wear and the face rusts.
  3. Brock from Cary,NC I play all year long here in NC, but I do have a putting mat at home as well. I do a lot of gate drills, etc. I currently have one, nothing fancy just your run of the mill 8' strip I will test the slow speed since I pretty much only play public courses.
  4. Brock/Cary,NC/USA Ping Anser 2i Anser 2. Same toe hang and blade profile as my current putter (which I really like and rolls pure)
  5. Brock Allard: Cary, NC I have used the Golf Pad pad app as a GPS device. I still use the Golf Pad app for yardage
  6. Brock Allard: Cary, NC I have used the Golf Pad pad app as a GPS device. I still use the Golf Pad app for yardage
  7. Brock Allard / Cary, NC I practice putting just about every day throughout the day since lockdown. Probably an hour a day in lockdown, 30 minutes per day prior to lockdown. About 8 on 18, which is why I would live this opportunity Mist if my practice is on a standard putting mat, so no variation which is why I struggle on the course reading greens. The ExPutt features allowing for various slopes or speeds are the most interesting for me.
  8. Brock / NC Handicap 28 Adam's Super Hybrid 19 degree Straight flight with decent height
  9. Raleigh NC/ 28 handicap Currently use OEM alignment markings Titleist ProV1 / black line / WWTWD
  10. Hello all, I am currently what you would call a high handicapper (28), but I am very new to the game having only been playing for 6 months. I love how challenging golf can be compared to other sports. I have always been very athletic but golf has humbled me for sure. Strength without technique is useless and this challenge has me completely hooked and obsessed. Seeing someone half my size effortlessly rip them past me gets my competitive fire going and has me committed to becoming a competent golfer. My obsession to learn and know everything has brought me to MGS. Sure I would like to eventually test new products because that sounds amazing, but the information brought me in. I live in the Raleigh NC area and don't yet have a home course. With only 6 months under my belt, I am still exploring new courses with every round. NC has a long golfing season but the heat and humidity isn't ideal for someone like me with New England blood coursing through my veins. I am a sales manager by profession but an athlete at heart. Nothing beats getting outdoors and competing, nothing! Oh, my user name that was easy, it's my name. So much for creativity or anonymity.
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