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  1. Brandon Charlotte, NC 5-aw callaway big bertha cf19s + 1/2" long upright 2° 20 handicap shoot avg 95 Would prefer t200s
  2. A couple of things to keep in mind. Most game improvement clubs these days have some jacked up lofts on them so the only way they stop on greens is by high launch. In your searches, look for more traditionally lofted clubs if you can, somewhere around 33-35 for 7 iron. Another big factor in launch will be the type of shafts you have on the club. If you go to a fitter and they don't have you try out some different shaft options ask them to. The same club with different shafts can have huge differences in ball flight.
  3. The shape of the putter is nice and it feels very balanced. Also not too heavy which gives you some extra control on fast greens. Played a round on thursday, not one of my best but I had a few great moments with the 2 crossover. The highlight was a 190 yards on a par 5 that stuck the green for my 3rd shot. Came to rest about 8 feet from the flag for a nice birdie attempt.
  4. Yep was a dicks guy. To be fair I wasn't hitting any shots consistently to get a baseline. Think it may have been nerves. But he was trying to offer swing mechanic advice that just wasnt helpful and then was like get some lessons and try again good day. Now the driving iron off the tee hasnt fixed all my problems, but for the last few rounds I have been pretty solid with it and am gaining confidence to use it in more areas besides the tee. It's an interesting beast. I am almost tempted to get fitted to it in the future, I feel like the dynamic lie on it is way too flat for me.
  5. I completely forgot about the eye2 grind lol. Just cant seem to wrap my head around that shape. How does it perform for you out of the sand?
  6. Its funny, I was able to hit a driver carry like 260 even get some bombs to finish at 300 when I first started playing. Couldnt hit anything else though to save my life. Had a lot of wild misses though that were not findable. They I went in to try and do a driver fitting and the guy shot my confidence down to an all time low and I have not been able to hit a driver since. That was about 4 months ago. Since then with focusing on iron play ive lowered my score by over 20 strokes. Chalking that up to better iron play and course management.
  7. One other thing I will note, I did not get fitted for this club. I tested out several "driving" irons at dick's one day when I was fed up with my driver. I was smacking around the demo of this club so well that day I bought one off the rack. I highly recommend not hitting a few good shots with a club and buying 1 off the rack lol. This does not indicate how it will always perform for you 100% of the time. I' ve also heard that sometimes demo clubs are slightly different than the actual product you are sold though I'm not sure of the validity of that.
  8. My pleasure. I like these wedges so much I want them to be on other people's radar. In the golf market right now, the marketing megaliths control the biggest pieces of the pie and sometimes the smaller guys have great products that simply get overlooked. Not saying ping is an unknown brand by any means, but titleist, taylormade, callaway all hold onto a very big piece of the market. To me, these companies all seem to be selling the same thing at times too, not a whole lot of variance except a little aesthetically. But they are also the "trusted" guys out there and you know what you are getting pretty much when you buy these.
  9. This is a very valid point, however people's handicaps take into account every aspect of their game. For me, my iron game is about the only thing allowing me to break 100. My putting is mediocre, short game around the greens is questionable at times, and I have no driver. So off the tee, I'm smiling if I just get it in the fairway anywhere over 180 yards. The 4 crossover would likely not gain me much over my 5 iron right now. I also picked up this club before I was able to start gaming my 3 wood recently and the super hybrid. So its stayed in the bag more or less for the variety of shots I can produce with it. I feel like there are lots of golfers like me who just have days where a specific club in there bag just isnt making the cut that day. Then other days it is a star performer. If I get to the point where I need to get a club out of the bag this 1 is likely the first to go however.
  10. Hey everyone. I've recently aquired a set of ping glide 3.0 wedges in 52° ss grind and 56° as grind. I plan to buy the 60° as well soon although I'm not sure which grind to go with at the moment although im leaning towards ws grind for more ease out of bunkers. I chose those lofts as my pw is 44° and aw is 48°. The wedges I replaced were callaway md4s in similar lofts with a grind and 10 bounce. The first thing that I notice when looking down at the club is the size of the head feels slightly larger and the shaft lengths are longer. For me being over 6' tall that is a huge plus already. Also the standard grips go longer down the shaft and do not taper as much and have markings on them for different hand positions if you are the type of player that likes to grip down on shorter chips like I do. There are 3 different grind choices although not in every loft. The bounce options are dependent on those grind options. I like a good bit of bounce as I use these for full shots into greens often but I went with ss grind to not have too much bounce. The other tech on these if the hydropearl finish which boasts the ability to maintain spin numbers in wet conditions. Various club testers have show this to work well although for a higher handicaper this may not be as obvious. So far after hitting several hundred shots with them, the finish appears to be holding up pretty well I will add especially compared to the pvd black finish on my irons. Performance wise, I get very consistent distances on these even on not so great strikes. I carry the 52 about 95-100 yards and the 56 around 85. Something many people don't consider too much with wedges I feel is the ability to shape shots. I have found this to be fairly easy with these clubs especially for draw shots. Fades are a bit trickier for me with these but still possible. With the bounce I have on my clubs, fairway shots and even tight fairway shots are a cake walk. Out of thick rough is tricky though. Bunker shots I really need to get my 60° to get a better idea. The leading edge on the ss grind is fairly rounded and less square which helps me with turf interaction leading to less negative impact on fat shots. Thinned shots unfortunately still go for miles and wont stop but thats down to a poor swing. The last thing I would like to bring up about these wedges is feel. Now I have not tested very many wedges out there, but compared to the callaway md4s and the jaws, these wedges have a much much softer feel when you strike them. I fell in love with these clubs the second I hit.my first full shot with them. They are not forged although there is a forged version, but they come pretty dang close in feel to it. They feature an insert in the back of the club head that contributes to this. I would highly recommend trying these out if you get a chance. Wedge performance for.many comes down to spin numbers and feel and these do not lack in stopping power or buttery goodness.
  11. I got them in standard sole. A couple things that pushed me towards those wedges, shaft length is a little longer than standard for wedges which is great for me. 2 I love how the grips extend further and have marks on them for gripping down on the for more controlled chipping around the greens. 3 the hydropearl finish from the reviews ive seen dramatically help reduce spin loss in wet conditions and in NC thats almost a given half the time. Lastly, they have a much softer feel to them compared to the callaway Mack daddy 4s I was using. I have pretty much converted to ping for short game 100%. I was very torn when choosing my irons as I really wanted to game the ping g710s. I loved the look of them and when I tested them briefly got similar numbers to the big berthas. The deciding factor came down to price being a few 100$ cheaper. Although in retrospect, I feel like the addition of the arcos in the grip would have justified the extra cost as well as the hydropearl finish. Performance wise though I likely would not have seen much of a difference. The ping crossover 2 iron I have a love hate relationship with lol. Its the hardest club in my bag to hit consistently, but I have a few different shots I can play with it that are situationally very helpful. I can flight it low and roll it for miles, off the deck I have a very solid low fade that I can curve around trees, and I can use it like a laser pointer off the tee or hit a high fade off the tee. Bear in mind this is when I'm on with it. On the off days I hit it straight about 140 yards or monster slice. On those days I end up basically teeing off with a 6 iron most holes The putter I just fell in love with. Its good for my straight back straight through putting style. It is literally the softest feeling putter ive ever hit which is for some players not all. And the adjustable length of it is a huge plus. At 200$ its not the cheapest putter but by no means the most expensive either.
  12. Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and I just joined up with mygolfspy a few days ago. I am 33 and just started playing golf about a year ago. I live in Charlotte, NC and typically shoot in the mid 90s. Joined up on mygolfspy because I have become completely engrossed in the sport since starting and wish to learn as much as i can. NC is pretty warm year round so golf is playable as long as its dry... My usual course I play is olde sycamore. To me golf is an escape from the stress of everyday life where I can focus on making myself a better, healthier person and enjoy life in the process. If anyone is in the area hit me up to go play a round together!
  13. So with the epic pro irons, on my best strikes I was hitting every club about a club further than I am hitting the berthas. The biggest issues I found were that when i hit one perfect out the center of the epics, I flew 10 yards past my avg strike. Miss hits could drop off anywhere from 10 to 20 yards off my avg strikes. I also was not fit in these and topped a lot of shots due to being a bit taller than average. So dispersion carry distance wise was huge. Left to right dispersion was not so different. That more or less came down to how well I was playing on a given day. Hope that helps!
  14. Hey guys, I recently got my first iron fitting about 2 months ago and ended up in a set of big berthas. Before going into the fitting, this set was not even on my radar of game improvement irons that I was looking to try. The fitters had me try out these, the new mavericks, and by request the mizuno jpx hot metals. My old set was the 2017 callaway epic pro irons( I really should not have bought those online but just loved how they looked). Upon trying these all out, performance hands down went to the big berthas for me. So I got those and had to get them + 1/2 in and upright 2°. Since getting them ive played 4 rounds of golf and hit probably 1500 practice balls. Here are my thoughts on these clubs. Right off the bat, looks wise these things are gorgeous. They are a little on the chunky side but the black finish helps mask that a bit. The painted white lines on the bottom groves help frame the ball nicely. They have a fair amount of offset to them which initially put me off but I was able to get used to it quickly. Feel wise, strikes felt good and you get some feedback on really poor strikes. Ones off the toe, in the heel, or really low on the face can be felt. Aside from really bad strikes though, you do not get much feedback on off center hits through the club or even really through distance and launch losses. So in other words they are super forgiving and also very easy to hit. Performance wise, low spin could be a factor for some people when choosing these but I would say it is kind of a non issue. I have no problem with a 80-90 mph swing speed launching these clubs stupid high in the air and can get them to stop no problem on the greens unless I hit them low on the face almost skull town territory. Carry distance wise, I avg 155 on my 7 iron, and pretty consistent 10 yard gaps in every club. The aw at 48° carries about 105 and the 5 iron carries about 185. These distances are very consistent for me too. I rarely have bombs from any of the irons and drop offa due to sub par strikes are not very bad at all. The only negative aside from feel which in an sgi is tough anyways, is that the black finish does not withstand very much punishment at all. I will include some pictures later at how bad these things have scratched up already. But if that doesnt bother you, these are a great choice for anyone that needs some forgiveness. Edit* one other thing I forgot to note, shot shaping is not difficult at all to produce with these clubs. For people that thing sgi irons cannot be shaped, I couldn't disagree more. Fade or draw, I can work both ways on every club from the 5 iron down to the approach wedge.
  15. Something else to consider, if you find yourself slicing the wood off the deck but not off the tee, there could be a lie angle adjustment to fix that. If your lie is too flat( the toe of your club is hitting the ground first), that will cause your club face to open at contact causing the slice to occur. Obviously there are a ton of other possibilities but that might be a good place to start. I know its a lot cheaper to buy clubs used or off the internet but fittings make so much of a difference its worth the extra $ if you have it to spend. Most of the time fitters will include it in the cost of a new club too.
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