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  1. Chris/Honolulu HI/USA ODYSSEY Stroke Lab 10 Fetch - looking for a firmer feelthan the OSL10
  2. 1. Chris Soltis Honolulu HI 2. iPhone GolfLogix and Arccos 3. Arccos with club sensors
  3. Hello, I live in Hawaii, would be happy to participate if needed. christopher soltis 1. Honolulu 15.8 2. Sharpie freehand 3. Pro V1x - KYDJ (Keep your day job)
  4. Chris Honolulu HI 15.6 GHIN Mizuno MP-20 HMB T-200 I am working on lowering my ball flight and spin loft and believe the T-200 sole configuration and bounce might compare favorably to my current irons. Courses are open here and the weather will allow efficient testing. Thank you
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