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  1. Generally speaking I think it‘s a good idea to play something a little bit softer in wedges. Whether you want to go a little bit lighter or a little bit heavier is a matter of personal preference. I grew up playing X100 in my irons. In those days Cleveland were THE wedges and their wedge flex was a S400. So I pretty much played the most common „better player“ setup (slightly softer, slightly heavier wedge). When custom became more common, I changed to X100 throughout. Similarly, when I moved to PX 6.5 and then Tour-V 125, I played them in all irons and wedges. These days I use Modus
  2. Used to play PX 6.5, liked the flight but developed some wirst & elbow issues. Changed to Tour-V 125, similar flight without the soreness. After a few years I wanted to try something similar but with a little less spin, so moved to the Modus 130X. Couldn‘t be happier..
  3. Ravi / Germany 4.2 Cobra CB 170
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