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  1. Valid point, seems such a shame to throw them away after such a short life.
  2. They can't be knock-offs as I bought from the largest golf retailer in the UK
  3. UK and Veteran would be the ones for me, thanks!
  4. I'll pick up a pack of these on my next visit to Costco, thanks!
  5. So I guess climate/humidity is a major factor in your preference not to wear a glove? Here in the UK it's pretty much wet/rainy 90% of the year... the other 10% is hot and sweaty so I really struggle without. I must say, I can't recall seeing many golfers around here who play gloveless...
  6. I'm the same, I just don't feel comfortable swinging without a glove.
  7. Here's a topic that isn't discussed anywhere near as much as it should be... Golf gloves. Maybe it's not as sexy as a brand new driver or some shiny wedges, but in my opinion a decent glove gives so much confidence and may be worth a handful of strokes per round (no pun intended). Am I right? I've tried a huge number of gloves in the short time that I have been playing golf and have concluded that my top 3 (at the moment) are as follows: (pictures below) 3. All Weather Glove - synthetic (cost £5.99 GBP) A surprisingly comfortable and soft glove, considering it is a value-fo
  8. Hi, Great idea to include badges. I'd appreciate the UK, Veteran and Broke 100 badges be added to my profile... Many thanks Mo
  9. What a beautiful looking club! Such a classy, timeless look. I'm not much of a driver of the ball yet, still trying to learn the basics so this one isn't for me... Really looking forward to reading the feedback and reviews in a few months time.
  10. I really wanted to dig a little hole in the lawn just like James Robinson but I'm sure you can imagine the look Mrs Average Mo gave me... decided to settle for just poking alignment sticks into the ground to simulate the pin...
  11. Hi JvS, Welcome! I'm at a similar point in my golfing journey so I look forward to following your progress to see if I can pick up any tips... All the best Mo
  12. Hi everyone, I've already managed to pick up some great tips and advice from forum members who have kindly responded to my posts on DIY training in the garden as well as a problem I've had with a club recently. What a great community to be part of! As a new "Recruit" on the MGS forums I'm working toward shaking this label and becoming an actual member, learning as much about this beautiful game along the way. I guess with the current lockdown situation we've got plenty of time to help each other out... I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.
  13. I picked a box of these up a couple of months ago for around £30 (GBP) here in the UK to replace my previous ball of choice: the Wilson Staff DX2, which I loved playing as as all-round performer. These newer Kirklands are a lovely soft ball, which feels beautiful when chipping and putting. I'm not 100% sure how great they are when used with driver/woods as I don't get much distance anyway, so can't pass judgement on that front - it's a work in progress. One thing I do find is that they discolour very very quickly and are difficult to clean after a round. The outer cover
  14. A superb video. I hadn't really considered bounce. Thank you
  15. Amazing! Thanks @M. Parsons Much appreciated This can be my homework for this week.
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