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  1. Dick's has Ralph Maltby and his team at their disposal, those are some guys who know everything there ever could be to know about building golf clubs. I'm sure they are involved.
  2. I played a vokey until the face wore off, and actually had one of these Maxfli C3 wedges put in my hand this year. They are solid, I liked them a lot. It took a little while to get used to it as it was a 56 instead of the 58 degree Vokey I had been playing, but once I got the feel for it the club was a solid option in my bag.
  3. I've received emails from these guys about this club for a couple of years now, but have never seen or heard of it otherwise. Did you hit it further than your normal driver? I'm assuming that at a 6 handicap you aren't snap hooking a whole lot of tee balls?
  4. are there any pics of the topline?
  5. The saying goes "larger core = more distance" That being said, the compression rating of the ball has a lot to do with this as well. I believe both the Prov1 and Prov1X are 3 piece balls, but the prov1 has a softer compression core. So in theory if you hit both of them at 100 mph you should get more distance from the Prov1 because you are able to compress it further. The same is true if you are talking about a 2 piece distance ball. If the compression of the 2 piece ball is meant for a long drive champion, you should still hit a lower compression 3, 4 or 5 piece ball further.
  6. Around the greens I get comparable action to a prov1. As far as feel goes they have 3 different compressions, so 3 different feels. The Tour is the mid compression and my first preference, it feels similar to a Prov1, and better than a Callaway. The XD is the higher compression for higher swing speeds, it is a little firmer. I thought it felt good, but I don't swing hard enough for that one. The Tour LC (low compression) is the interesting one, personally I like it the least of the three, but I know a 3 or 4 guys who started playing it and now swear by it. The most noticeable thing when I first started hitting them was how hot they are off the face of the driver. I had been playing an NXT Tour, and when I switched to the Tour I honestly lost track of the first few drives. The ball really jumped off the face.
  7. I love the Newport series, but the great thing about a blade putter is the simplicity...the face weights and 8,000 stampings make this one a little busy for me.
  8. I play them, they are long, and seem straighter off the driver than Prov1's. With the deals Dick's offers (usually running a free 6 pack with purchase, or $5 off a dozen), plus the trial 6 ball packs they are worth a shot. Pretty good reviews on the Dick's site too
  9. It seems to me like it would be pretty tough to get Walter Hagen anything on TGW for any price given that it is a Dick's private brand and the only two places in the US it is sold are Dick's and Golf Galaxy...
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