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  1. I have been using the Axis 1 Joey putter for about five months now. Initially loved it. Made more putters with it the first four or five rounds than it seemed all last year. But recently it has cooled off. May have to put it in Time-Out for a bit.
  2. Perhaps someone can help me understand MGS's Strokes Gained results for the 2020 Most Wanted Drivers. I would assumed the Strokes Gained calculation for Drivers would have measured each driver compared to the average within the test of 37 different drivers for length and location of each shot. But after reviewing the SG results, only seven drivers had positive Strokes Gained results, three had average (no gain or loss of strokes) and twenty-seven negative or lost strokes to the average driver. Those lost strokes' drivers had a cumulative negative stroke total of -0.799 while the positive strokes' gained drivers only totaled +0.102. Shouldn't the Strokes Gained total for the entire test sum to 0.00? In other words, the driver results were skewed to performing less than average which how can that be if you are measuring each to average? Shouldn't the sum of all the SGs from this test universe yield zero? Are the results this way because MGS's database has results from prior years, in which case these newer models underperformed compared to their predecessors (and what would that say about the OEMs)? Or is there some other factors at play here?
  3. The profile photo was added so may I please have the Broke 80 badge please?
  4. Jim Roswell, Georgia 10 Cobra Speedzone I want to test the T-200 irons
  5. Was anyone else surprised that the Cobra Speedzone driver was near the bottom in strokes gained after last year the F9 driver was the Editor’s Choice for drivers?
  6. Jim / Georgia 10 Cobra King Speedzone Irons - Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 -S Flex 7 Iron Carry Distance - 155 Yards
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