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  1. As someone who also occasionally fights a slice and looked for a fix, I'd be cautious about watching youtube videos as they may lead you down a path of trying to implement a fix for something that isn't wrong. An in-person or video lesson is a much better option, that way you can make sure the actual cause of your problems is being addressed rather than trying to line up your symptoms with a video. You can end up worse off than where you started trying to implement a swing change that isn't warranted....
  2. First time tester here. Super excited to have been selected can't wait to try this club out! A big thank you to Hogan Golf, MGS and the moderators!
  3. Thanks for the info, I was aware that different manufacturers have different specs for "standard" which is why I was planning to go off of length. I haven't settled in a shaft yet, was planning to hit a couple with launch monitor see the range and see what works but was thinking of modus 105 of maybe something higher launching like $taper light or 950gh.
  4. Ryan/ Bloomingdale, IL Zelos 8 Stiff Driver Swing Speed: 95-100 AWT 2.0 / Stiff
  5. Glad to hear you got it shipped, hopefully the club treats OP well.
  6. use a USPS shipping site like pirateship.com or stamps.com, etc and keep the box dimensions under 48x6x6. I just shipped a driver from Chicago, IL to Fairfax, VA for $8.60 (+ insurance, etc but probably not needed on a free driver) using pirate ship. I think the shipping tool on paypal also gives the same or similar discount off normal USPS rates. Definitely don't go into the post office....the 3-wood I bought here a couple of weeks ago the guy took it into the post office and said he was charged $35 to send if from Tucson, AZ to Chicago. Edit: you only use the website to generate the s
  7. I'm the same way. That first round my expectations are very low and I'm not thinking too hard about trying to fix whatever swing issue I have because it hasn't presented itself yet.
  8. That makes more sense. I've never done a CC fitting, but from what I have read their 90 guarantee isn't as useful as it would seem. They are basically saying that you will get similar results with your set compared to what you saw when you did the fitting. Which of course you should since they are supposed to be building you the same thing. Unfortunately, that guarantee doesn't do you any good if decide that you don't like the 4 or 5 irons or 9i, Pw, etc that you didn't hit. This goes for both standard sets and especially for mixed sets. That players distance 6i may be OK, but the 4 &
  9. I don't think I understand what you mean. I've never seen a fitter that has the ability to hit all of the irons in a set with any shaft you want. If you go to a PGASS, you can get dialed in on the head from the fitting cart with a shaft, but then if you want to hit a 4i in that combo you are out of luck unless it is the stock option that they happen to have sitting on the shelf.
  10. Can anyone tell me the shaft insertion depth on JPX919 Forged irons? Thinking of re-shafting my irons and was going to try to pick up a set of used pulls but I don't know what the insertion depth is so I don't know what length shaft to buy to keep me at the same playing length. I'd like to be able to buy the shafts without pulling my current ones first to find out the answer....
  11. Ryan/Bloomingdale, IL Right Handed First Choice: VKTR+ hybrid with stiff shaft Second Choice: GS53 fairway with stiff shaft 20 Handicap I play a hybrid in long irons
  12. Have we seen pics of the fairway woods yet?
  13. I have no idea as to the answer to your question, but I would take a look at ebay as you've done and see what they sell for. My guess is the irons would have more value as a collectible/wall art than they will as gamers. Maybe even someone's restoration project. I'm thinking the woods have no value, but I could be wrong. Is "Power Play" a value/store brand? If yes, I don't see anyone giving you enough money for them to cover shipping costs which will run $15-20 or more if using UPS/Fedex
  14. As @Buffly mentioned, that is going to be hard item to find. I don't think I've ever seen a 2 hybrid in a retail store ever (which means they weren't very popular), and on top of that, the Tour shaft would have been a custom order item. I hope you find what you are looking for, but it is going to be a needle in a haystack.
  15. Ryan Bloomingdale, IL PXG 0811XF 20 100mph Tsi2
  16. ChitownM2

    JPX 921's

    I may be wrong on this, but I believe the black shafts are a pvd finish which means if you keep them long enough you may end up with some bag wear which may or may not bother you.
  17. The other easier option is to buy the high density tungsten powder from golfworks, the corks, and a ram rod. For ~$50 you can add powder down the shaft of each club to get the swing weight where you want it. this will allow you to keep the grip you like get rather than being forced to play the lightest one you can find.
  18. I'm not any more accurate with my 3 wood so I pretty much never hit it off the tee and usually only attempt to hit it when the lie is good and I've got a fair margin of error. I find that I don't make solid contact as often as I do with most other clubs, most likely due to the length of the club. If I were to hit 100 balls with impact tape I would probably find that I am just as wild with my driver, but since the clubhead is so much larger the consequences are significantly reduce. Missing the ball 3/4" on the toe side with driver results in some lost distance, missing the center by 3/4" with
  19. Ryan/Bloomingdale IL 20 Handicap Ping Glide 3.0 Like the flat finish and added spin
  20. I have a 10.5° Max with the Alta CB Stiff. You can adjust it down to 9.5°. PM me if interested. Edit: just noticed that this was resurrected from June....but I guess PM me if you really are still looking.
  21. Ryan - Bloomingdale, IL Practice on carpet or fake grass style mats Used one of the really cheap old school fake grass putting ramps & recently tried varispeed putting carpet. Medium speed
  22. Ryan - Bloomingdale, IL USA Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman Tomcat 14 - I like high MOI mallets with long sight lines
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