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  1. Seb has been an interesting guy to watch. I've never really been a fan of his and I think part of his titles can be attributed to being in the best car. He doesn't seem to have that little bit extra driver skill that I think Hamilton, Alonso, & Verstappen show you. That said, I think his recent return to glory is based a lot on his decision to retire and giving exactly 0 f*#^s about anything other than doing the best he can each week. All of the pressure is off of him and he doesn't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the race weekends. Doesn't need sponsors, doesn't need to tote the team line, etc. I imagine that it is just an amazing relief to not have to deal with that garbage after having all of that kind of pressure on you since your early teen years. It's back to just being about driving.
  2. I did not mean my comment to be disparaging, only to say that you are coming in at a good time. Prior to this year it was even more of a single file procession at an even greater number of tracks compared to this season.
  3. I think it will definitely be closer, both with the 3 up front and the rest of the pack bunching up and moving closer to the big 3. That's really what the cost cap is going to do. The big 3 teams are still riding all the knowledge, etc they gained from the unrestricted era but it will be hard if not impossible to stay that far ahead of the other teams with the cost cap limiting what they can do. That's why they structured the wind tunnel time based on the standings.
  4. If you think there was very little passing, it's a good thing you weren't watching for the last 7 or 8 years. The new aero rules for this season have made things tremendously better. Cars use to have to stay 2 seconds behind the car in front in order to have grip and not destroy their tires. Now they can tuck up right behind the wing of the guy in front and pressure him into a mistake or be close enough to make a pass when the opportunity arises. That simply wasn't possible before since they relied on being in clean air to make their downforce. Now that the season is almost over I think it is fair to say that the new aero rules were a huge success. The racing has been much better to watch and I'll be curious to see the statistics on # of overtakes vs. previous years, and if they are tracking it, the # of non-DRS overtakes vs. before. That latter stat, I feel, is going to be substantially higher. I don't think they are to the point where they can get rid of DRS, but it's moving the right direction so hopefully with another year of engineering it gets even better and they can get rid of DRS for 2024 or 2025 as they originally planned.
  5. is Zero Friction the one size fits all brand though? I've tried those on before and the fit was not great. The stretchy fabric that allows it to be "one size" seems like a compromise
  6. Yeah Max continues to prove that he is the petulant little b*tch that he showed himself to be last season. Seemed like he had moved past that this season but apparently not. Also, good for Hamilton not giving him an inch. I'm hoping that Merc has got the car figured out and can be back at the top next season so we can get some more Lewis vs. Max action on track. I'd love to see how Max reacts to Lewis having nothing to lose and dive bombing him into every corner and forcing Max to either get out of his way or risk both of them being taken out of the race.
  7. Glove use is entirely dependent on the weather for me. In the summer when they get really sweaty, I get maybe 10 rounds out of them. In the spring/fall and indoors in winter they seem to last forever. I usually go through 2-3 a season overall, but i'm only playing like 30 something outdoor rounds plus indoor simulators on a weekly basis. I did start swapping gloves after 9 holes on the hot days to make them last longer as they seem to tear when they get really wet and it seems to be working. I also bought some anti-perspirant lotion stuff for your hands last year and that also seems to reduce the amount of sweat on hands which further helps. It's expensive, but you hardly need to use any so I'll probably get 4 years out of this one tube assuming I don't lose it or have it open up and leak out into my bag. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B085KKF2KY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. My guess is it's coming from the back plate if it only happens on the one club. Something is probably loose. As others mentioned you should contact customer service and they can point you to an authorized place who can look at it for you and/or send it in to be repaired.
  9. Got out for a round with my dad today and played well, but the finish absolutely killed me....bogey, double, triple Shot an 85 with my 15 course HDCP for a net 70 which was -1. Not a good day with the driver but I managed one good onne...long drive was 273. Edit: had a net eagle on #1, hit my approach to about 6 in. If that counts as 2, then I think I had 8 net birdies but I could be screwing that up.
  10. I agree with the other posts that you need to work through the driver issues. Get lessons and put the practice in. Being able to hit driver is a huge advantage because even some bad shots might still put you out close to what you could reach with a driving iron. Good shots could be leaving you with wedges into greens instead of 5 irons. Depending on what you particularly struggle with, adding a fairway wood might not help much either. For a lot of people, hitting a fairway wood consistently well is just as hard as hitting a driver. At least with a driver you have 460cc to miss with, the margin of error with a FWY isn't as high. I think MGS or Arccos, can't remember which, posted an article that basically showed for high handicappers a 3 wood isn't any straighter than a driver so that old adage of grabbing a 3 wood when things tighten up doesn't always hold true. I almost never tee off with my 3 wood unless hitting driver would result in putting me into trouble, ie. hit it through the fairway or into a creek/lake, etc that I need to lay up from.
  11. I know this topic has been mentioned (beaten to death) before but did HQ share any more info on what their plan is for member testing going forward? I know they took this out of the hands of the forum team, but it's a little disappointing that we managed to get through the entire 2022 season without a single product test from the big 5.
  12. I got out for 36 holes on Friday 10/14 and then another round this Saturday with the PP. I did have an issue early Friday morning where the battery bar was displaying only 1 bar and then it was giving me weird numbers. I had a 167 yard approach that I shot 4 times and it gave me distances of 8 yards, 166, 9 and then 167 and then it wouldn't give me a reading at all (like the battery had died). I'm guessing it was due to the cold weather as it was only in the 30s when we teed off and I'm guessing that it worked OK at the beginning because it was kept indoors overnight and had residual heat but by the time I got to that hole it was at the same temp as the outdoors. By the time I got to the next hole it was working fine and continued to work fine the rest of the day with the battery bar returning to full when we started the second 18 after lunch. Also performed flawlessly this past Saturday but we had some unusual 78 degree weather so the cold wasn't an issue. Guess this will be something to keep an eye on as I plan to play as long as I can this fall here in Chicago and am not afraid of some cold weather as long as it's dry and not crazy windy.
  13. Thanks foz! Things are finally starting to come together....amazing what a few good rounds in a month will do for your handicap. I think I've dropped 4 strokes since late September. Hoping to keep the ball rolling.
  14. Tied my personal best today at 11 over. Left my par putt 1" short on #18 or I would have set a new best. Course handicap is a 16 for a net 66 which is -5. Long drive for the day was 287... My driver was solid all day.
  15. Solid round for me but not going to take home any prizes. par 71, shot a 90 with my 20 course hdcp for a net -1. Long drive was 311
  16. So now I've got another question..... Several people have mentioned maintaining the leather. Did vessel change these bags recently? I've been eyeing the player 3 and cart XV for about 8 months now and as far as I can tell, none of vessel's mainstream bags are leather. They are all vinyl (aka synthetic leather), granted it's not 1970s car seat vinyl but most definitely isn't leather. Only the handles are real leather. So we're these bags s actual leather in the past and they've now changed to synthetic? If the bags were genuine leather I'd be plunking down my $455 right now, but they are not. Did I miss the boat and should be looking for an older used one?
  17. Assuming your 3wd distances are not correct then I'd agree you can fit something between your 4 hybrid and 3 wood, otherwise you might just leave the bag alone and/or replace your 3 wood or swap it for a 5. You should be getting more distance out of that spot in your bag based on the distances you have listed for your other clubs. Don't think there is ever a need to have a 62 in the bag unless you play on some specific course where it would be beneficial.
  18. @stephenmatt Do you have an update on your Vessel purchase? I'd like to see some pics of the vinyl after ~18 months of use. I like the bags but am reluctant to pull the trigger because I've heard from some people that the vinyl scuffs from normal use and I'm a bit worried spending that kind of money on a bag that is going to look bad after 2 years.
  19. This is a great idea....I wish we'd started last week . I shot a personal best 83 on Saturday which would have net me -9 and put me in the running.
  20. well looking at how this is going so far I hope it doesn't come down to the tiebreakers because I think the margin of victory for USA is going to be much higher than I originally thought. Int'l team better get their stuff together if they want this to be interesting heading into the weekend
  21. As others mentioned that is the performance guarantee not the return policy. If it ships with some type of plastic on the head or grip, you'd better still have it on their when you return it. I returned an evnroll last fall without any problems though so as long as they can't tell it is used you should be OK.
  22. use pirateship.com to ship. USPS had outrageous price increases on long packages like golf clubs. UPS via a 3rd party aggregator will be like $14 while USPS is $30
  23. They probably sold out, were up there for the better part of the season and since they don't have a connection to restock them it was always drained to be a one time thing.
  24. I would think they would fix the adapter under warranty. More than likely they will just replace the whole shaft but I would still take it in.
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