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  1. Exputt Tester Application: Jonah TB/ Glendale, CA I have a birdieball putting green at home and do two to three 30-45 minute sessions per week focused on short putting, aim, and lag putting. I also play 3-5 rounds per month and warm up at practice putting at the course with another 15-20 minutes for green speed and longer distance lag putting (where allowed, some courses closed putting greens for COVID). Thanks to my shot scope, I know that I 3-putt once every 5.8 holes. I've only read Exputt article on MGS, but the Exputt looks to fill the putting simulator gap in the launch monitor/simulator market. Putting is a key area I'm working to improve in my game and so I'm super interested in a device like this that can help me get real world feedback without going to a course. I'm especially interested in practicing longer putts and sloped putts that I just cant do on a flat 12' mat.
  2. I just started using lines on my golfballs last year. It definitely helps me line up the putts and has probably shaved 2-3 strokes per round. I also learned that my setup was costing me strokes because putts that looked lined up from behind, were looking different when I stood over the ball. 1. Jonah, Los Angeles, 15 HCP 2. Blue sharpie line marked with stencil 3. Bridgestone Tour B X, JOJO, Blue Line
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