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  1. My wife and I would love to be part of this test and give real world feedback. If it can giver her a little more distanc,e and help me consistently reduce my fade, we are all in.
  2. I bought a pair earlier this year and have used them almost every round. They were advertised as cooling as well as UV protection. I am not so sure the cooling aspect is very accurate. It may help a little but they certainly don't make me any warmer with the moisture wicking. However, the ability to avoid greasy sunscreen is a big plus. I did buy ones that were sized but were not the most expensive. They have a light elastic band at the top which helps them stay in place. It might take some getting used to but I definitely recommend them.
  3. This is perfect timing. I have been spending too many hours over the last week trying to figure out what should be my next upgraded driver. This is the perfect way to find out which one fits my swing and tendencies without worrying about buyer's remorse. Great concept!
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