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  1. 13.5 Freehold NJ Currently playing Taylormade Burners. Hit my 8 iron 145/150 Learned about SUB70 from you guys. I have their Driver and 3 wood already. Was trying to schedule an in person fitting, prior to shutdown. Since then I have studied the company model and become a fan of the DTC concept. Jason offers a personal touch that doesn't come from other club making companies and that has made me a major fan Picked or not these clubs are on my watchlist! BTW SUB70 head covers for the woods have lead to several discussions on the tee and more than a few "let me give that a try moments."
  2. I too am playing Snell balls and found them to be a solid performer. As for Sub 70, I ordered a demo driver and 3 wood, just prior to the "great closure ". Did get them on a driving range for a bucket and liked what I saw. Granted it was 45degrees and windy as hell, so a good evaluation wasn't really possible. Thanks
  3. I've been looking for a couple of weeks now. Most are not available for delivery until June. Amazing slow response....or pay double and might see it mid MAY.
  4. Currently a professional helicopter pilot, (on furlough) retired NYPD officer and US Army vet! 55 yrs old and play as often as possible!
  5. As of today, Monmouth County NJ, closed it's courses. It really sucks, since a golf course is a perfect place to practice social distancing. I'll check the local semi-privates to see if they are open but not very hopeful. If anyone hears something new, please pass it on.....Thanks!
  6. Morning All Monmouth County, NJ based, play all the county based courses, plus a few of the local country clubs. Willing to travel. Retired NYPD playing to a 12-14 handicap. No fear of a cold beer. Love the random aspects of golf. I play several times a month and often as a single. I get to meet lots of new folks that way. Playing TaylorMade irons and woods but I'm looking to upgrade soon. Currently, Demoing the Sub70 driver and 3-wood. Pretty sure, they are keepers! In fact so impressed, I''ll probably try the irons next. Wouldn't have heard of these guys, but for MGS so THANKS! I'll post a review, in the future.
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