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  1. I grew up playing in the Dayton area. Miss some of those courses.
  2. Where are you stationed dude? I am an avid active duty golfer as well.
  3. I want to know static loft to have a baseline. Dynamic loft is useless for comparison if you don’t know the static loft (ex. If two clubs average 15* of dynamic loft, but have 3* difference is static loft then that tells you something). Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. That would work. Maybe just average all the lofts used and average all the launch angles to give the final ratio.
  5. Seems like Mizuino should be #1 for you based off these numbers. I would be interested to know how the app comes up with the "best" fits.
  6. I would prefer to see a comparison of static loft to launch angle instead. A couple of the drivers are 14% and 17% for launch which brings the average up and makes many other drivers seem very low launching when they might not be. Or at least a column of the average launch to compare the percentages against.
  7. Military computers and internet connections are so bad that I can't tell if the blurry picture is on purpose or if its just another photo not loading
  8. I know some of the courses around me are only closing to customers. A few of the staff are still working.
  9. I wouldn't have a problem as long as I knew about it before the round started. I like dogs, but it may be distracting until I realized the dog is well behaved. Watching the dog sit quietly by the putting green or driving range would do the trick.
  10. Agreed about the music. If someone wants to listen to music while they play that is fine, but i shouldn't hear it if I'm not in your group.
  11. I have found that when I do that (change the ratio of long game to short game practice time) my short game standards drop while my ball striking improves. Overall that leads to higher scores for me. My goal this year is to dedicate more time to the range and playing without decreasing the amount of time I spend on short game. We'll see what happens.
  12. good news on the golf courses. courses are shutting down let and right in VA. still a few open tho.
  13. Putting and short game are the strongest. Distance and consistent iron play are the weakest. Iron play really struggles if I don't keep up on practice.
  14. I tested these last year. They looked too big to me and I could not get over that mental barrier to give them a far test. So, obviously they did not make it in the bag. A buddy of mine does play them though and he loves them. The extra spin in the wet seems to be holding up to the test of time if the eye test results are accurate.
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