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  1. I play the MP-20 MMCs. They feel great. Not as good as the blades, but still very good. Faster and more forgiving for sure, but I still retain some feedback and workability. The HMB definitely launches higher than the MMC or blades and it is easy to miss high on the club face if you are used to blades or small cavity backs. The HMB also looks much larger behind the ball. Details and technical specs here: https://www.mizunousa.com/product/golf-mp-20-mmc.do
  2. This fitting was accomplished in Sep 2019 at TXG Driver: Ended up with the M5 12* head, 1.5* open/-.75* loft, Accra TZ6 55 M4 shaft, and 45" long. I tested the G410, TS3, Epic Flash, F9, and ST190 also. M5 gave me the best numbers and helped eliminate my over draw miss. I also like the moveable weights as I am working on 3 areas of improvement with my driver (1: more swing speed, 2 - less in-out path, 3 - hit up on ball more). The spin is a little too high (around 2900-3000), but I should be able to bring that down if I improve my angle of attack. Wood: Ended up with TS3 16.5* head, B1 setting, Accra FX 2.0 370 M4 shaft, and 42.5" long. Also tested TS2, G410, Epic Flash, M6, and ST190. The 16.5* head gives me the slightly higher ball flight I need/want and the moveable weight helps protect against my left miss now with the ability to go back to neutral if needed as I work on my swing. I also love the classic look of TS3. Hybrid: Unchanged after fitting. Sticking with 818H1 21* head, C1 setting, TENSEI White 90 S shaft, and 40" long. Didn't see any improvement from TS2, G410, or M6 tested. This had only been in the bag a year and was fit for me so no suprise it stayed put. Irons: Ended up with Mizuno MP-20 MMC 4-PW, PX LZ 5.0 110g shafts, 2* flat, 2* weak, and standard length. Also tested P760, Z785, and T100. I previously played a split set of 7-pw blades and 4-6 iron cavity back. It was time to choose more with my head than my heart and get a little more forgiveness. MP-20 MMC and P760 performed the better than T100 and Z785s so I went with the feel of the Mizunos. I went 2* weak to match the ball flight I am used to seeing and to eliminate some off the offset. I play such a "light" flex shaft because I have a very smooth tempo and the 110g weight proved ideal compared to other weight shafts. This shaft choice was the most surprising part of my new set-up. I am also currently testing an MP-20 MMC 4 iron. Wedges: T20 50.04, PX LZ 5.0 110g shaft. T20 54.14 and 60.06, PX LZ 5.5 115g shafts. All are 2* flat and 35". Also tested RTX4, SM7, and Glide. RTX4 and T20 performed the best. I have played Cleveland's for over a decade and I practice my short game a lot. So, I went with the T20 to have something different and to use that as motivation to practice short game even more. I originally had low bounce in the 54, but replaced it with high bounce to give myself more flexibility in the short game. Putter: Unchanged after fitting. Titleist Newport 2, 33". Made 8/8 putts with good launch monitor numbers. Would have been hard to get me to change this one as it has been performing great for years. Ball: Pro V1x. Previously was playing the Pro V1. The extra spin is better for all clubs except fairway wood and driver, but I'm only losing maybe 2-3 yards. That's worth giving up for the extra spin with my irons and wedges. Pro V1 or Pro V1x are both just so good.
  3. The entire MP-20 line is great. I ended up with MMC 4-PW. I previously played a split iron set of 7-PW blades & 4-6 cavity backs. I am also testing the HMB as a replacement for my MMC 4 iron.
  4. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Started playing 19 years ago, but took a 5 year break (location/job driven) Currently a 1 handicap What do you love about golf? Individual accountability for performance, the challenge, requirement of a wide variety of skills to succeed, the creativity & finesse needed for a good short game What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? The reputation for honesty of the MyGolfSpy team I am not aware of knowing any other Spies Where are you from? What is your home course? From Ohio, but live in Northern VA currently I do not have a home course What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best: lots of quality public courses/tournaments to play Worst: off-season in the winter What do you do for a living? Active duty military How’d you pick your user name? It's my name
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