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  1. Driver: Titliest Tsi3 (8*) fujikura ventus black 7x 3w: PXG 0341, Mitsubishi kuro Kage tx 70g Hybrid: PXG 0317, Aldila nv 2kxv blue x90g utility: new level 4995hb Mitsubishi MMT 100g irons: PXG 0311 4-G(gen 1) DG tour S400 wedges: vokey sm7 56* and 60* putter: Scotty special select Newport
  2. Tom Hamden, CT Currently walk most of my rounds Currently using a hand me down two wheel pull cart that’s older than me.
  3. Many drivers are $550 and upgraded shafts can be $300+. With upgraded options and taxes you can definitely spend upwards of $900.
  4. Tom/Hamden, CT iPhone XR (always keep my iOS up to date with current) I will be testing both indoors and outdoors with a net and without. I have access to an indoor training facility as well as open ranges year round. I will also be traveling to some warm weather states that I will be transporting it to.
  5. Tom- Hamden, CT Shoe Size: 10 Currently wearing Nike Roshe and Adidas Boost Currently when buying shoes I look for comfort and style, typically leaning towards Nike or Adidas.
  6. Tom/Hamden, CT Confirmed RH golfer I would like to play the driving iron (x stiff), backup option would be the hybrid (x stiff) 11 I currently play both a long iron and a hybrid.
  7. Tom Hamden, CT Current Driver in Play: Taylormade M6 Handicap: 12 Swing Speed: around 105mph TSi2
  8. Tom/Hamden, CT Handicap: 12.6 Currently play Titleist SM7 (56,60) When I purchased my current wedges I debated between the chrome finish I have vs the raw finish as I have heard raw could possibly give you more spin. I would be interested to put it to the test.
  9. Tom, Hamden, CT During the winter I go to an indoor training facility about 20min from my house when I can I have been trying to find a good material for an indoor putting green the last couple years but none seem to mimic true putting surfaces well. Would like to test a medium speed
  10. Tom/Hamden, CT/USA Current Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport (mid slant) I would be interested in the Anser 2 or ZB3 model as I like my current blade but am in the market for a new putter.
  11. Tom Connolly. Hamden, CT HC: 10.3 current: PXG 0311
  12. Hamden, CT (travel in winter) HC 14 Currently use a blue line (sharpie) drawn with a stencil ball: ProV1
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