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  1. It’s sad. When the split occurred, I was so disgusted with TXG, not at their business decision, but that the business decision did not include carving out a role that Matt was happy with. I haven’t watch a single txg video since. The unfortunate thing is that I want to watch Matt’s channel, but goodness, his channel is quite unwatchable as he neither informed enough nor charismatic enough to cut it on his own. I miss Ian and Matty… those two got me through the pandemic. Btw, how are txg’s youtube sub numbers/growth compared to pre merger?
  2. hi there. It’s been a while, but I’m down in Naples. I’m going to be down a bit from 4/22-4/29. I’d love to play!!
  3. It’s my first year as a snowbird in Florida from CT. I’ve gotten in 8 rounds so far and will probably play another 7 down here this winter... the bag will definitely change. The thickish sole of the legacy blacks don’t work down here and a simply cannot launch the Sim 3w.
  4. Yes, the flat setting will push the start line a touch to the right. Despite what’s been said, some people, like Tiger, hit a draw by opening the clubface slightly. If you want to go to a strong grip and bring a lot of bottom hand into play to counter that wipey fade, then yes, throw it in the flat setting...
  5. Oh. I forgot. putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 4. 33”. This change as soon as I get home. grips: z cord align midsize plus two wraps. ball: left dash prov1x
  6. So I had to ship only 14 clubs from CT to Fla to ride out the virus. I’ve played three rounds so far down here. Pics to come. Driver: G400 lst, 8.5* set to 7.9*. Ventus Black 6x 3w: M5, 15*, set one click towards “lower” loft setting from the “upright” setting. I always forget this shafts name. But its 70x. 3Hybrido: Titleist ‘18, 19*, set to “B1” which is .75* flat, 19* loft. Tensei Pro White 90x hybrid 4-p: 22* 4 iron with 4* increments. P760 with modus 120x shafts 50*&54*: sm7 60*: Glide 3.0 eye sole
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