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  1. So...I'm your content hunter. Why? I'm 63, play to a six, play extraordinary courses/clubs and have been a investor to some manufactures in the past...in the '90's, Lynx, Adams (both!), Tommy Armour/Ram/Teardrop. In the last twenty years, I've played as well as a +2, and as poorly as a 12. I'm fascinated about the industry and I don't care about what's in my bag as long as it works. I am an advocate and believe in fitting; recently changed my driver as a result to a G425, BUT, kept my 7 year old Mizuno irons for same reasons. I write well, read exhaustively, think objectively and have s
  2. Wes Kenny Giannini G2 (custom) New York, NY, USA Man I'd love the chance to try that Tomcat 14...I have an affinity for a putter named after a plane I flew in!!!
  3. Wes Wessels in New York/New Jersey I use an iPhone app. GolfLogix or my caddie!
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