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  1. Very interested in seeing how this plays out. 1 Idaho Falls, ID. 16 hc 2 stock ball alignment aid when I use one 3. snell mtb black or pro v1 if those aren’t available for this test
  2. Thanks, yeah Pinecrest is usually a bit more difficult and a little nicer facility though I live within a stones throw of Sand Creek so I end up playing there more often. Hoping to hit Pinecrest a bit more often this year!
  3. Hey everyone, I've been playing golf all of one year now, just starting my second season, if I don't get quarantined completely first. I've played a couple rounds this year already and my handicap didn't change from last year still sitting at a solid 17. I did play a bit when I was a kid and funny how the thing I hated most about it then is what I love about it now, the challenge; I get myself into a lot of pickles and have to figure the best way out of them. I enjoy it; though, nothing is quite as enjoyable as that really good round where I don't cause myself too much trouble and end up playi
  4. Bryan, Idaho Handicap - 17 Current Hybrid Loft - 21 degrees
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