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  1. My name is Thinh Tran from Elk Grove, CA. I invented the Transrover. I came to the US to unite with my family at the age of 15. Finished college and had my dream job as a Graphic Designer. At the height of my career, I decided to give it all up to pursue my invention. It has been nearly 10 years in the making since I first started hacking out prototypes in my backyard. The road has been tough but I never gave up. Our first mass-produced batched has been completed and scheduled to arrive in the US before Christmas. The review by Dave Wolfe with MGS earlier this year was tremendous. https:
  2. Thinh, Sacramento, CA. 5 HDCP Cobra Long Tom 9.5 Degrees. Graphalloy Black Bird. 50grams, x-stiff. 48 inch driver. 116mph
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