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  1. I went from Titleist AP3’s(cast 17-4 stainless steel) to Ping i59’s(“forged” 1025 but with a 17-4 cast face) are the i59’s softer? Absolutely. They already look older after a year than the AP3’s did after 2. Do the i59’sfeel better? Definitely. On flushed shots, on well struck shots, shanks, and thins; all superior feeling with the i59. What I find the most interesting is I could never tell where on the face I made contact with the AP3’s. That, and absolutely flushed strikes flew a club longer. Flush one out of a flier lie? 2 clubs longer. I don’t know if the i59 are superior because they’re “forged” but I do know they are superior for my game because they spin so consistently. Consistent spin = consistent distance: and flushed shots just melt off the face.
  2. The Tsi3 is just so clean: looks, sound, feel are all top notch. It didn’t win my driver derby, but it’s always a contender in any contest…
  3. Always love to hear a fitting story with a happy ending! The TSR line is getting lots of love from all over: interested to see how everyone else’s releases match up….
  4. Golf specific off-season work 120 yards and in: this year I tried to add 3/4 & 1/2 shots to my wedge game: with varying results. So I’ll be working more on hitting various yardages with all 4 wedges(pW, 50, 54 & 60) Putting: I’d like to increase my make % from 3-9 feet from 50% up to 65%. The 12 ft birdie ball matt usually gets rolled out for the winter around Halloween. My workouts go back to more weight lifting and less HIIT this time of year. So I’ll look to add strength without bulking.
  5. 1 over on a chilly day in the valley. Had the whole place to ourselves! 12 GIR 7 FIR 31 putts. 4 birdies 5 bogeys.
  6. G410Lst was my gamer for 2 seasons: it was a vast improvement over my GBB epic. Ping just makes a forgiving driver, period. The cobra LTDx LS is longer and straighter for me (although I attribute this mostly to finding a shaft I load and unload better than the one in my old ping) Clearly those of us willing to game a Ping driver value performance over looks, but the cobra is an improvement over the ping in that regard. Based purely on looks and sound, I’d game a TSI3 or the TSR3.
  7. Been lost in the wilderness for the last few weeks: everything came together this weekend with back to back 1 under rounds. Realized that my arms had gotten away from my body while putting. Once I fixed that, everything fell into place.
  8. Company tournament this Thursday, so I decided I’d play a recon round today at the same course.(Thanksgiving Point) Shot 7 over with no birdies, hit driver on a lot of holes I wouldn’t normally, but since it’ll be a scramble I figured I wanna see it fly. Glad I got to see some putts, this course is on the savage side.(76.1/144 from the forward tees). Fairways were a tad on the soft side…
  9. Even par 71 today: 6 bogeys, 4 birdies and an eagle. 6 fir 12 gir 2/7 up & down. 31 putts, 2 silly 3 putts and a dreaded double chip stopped this from being the low round of the summer . But I think maybe my putting has turned a corner…
  10. Good stuff here @chisag @ryan.mzzz @Middler I went a completely different route with my practice this week. I decided my issue was mental, and didn’t practice putting all week. Not a single putt: then went to #2 or #3 most difficult course in my rota(Mtn Dell GC) And shot even par 71 with 31 putts. 2 -3 putts and 7-1 putts. 6 bogeys, 4 birdies and 1 eagle. Golf is weird
  11. My lag putting has gotten worse too as of late, my 3 putt likelihood has really climbed the last 5 rounds.
  12. Diving into my numbers, it looks like I’ve always been deficient in the 6-9 ft range, but recently it’s been worse. I was intrigued to see my % increase from 10-14 and 15-24 ft. But it seems like I’m worse from farther out recently too.
  13. I’m avg almost 2 more putts per round in my last 10 rounds vs my last 50. Surprisingly, I’m actually avg 1 ft closer to the hole on gir approaches my last 10 rounds, and 5 ft closer on all approaches.
  14. You’ve diagnosed me perfectly: my putts drip into the hole. I hole a lot of putts from the high breaking side, and tend to play break even inside of 3 ft.
  15. I’m noticing my eagle putts are downright timid and my missed birdie putts are always short: seemingly poor contact/strike but also could be poor speed.
  16. This is where my focus at practice has been: I feel like this range are where all my missed birdie putts are. Makes me think its mental and not technique . I’m gaining strokes from 15-24 ft, and making my fair share from 10-14 ft.
  17. 0211 Driver was legit, not the longest driver, but good all around. Imo, PXG makes good-looking clubs: and I’m a fan of anyone helping the consumer win. If you’re in the market, why not take a flier with that return policy?
  18. For me, “forgiving” drivers are high spin drivers. As we age, trading distance for accuracy/consistency can be a devil’s bargain. In my experience, the right shaft can really help accuracy and consistency, the right head in the right loft for you will help your launch characteristics, which will optimize distance.
  19. This is basically how I feel: I’m getting exposed on long putts.
  20. My perception of my putting is that it’s been very poor lately. I’ve been grinding on it during my practice, but it “feels” like I’m getting worse: making more 3 putts, missing birdie putts, etc. But Arccos says I’m hitting 11.8 greens per round recently. Is my “poor” putting just a result of me hitting more greens? Recently I’m averaging almost 12 GIR per round, last year it was 9.7 GIR per round. Is me hitting more greens warping my perception? Or is my putting dooming good rounds? SG stats stats from my round today:
  21. 4 over 76 today: included a double and three 3 putts. In a weird spot mentally: felt like I played really poorly but scored ok. 34 putts 4/5 up&down, 12 Gir 5 Fir.
  22. I try to pick it clean with a smaller swing: softer the sand = bigger my swing arc
  23. PGATSS is pretty good about warranty/returns: I broke 2 shafts in a GBB epic a few years back, Calloway honored the warranty the 1st time, and the 2nd time they just gave me a demo shaft. Worth a shot…
  24. Might be the best MGS I’ve ever read…
  25. I’m always jealous of the high ball flight drivers of the golf ball: my avg peak height for driver is 76 feet, a “high” shot for me is around 84 feet. I’ve always assumed my drives were too low based on my carry vs swing speed and spin, plus the old adage that peak height should be relatively the same with all your clubs. I think I just launch the ball too low: generally I’m in the 8-10 degree range, while ideally(according to Ping) I should be between 11-12 degrees with 2400-2600 spin. I just can’t make myself tee it up higher.
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