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  1. This is my 5th year golfing, I bought Titleist AP3’s after I broke 80 for the first time at the end of 2018. Before that, I was playing a set of pine meadow clubs I got off amazon for $200. I love my AP3’s so I don’t think I’ll replace them anytime soon. Every 5 years seems reasonable, every other year for wedges... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Me too: I’ve got the K grind on my 60, as well as 12 degrees of bounce. I’ve got the F grind on my 52 & 56, as I primarily use them as full swing clubs and my 60 for sand, flops, chips & pitches. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I’m not graphically creative either lol, just screenshots from the 18 birdies app... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Ok after 10 rounds: my opinion of the Tour BX is that it’s a fine ball. The equal of ProV1, Tp5, or Z-star: will it replace my current gamer? No: I want more green-side spin than I can generate with it. There’s just a noticeable difference to me when I nip one with it vs Z-star. But this ball is long, great in the wind, feels good on putts, and has what I consider to be “appropriate trajectory”. If it was cheaper than Srixon I might try the BXS... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. What if your albatross was holed with a 9 iron from 170 yards out? Now that I finally have a hole in one, I’m still more proud of my albatross: it required a 335 yard drive and a well struck, perfectly aimed 9 iron. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Personally I've come to accept a bad tee shot as what it is: a single bad shot. I feel freed up after it and can get on with my round. What's your "bad shot dujour"? For me its a two-way miss with driver: although it doesn't happen as much since I went back to hitting a cut. Have you thought about clubbing down til you can't miss? If its in play, I'm happy. And I love courses that start with a par 5 for that reason: one bad shot doesn't kill you.
  7. I’m trying the tour BX now, currently my “gamer” is the Srixon Z-star XV. I did the Bridgestone V-fit and it suggested the BX. I’ve played 5 of the 10 rounds I was planning on testing with it, and I like it a lot. Maybe a little less spin around the green, but that’s it. I’m trying to not let the fact that I got my 1st hole in one with the BX cloud my judgement...
  8. Since I have to wait for the custom shaft I just bought, I’m thinking about skipping driver until it gets here...
  9. You swing about the same as me: have you seen your stats on a track man/launch monitor? What’s your carry? I’m 1.5 degrees down and my preference is to cut/fade the ball. Avg carry for me is 285. Besides hitting slightly high dead center, the only way to get more distance from my swing would be to come from the inside more and try to hit draws. I gave up on that after a year and just play the cut: it’s far more repeatable/forgiving for me. Tour avg swing speed is 113, and your ball speed is very high compared to almost any golfer...
  10. Put me in the lighter camp: just made the switch from a 75 gram evenflow to a 60 gram Tensei: to me the 60 gram feels “heavier” but that’s due to feeling the club head weight, and not the shaft weight. Makes me feel like the club does whatever my hands tell it to...
  11. I had the evenflow 6.0 stiff 75 gram: I had always assumed my driver swing was around 112, but trackman had it at 118, so the xtra stiff tensei should make a difference...
  12. Went with the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60 TX: can’t wait to game this!
  13. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for: my miss is this ballooning power fade that ends up next fairway over. If I can find a shaft that keeps me in the fairway more I’ll be in business. My Ping is already a huge upgrade over my old epic: it’s turned OB shots into chip outs, but I’m greedy and wanna turn those chip outs into GIR attempts from the fairway
  14. I’m very happy with mine! I’m looking at an after market shaft to tighten dispersion, but it’s the most forgiving driver I’ve ever hit.
  15. I cannot hit a hybrid, period. Every year I try the new ones, and it’s always the same: I hit them right into the ground about 100 yards. I have a steep swing and hit irons well, but struggle with FW: usually the type of player hybrids speak to. But not me: this year when I tried the Titleist ts3(supposedly a great fit for players who hit down on the ball) I hit like 10 worm burners in a row: I could literally hear the sales rep snickering. Then I ask to hit a U-510 3 iron, and proceed to smoke 5 straight balls 240+. It’s in the bag and I use it for all short par 4’s and some dogleg holes that don’t suit my driver cut. I still can’t hit my 3w, but I’m not sure I need it anymore. IMO, gapping is less important at this end of your bag.
  16. I think I’d snap the club head off if I swing my driver like my irons: I always take a divot after the ball unless it’s on a high tee. I don’t carry a 3 or a 5 wood anymore, both betray me on the tee box and I carry my 3 iron 235 yards. I hit bombs with my driver, but even God doesn’t know where it’ll end up. I switched drivers this year ( Callaway epic to Ping G410 plus) and that has eliminated my 2 way miss, but I still find my self playing 2nd shots from the next fairway over. My friends describe my driver game as “long & wrong” and the stats prove them right: I’m still giving up 4 shots a round due to OB drives, forced chip outs and lost balls. But at this point I’m willing to try anything: I’m headed to Club Champion this weekend to see if an after market shaft might be the magic potion ...
  17. After 2 rounds, the only difference I see between the BX and the Z-starXV is green side spin: yardages are identical: still get the awful ballooning fade on a miss hit driver, same flight and shape with irons. But on wedge shots there is a difference: not necessarily a bad difference but a difference. I’m not seeing a lot of “hop & stop” with the BX: not always a bad thing if you’re like me a frequent victim of “unintended backspin” on chips and pitches. It’s taken a slight change of strategy for me to plan some rollout: both balls checked well from full swings with short irons, and I enjoy how the BX rolls off the putter. I don’t know if I would say the BX is any better than the Z star for me, but it’s certainly just as good.
  18. After one round, I’m not seeing any distance lost: if I can say anything after 1 round, it’s that maybe this ball is less spinny than my Srixon Z star.... Then again, I had my 1st hole in one with the B X today 🏌
  19. Two questions: how fast do you swing and how many balls do you lose per round? I played the best ball I could afford to lose, my first couple of years playing it was not uncommon for a dozen balls to last only 2 or 3 rounds max. So I played Wilson duo’s until I switched to chromesoft after breaking 100
  20. Try the Vfit if you can: you make a video of your driver swing and they fit you based on that.
  21. PgaTour superstore will do one for free: you pick the balls you wanna try, and they show your dispersion/stats. I did one 2 years ago and was fit into chrome softs.
  22. Does your swing speed vary a lot? 105 mph is the dividing line, but if you swing right around 105 the lower compression ball might suit you better: have you played both?
  23. Bought a box of BX a couple days ago: just been putting/chipping with them so far, but I like what I’m seeing! Can’t wait to try them during a round...
  24. I dropped my handicap 5 strokes last year by ditching the driver: I didn’t replace it with the 3 wood because it’s just as unreliable for me. Someone wiser than me said, “there are no pictures on scorecards” so if you’re all time low score came sans driver, than save the driver for the range/practice. You only want weapons in your bag, not liabilities...
  25. I was fit into the BX as well; currently I play Srixon Z star XV. What is interesting to me is that the new line of Bridgestone balls all have relatively low compression ratings (85 for the BX & BXS) I’m curious how much distance I’ll be giving up if I switch...
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