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  1. I bought a Titleist U-510 3 iron to help me out this year: I’m only giving up 50 yards this way...
  2. Timo te answered my question: I haven’t played that long and I want sure if modern irons were any easier to hit...
  3. What I mean is, if a modern 7 iron is really last generations 5 iron, is today’s 7 iron any easier to hit than last generations 5 iron? Good swings are good swings, are you saying besides the loft they’re just easier to hit?
  4. I find my first shot just sucks, period. I just like to get it out of the way and get on with my round. I’m really good at recovery shots; probably because I get to try them so often...
  5. Dude seriously! Especially driver, but it doesn’t seem to matter if I club down either
  6. I wouldn’t, but it depends on what a particular person wants out of the game. If it helps my buddies that can’t break 100, than I’m all for it: but I won’t be betting while we play. As far as players distance irons, aren’t they just de-lofted? I realize that a 7 iron now was a 5 iron 30 years ago, but isn’t it just as hard to hit?
  7. Micah T

    Tee shots

    My 3 wood has yet to leave the garage this year: I don’t see any improvement in accuracy with it, just lost distance
  8. Micah T

    Tee shots

    I've been there my friend: putting away the driver got me down to a 7 handicap, and I too suffered from a 2 way miss. It was as simple as eliminating penalties for hitting OB. I've got a new driver, and I'm committed to playing it this year: thankfully its adjustable and I can play a cut/fade with it, but I'm playing to a 10-11 right now...
  9. Micah T

    Tee shots

    Why aren’t you hitting driver, and how much yardage are you giving up? Is it a dogleg par 5, or can it hold a 2 way miss? In play is important, but if you’re giving up 70+ yards , I’m not sure it’s worth it. Have you played both ways and tracked your scoring average? I’ve had days where I’ve stopped hitting driver and gone 4 iron, but only when I’m completely out of sorts...
  10. Hey Chris, where have you played so far? Have you checked out the city/county courses yet?
  11. Breaking 90 is breaking 90, my friend! Enjoy it: keep working towards your next goal! Slope and course ratings exist for a reason, no need to feel bad. As you improve you might start to get annoyed you don’t score lower on “easy” courses...
  12. So I tried 10 putts with each putter from 5 feet, and 10 putts from 10 feet in an attempt to whittle the field down to 2. I'm going to include my make/attempts rate as well as my observations. The first three eliminated were: Bettinardi BB1: 3/5 from 5ft 6/10 from 10ft: Putter felt objectively "heavy" to me and I didn't care for how I aimed it at setup. Good sound and roll though Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 1: 2/5 from 5ft 7/10 from 10ft: Zero feel at impact: almost mushy off the face, I did like how it looked at address, but didn't care for the sound. Odyssey Toulon San Diego: 4/5 from 5ft 7/10 from 10ft: I really wanted this putter! Before I came in, I thought for sure I'd leave with this or a Scotty Cameron. Loved how it looks at address, good sound, great roll, but again, I didn't love the feel coming off the face: I guess the best way I can explain that is I had to watch my putt, I didn't know from impact that I holed it, and with the 2 finalists I definitely did. Which brings us to the 2 remaining putters: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2: 5/5 from 5ft 9/10 from 10ft: I see why people are obsessed with these putters: aesthetically speaking, its the best looking putter I've had the pleasure of using. And the looks were backed up with great performance: feel, sound, roll were all A+: my only negative was the grip being too skinny for me, which is a non-issue when a club is being built for you. Taylormade Patina Juno: 5/5 from 5ft 10/10 from 10ft: Aside from the fact that I couldn't miss with this putter, I was really impressed with how well the ball rolled: sound and feel were both A+ as well, and I really liked the weight of this putter. Aesthetically, it reminds of my Ping Zing at address, and a little bit like a scotty cameron on the underside. The Winner? I feel like I should remind everyone that the point of my fitting was to decide what type of putter to buy, not simply see if any putter "outperformed" my gamer: turns out any of the 5 finalists outperformed my gamer, mostly due to the fact that I was playing a putter with too much toe hang for my stroke. I think the most difficult part of the fitting for Kolton was him explaining why we shouldn't try some face-balanced, mallet-style putters. His answer was, "the cpu can sometimes contradict itself". Which on the surface felt like a cop-out, so I pressed him further: he stuck by his original observation of "anyone with a very strong putting arc needs a blade". I pointed out that the cpu said either a blade or a mallet, and he countered by saying that the fact that my putterface was relatively square at, going into and coming out of the strike was the reason the cpu couldn't decide head shape. Kolton reasoned that a face balanced putter would simply change a right miss into a left miss, which is what I saw in the 2 previous weeks of tinkering with a mallet. I also want to mention that Kolton seemed at ease answering my questions with data, and not jargon. In the end, he actually suggested the cheapest putter out of the bunch, and dissuaded me from ponying up an additional $200 for the scotty cameron.I felt no pressure to buy(although I was there to purchase) and noticed no brand affinity from my fitter. He really seemed focused on getting me the best fitting putter for my game. I enjoyed my fitting, and would definitely recommend a putter fitting to anyone, as long as their fitter of choice has a system in place that can quantify/measure your performance. And the fact that they were willing to email all that data just proved to me that they want to help golfers get better. All in all, it was $250 for my new putter, and $100 for the fitting, well worth it to me. I'll be going back for an aftermarket shaft for my driver next..
  13. I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on a new putter for a little bit, but I wanted all the data I could gather to make a decision. When I started playing in 2016, I was gifted my current gamer, a Ping Zing Anser which I re-gripped with a golf pride Tour Sensor pistol grip. I've been playing that putter for 140+ rounds, early last month I bought a taylormade mezza monza mallet putter and had played a few rounds with it before going back to the Ping. When I decided to get fitted for a putter, I knew I didn't want to go to a big box, I wanted a more custom, one on one approach. So for us in the Salt Lake Valley, it boils down to Club Champion or GolfTec. I picked Club Champion based on location, and because GolfTec leans towards instruction, and I wasn't interested in that: I just want data to help me decide between a mallet and blade, and then have the loft and lie adjusted for my stroke. I made the appointment online, and filled out brief questionnaire. When I arrived I was met by my fitter, Kolton. We sat down and discussed my handicap, the golf courses I normally play, and how I interpret my own putting stroke. (I feel like I read putts very well, my putts tend to die in the hole, and I miss putts short more than left or right, but if I do miss, its a pull left) I rolled some putts with a random putter while he took measurements from my putter: turns out my putter was slightly bent! Once he had my putter's measurements, we began the actual fitting. 1st diagram: Putter Stroke/Path from the Top: Very Strong Arc Turns out I have a very strong arc in my putting stroke; no huge surprise there as I can see that on my own watching my practice stroke. More interesting to me was that my putter face was only .3 degrees open at impact, which might explain all my right edge misses and lip outs. Kolton immediately said that despite the sam lab suggesting that I could play either a blade or a mallet, that my arcing putting stroke definitely means I'd be more consistent with a blade. Diagnosis: Blade Style putter 2nd diagram: Face Rotation Relative to Path: Neutral Much to Kolton's surprise, I manage to keep the putter face almost perfectly square coming into and leaving the strike zone: apparently this is uncommon for someone with as strong of a putting arc as mine. Diagnosis: 30 degrees of Toe Hang 3rd diagram: Aiming : Slightly open My Face aim is 1.1 degrees open: Kolton suggested that this was due to my current gamer having 90 degrees of toe hang: my aiming right was to compensate for how quickly my face closed. An unconscious correction to fix my roll. Diagnosis: Offset putter head 4th diagram: Launch Conditions: Effective Loft Reduced My gamer has 1.5 degrees of loft: not ideal for the courses I play, but I also deliver a downward 1.5 degree stroke, effectively zeroing the loft at impact. Not great for the muni's I usually play. Diagnosis: 3.6 - 3.9 degrees of Loft 5th diagram: Lie at Impact: Perfect I can actually do something right! I deliver the putter to the ball flat, neither toe up or toe down. Diagnosis: 69 degree Lie 6th diagram: Rotation/Consistency: Increased Rotation/Average Consistency So there's a lot going on in my stroke, and I do an average job of repeating that stroke. This was the biggest "Club Champion Pitch" I heard all day: that it was remarkable that I could even be that consistent with such an ill-fitting putter. At this point, Kolton started to select putter heads and build them to my specs for me to try. I'll post my experience with each and my final selection in my next post. The Putters I tried in no particular order: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Bettinardi BB1 Odyssey Stroke Lab Black One Odyssey Toulon San Diego TaylorMade Patina Juno
  14. I play Srixon Z star XV: made the switch from chromesofts early last year, and I love paying less for a better ball! I did try a tour BX yesterday and I must admit that I’m interested, love the feel when putting, and ball flight seems similar to Srixon...
  15. I'm still working on typing up my experience: but I figured I'd post the Sam Puttlab results 1st for my fellow tech-nerds...
  16. Depends on the situation, but I prefer to chip. Usually comes down to if I like the club-turf interaction. Some exceptions are: I’m very short-sided Its a very tight lie inside of 10 feet Very fast/ extremely downhill green
  17. I game a Titleist U-510 3 iron with the hazardous smoke 80 shaft. Love the feel, look, and sound of this club. I have a steep swing/AoA, so hybrids are a no-go for me. The 510 has a wider sole and is more forgiving than the 500, IMO
  18. Ping Karsten anser is great for long or breaking putts, and I like my TaylorMade mallet for straight putts that must be started on-line.
  19. Lately I’ve realized that I’m becoming a putter slut: any pretty new thing that catches my eye has got me thinking about replacing my current gamer. To the point that I’m headed to Club Champion on Saturday for a putter fitting. Last 10 rounds I’ve been switching back and forth between my Ping karsten TR anser and a TaylorMade mezza monza mallet. Problem is, I like them both! I love my blade for long putts with or without break, and my mallet for all those 4-8 foot straight putts that drive me insane to miss. Each putters strength is the others weakness for me, and a wild thought occurred to me: why not carry both? i could bench a once a round club like a 5 or 9 iron, and game 2 different putters, taking advantage of both their strengths! I’m curious what the forum thinks... *For the record my putts per hole has remained static at 1.9 putts per over the last 140+ rounds. But my perception is that I’ve gotten worse..
  20. I basically did this last year: 4 out of 5 courses in my rotation start with par 5’s, and if I started my round with an OB tee shot, the driver did not come back out. My handicap went down to 6.6 from 9.8 by putting the driver away. This season I bought a new driver, and continue hitting it no matter how the 1st shot goes. And of course, my handicap is rising again: but it always goes up slightly the first 10-20 rounds of the season. But this doesn’t stop friends who see me in my late season prime from questioning the authenticity of the 84’s I’m carding these days...
  21. I’ll take another albatross, please! Mine was holed from 190 yards out, and I was lucky enough to hear it hit the flagstick and watch a group enjoying the 19th hole erupt when it went in. Since I hit the flagstick on the fly with no bounce or roll, it was definitely a lucky shot. I find par 5’s much easier than par 3’s, but I’m definitely jealous of all my friends that have HIO’s: but none of them have an albatross...
  22. There’s definitely a difference between the Q-star and the Q-star tour: I don’t care for the non tour: not enough green side spin for my liking
  23. So instead of a shot that starts straight at or left of target and continues moving left, the flat setting helps start the ball right of target before moving left?
  24. Great post! And I can attest first hand to playing worse after my first lesson! Mine was 2 years ago when I was a 14 handicap, and that season involved a total grip change! I’m a 7 handicap now, but the 2 months after I started implementing a grip and subsequent swing change were so bad that I stopped playing! My scores went up 8-10 strokes a round for those 2 months, and I gave up playing and stuck to practicing. There are too many thoughts and “checklists” going thru your mind to make playing a round enjoyable, IMO. But my advice is stay the course, it’s worth it and it gets better.
  25. I played chromesoft truvis for 2 straight years: the soccer ball pattern really was great visual feedback. I could tell if I put hook/slice spin on chips and pitches, and I could tell how well I got the ball rolling on putts. Chromesofts are durable, have good spin numbers, check up well, and everything else you’d want in $40+ per dozen ball. My only complaint was how they felt(or the lack of feel at impact) with my driver. Srixon Q-Star Tour is equal to, if not superior than, chromesoft in virtually any category you’d care to measure. And at a minimum $11 cheaper than chromesofts. I picked up 6 yards of distance when I switched after MGS ball review last year, and gave up nothing as far as green side spin/control in exchange for that distance. Some will argue that they feel firmer, but as we’ve all learned, soft is slow. I’ve since changed to the Z-star xv, but I swing my driver 112-115 mph. Everyone I’ve turned on to Srixon, has been impressed: they’re premium balls at a sub-premium price.
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