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  1. Very excited to see how this weekend goes for all of you guys, looks like it'll be an absolute blast. And need you to represent the testers of this great forum (dare I say the best there is) well!
  2. The four dots have been so unbelievably intriguing to me. That being said, I love the face. Is it possible for a driver face to look premium? Because to me it just does somehow someway.
  3. Moring Spies, Been bit of a crazy week here in New York. The picture below is from my office yesterday afternoon. Truly wild stuff. Hopefully it clears before the weekend and I feel comfortable going out to play some golf! Hope you all have golf on the agenda today! Have a great day all.
  4. As a man in corporate finance: Which investment bank pitched and won this deal???
  5. Not a fan of LIV, as I'm a fan of loyalty to the hand that feeds you, and personally I didn't appreciate what LIV stood for. One thing I do want to say is if you're Rory McIlroy, you should be dang proud. This did not go his way, but my goodness he stood up and fought for what he believed in with such fire it deserves to be praised. He was willing to bear the emotional and mental burden of fighting for what he believed in, The Tour, and it's clear it took a toll on him. I guess I just think anyone who stands up for what they feel is right should be praised. And I hope this deal sees him receive compensation for the great player he is.
  6. Kept everything Neutral/Standard for the whole round as that was recommended by my fitter. I wanted a real sample size before I freaked out and started making tweaks. My initial impression is that this might have a bit of a tendency to miss right moving forward (which is new for me), so in time I might toy with the idea of using either A) the sliding weights in back or B) the D setting on the adjustable hozel.
  7. Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Not to plug myself, but I took the Callaway Paradym out for its first spin at Bethpage Blue this weekend. A fitting entrance, the blue driver at the blue course! A nice morning and above all else great to get outside. I hope you all have a great week and that golf is in your agenda!
  8. 06/04/2023 Update - First Round with Paradym Took the Paradym out for its first 18 hole test drive yesterday. Bethpage Blue (Bethpage, NY) - White tees play ~6,400 yards. As a disclaimer: this was not my best swing day, at all. I scored around my average (41-40 for an 81), but the swing just didn't feel completely there. That makes for a great day to test this club though. I like the Blue course but it honestly is not my favorite for one main reason which is that, as with many older golf courses, trees have kind of begun to make it more of a shot shapers course than I think it was originally intended. Lots of dog legs with old trees overhanging the corners mean you can hit a fairway and still be blocked out. Unfortunately also, with all of these dog legs it makes it hard to hit driver on many of them, as anything past 230 yards brings far trees into play. (I love you though, Bethpage State Park) Nonetheless, I did my very best to be aggressive where I could be in order to play the Paradym as much as possible. Being my first time using it, it is definitely an adjustment and I think it will take some getting used to. I went 2/7 on fairways for the holes that I used the club, with three missing right and two missing left. Not the best sign, I know, but there were several positives. 1. The look I really love the look of the club. I was worried about the gloss finish on top, but it really didn't bother me. I think once I get the feel down, I can get really comfortable with this. 2. The Sound On the two drives I did hit solid, this thing sounded amazing. It is as simple as that. Crisp, clean 3. Distance Forgiveness I missed a couple drives left and right pretty bad, I will be completely honest. None went OB, but 4 were in the rough and the fifth was in the fescue. However, unlike with my M1, none of these went below 240 yards. And I missed some, like, really badly. Low heel strikes badly. Yes, they still tailed right, but they still got out there and I'll consider that a win. Hopefully I can dial in the new shaft and find the center a bit more. Small point on the headcover as we have all seemed to have a negative opinion: even though I didn't like it upon first impressions, I still put it in the bag for this round. As a consumer, I think you should know that it is definitely premium. The leather feels extremely nice, and you are paying for a good headcover. Negatively, though, I definitely still think it's just kind of ugly and I won't want to keep using it after this test.
  9. Hey guys, tossed up my Unboxing and first impressions as well. Overwhelmingly all my thoughts are right on par with those of @StrokerAce. BUT never hurts to look at more pictures of a gorgeous golf club...
  10. Good morning everyone! I'm a kid on Christmas today as I got home from work last night to see my Paradym for the Testing forum arrived. Posted a couple of photos over on that thread in addition to my intro from yesterday. Now I just NEED a golf course
  11. Good Morning Spies, and what a morning it is. Look what showed up last night. I had no idea it was coming as I didn't receive a package notice. Keep in mind these photos are under a super bright LED, but boy can the blue on this thing shine in some sun. Only going to post these for now as I want to save some of the fun for @azstu324 @StrokerAce @cksurfdude .
  12. I haven't gotten my notification yet and don't want to get ahead of myself, but based on this and the Paradym irons test I followed pretty closely, it is worth pointing out the speed with which Callaway gets their orders out. In this new world of slower supply chains, they've been very impressive.
  13. Exact same story. Had family in Savannah, always made the trip to HH, never played the course. Obviously an investment but one for the memory bank and absolutely worth it.
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