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  1. Hey all, Been a minute! Wanted to hop in to see if I could get some wisdom from fellow MGS mates. Have been having my greatest season to date, down to a 5 handicap, shooting in the 70s- but on Saturday, whoa. 91, and the club literally felt foreign in my hand. I wasn't mad and had a great time (laughed her off), but let's be honest, today all I can think about is what went wrong. And so I ask, how do you all shake off that one bad round and not overthink it all? Cheers
  2. Those Toulons are so nice, they just felt a little too firm for my liking. These HB Softs on the other hand feel like a marshmallow off the face. All preference, but those stroke lab shafts probably would have made it worth it.
  3. Usually wouldn't post about an ultra used club like this, but I think she's a goodie. Picked up this Cleveland HB Soft 11 w/ slant neck for 20 bucks last week. She may be old and a little beat up, but boy does this thing feel like butter. Went out and shot 74 at my Pop's home club last week (Previous best was 77, also haven't played in over a month and a half). She may have some dings and scratches, but I think that just adds character and honestly I don't see it leaving the bag soon.
  4. I have been playing the Z-Star for years now and love it - historically, they seem to release a new model every two years, making 2021 a potential time to drop a new lineup. Was wondering if anyone knows anything or has heard rumblings about whether or not they plan a drop (possibly not since covid)? If not i will capitalize upon the 2 for 1 deal going on right now! Thanks, Hit it Hard
  5. Was wondering if Taylormade has a beginning of season loyalty program for golf balls similar to Titleist, Srixon, etc (like a buy three, get one free)? Might be switching over as I really enjoy the pix ball and want to know the value in just waiting until the beginning of next season. Cheers
  6. Currently have a Ping g400 3 hybrid in the bag, but it just isn't launching high enough for me. I always hit my 5 wood well and have been looking at them online. Boy am i tempted... in the meantime, maybe back to my ole trusty, the OG Cleveland Launcher Steel that my Pops had in his bag in the 2000s
  7. For anyone in the forums that has gotten a ball fitting, where have you done so? MGS does say it is the future (Background: Currently playing a Z-Star, wondering if I am more suited to the Z-Star XV... or any other brand for that matter!)
  8. heavenwood with a stiff shaft? Sounds like a dream but does not come around often
  9. Almost everyone sets goals in life but I find that most of the time when we achieve them, that happiness is short lived because we move on to the next goal. However, every now and again it is nice to take a second and smell the roses. When my senior season got cancelled back in March, I knew I would be spending some time golfing in the summer months to cope and remain competitive. My two goals were to break 80 and to become a single digit handicapper by the end of the season. Well, this weekend I shot 76-79, and the index is down to an 8.1. Even now, I know I can continue to do things much better, but I am glad that the practice and my working on course management is beginning to pay off. Nice to remind yourself that you are doing just fine sometimes. On to 72! Cheers all
  10. Currently using a HB SOFT 1 putter and really do enjoy it - but the looks and the extra head weight in that new 11 Premier make it look awfully enticing...
  11. I have a Ping G400 19 degree 3 hybrid that I really do like- its a great club for distance as it gaps my 3 wood and my 4 hybrid well. The only thing is that I hit it relatively low and it chases so It doesn't hold many greens should I need a 215-220 shot. I do not have this problem with my 4 hybrid so I am wondering if it is my swing or just too little loft for me. Does anyone have any tips for how to get a bit higher launch out of this club when going for a green? I usually just take a little off it and hope it runs up there- is this the strategy others employ as well? Thanks in advance
  12. Really cool to see. Such a big help when you can find a set and you know with some confidence that they will go the length you want them too. Then it just comes down to finding a consistent shot shape and playing that shape 80 or so percent of the time... (may I venture to say I see mid-single digit handicap on the NEAR horizon?!)
  13. Today I tried a new chipping strategy that I liked a lot. My home course was designed by Donald Ross and has some massive slopes. So, instead of doing what i normally do, which is play the break that i thought might get the ball into the hole, I made a tweak. I analyzed the green and tried to hit it to a spot where i would have an uphill, relatively straight putt instead of possibly leaving myself a 4 foot downhill left to righter. My goal was to never leave myself a downhill putt. The result was a score 79 and only 30 putts! Possibly something to try if you find yourself around the greens trying to get up and down more often.
  14. Got my money’s worth from this Z-Star today! Went out on one of the hardest courses in the area today and managed to toss a 76- first time breaking 80 on this course! Three three putts were tough, but kept my head high and was able to make three birdies on the back. Just shows the power of positive thinking and simply writing your number and moving on. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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