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  1. Good Morning Motley Crue, Man, it has been a while! Coming off being a tester this past summer (loved every second of it) I went and signed up for the NYC Marathon... and then proceeded to recognize how that time commitment would pull me away from golf! I'm very excited to get it over with, both because we've put so much work in but also because I really want to try and get a few more rounds in before the year ends! Have a great weekend all, and for anyone who might be in NYC Nov 5th, maybe see you there!
  2. All good Chuck, I appreciate it! Definitely a must! And I think it will be much closer than you might think
  3. Good Morning everyone, It's been a long few weeks over here. Just a lot of life hitting me recently, but tough times don't last tough people do. Now that the Callaway Paradym test is over, I might take the rest of the summer to do an unofficial test of the TM Spider GTX I got earlier this year. Is that something anyone would be interested in? It's been pretty dang good for me so far but haven't seen too too much info on the forum about it
  4. I remember this being one of my biggest initial takeaways - the thing just manages your poor swings really well.
  5. Haven't been able to play since the test ended for a number of reasons. Distance must make the heart grow fonder because I really want to hit the Paradym again soon
  6. @azstu324 @cksurfdude @StrokerAce Those tester badges look pretty
  7. For me it's just this dang rattle with a point of origination that I can't seem to find for the death of me! I mentioned this in my review but it gives me concerns for the longevity of this driver, especially since it's kind of a "First Gen" of this chassis system (I've always been wary of buying the first generation of any product). I just never once heard a rattle with my M1. What I will point out too, on the contrary: I think my favorite part with the new gloss finish is that there still is the little piece of Matte Crown that separates it from the face. It was by far my biggest gripe with the Rogue, as the contrast between the crown and face felt so sharp. I like a head shape that subtly transitions (Cobra drivers come to mind), and this sliver provides that illusion for me. Something I hope Callaway continues with.
  8. Good morning everyone, Finished up my first testing opportunity final review for the Callaway Paradym drivers last night and I must say I'm feeling pretty grateful. What an amazing forum we have here with such great people. Have a good start to your week everyone.
  9. Awesome stuff Chuck. Was a blast to follow along your journey - now just time to meet up out in LI and let the Paradyms battle! We’ll do Black then turn right around and play up in your neck of the woods! Being a PC alum, I miss those Northeast tracks
  10. What's Up, Y'all? My Final Review is also up for viewing. A quick thank you to the MGS Team @GolfSpy BOS and @GolfSpy_APHas well as the folks at Callaway for letting me take part in my very first testing opportunity, I had a blast. Also a thank you to @azstu324 @cksurfdude and @StrokerAce for the camaraderie and friendship throughout the test. A phenomenal group of guys and I look forward to keeping in touch. Cheers everyone. -Ryan
  11. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/maxfli-2023-tour-yellow-golf-balls-23maxu2023mxfltrggbl/23maxu2023mxfltrggbl Don't know if anyone has posted these here already, but seeing the Tour in Yellow marketed on GG's website
  12. 11/15, that is one heck of a day driving the golf ball for us mere mortals!! That’s amazing stuff, Stu!
  13. Invader Zim Update – 07.10.2023 I’m going to structure this one a little bit differently - I'm just going to be a selfish dude and walk you, hole for hole, through my best round ever. Please don't hate me, it was my Mom's idea. I went away from my typical ProV1x and switched to the lower spinning Vice Pro Plus for zero reason at all. I was just tired of losing Titleist balls. In the end, as I mentioned, this was my best round ever score wise (73, +2). If you want a TL;DR about the Paradym, it’s this: The greatest compliment I can give to this driver is that it makes me feel extremely comfortable. I know that if I just swing, it will probably be on the planet, and it will go pretty far too. *Also a big shoutout to WorldGolfer, who agreed to let me use his blog pictures of the course as part of this update Bethpage Green Course Review or Callaway Paradym Review? – 07/09/2023 Course Details: Par 71, 6,378 yards from the Blue Tees ---------- Hole 1: Par 4 (354 Yards) The opening hole plays very much like the first on Black (and runs alongside it), just more forgiving. It is a super downhill, slight dogleg to the right. I took on the right side with a fade and was rewarded with my biggest ball of the day. I had a 32 yard pitch to ~5 feet, and made an opening birdie. Drive 1: 326 Yards (Fairway) Hole Result: Birdie Gross Score thru 1: -1 ---------- Birdied the second, followed by 4 straight bogies. Gross score thru 6: +2 ---------- Hole 7: Par 5 (507 Yards) The seventh is a WIDE open par 5, although there is OB right. I aimed for the left edge of the fairway and that’s where I went with a little draw, tumbling into the left rough. No harm done. This could have gone much further if it was a fairway hit, and you might be able to make out that I blocked myself out from going for the green in 2 (trees guarding the left side). I’m not upset with the hole result though! 8-iron, 60* to 6 feet gave me the birdie look. Drive 2: 273 Yards (Left Rough) Hole Result: Birdie Gross Score thru 7: +1 ---------- Hole 9: Par 5 (560 Yards) After a par on 8, The ninth is another Par 5, a bit longer than the last and the 1 Handicap. It doglegs quite severely to the left, so isn’t really gettable in 2. This was probably my worst drive of the day, a low, hooky drive that tumbled into the left rough with no spin. This is a low spin driver – coupled with a lower spin ball in the Vice Pro Plus (compared to ProV1x) I knew this was a possibility. Still went 260, and I followed it with 7-iron back into the fairway, GW, 2-putt par. Drive 3: 259 Yards (Left Rough) Hole Result: Par Gross Score thru 9: +1 ---------- Pars on 10, 11 and 12 ---------- Hole 13: Par 5 (572 Yards) 13 is the last and the longest of the Par 5s. Just like the other two, this hole doglegs to the left. I wanted to be a little aggressive and looked to take it over the trees on the left, but caught it toe-side. As a result, the drive pushed out to the right a little bit to start, with gear effect bringing it back. This ended up being a tight little draw around the corner and into the left-center fairway. This would have been a short drive, but it was downhill. A 4 hybrid and gap wedge to 25 feet made for a pretty simple 2-putt par. Drive 4: 262 Yards (Fairway) Hole Result: Par Gross Score thru 13: +1 ---------- Par on 14, Birdie on 15 Gross Score thru 15: Even ---------- Hole 16: Par 4 (358 Yards) Okay, okay, enough of those par 5s! It was at this exact moment, after birding a 210 yard par 3 (albeit, 25 yards downhill) that I realized I was even par. 2 seconds later, I decided that I wanted to go for a round in the RED. I proceeded to swing out of my shoes and almost miss the golf ball low heel. Alas! A testament to the Paradym’s forgiveness! A low bleeder to the right just tricked into the right rough, 102 yards from the pin. I proceeded to push my 56* right of the green and failed to get up and down. +1 for the round. The golf gods knew I was working too hard. Drive 5: 261 Yards (Right Rough) Hole Result: Bogey Gross Score thru 16: +1 ---------- Hole 17: Par 4 (418 Yards) Disappointed, but not deterred, I knew I needed to make some magic happen on 17. For my money, this is easily the hardest hole on the golf course for someone who draws the ball like me: - Massive dogleg to the right? Check - OB all down the right? Check - Water left? Check! - Pissed off Ryan? Double Check! Regardless, I pulled the big dog and said "Hey, let’s test this thing’s workability." I took my best Arnie Palmer helicopter swing, and hit one of the best big, high fades of my life to the center cut. I promptly pushed my 56* right again, and failed to get up and down. +2. Oh and yes, Arnie hit a draw apparently, but I didn't know that at the time. Drive 6: 298 Yards (Fairway) Hole Result: Bogey Gross Score thru 17: +2 ---------- Hole 18: Par 4 (398 Yards) I'll be honest, at this point I was a little heartbroken. I let the mental part of the game get to me the last two holes. How does one cope? Smash a driver on the 18th, of course! I pushed it badly, but the hole is super open, and since it goes to the right it was basically a shortcut. I made a two-putt par to finish with a +2, 73. Drive 7: 275 Yards (Right Rough) Hole Result: Par Gross Score: +2 ------- Bonus Content! Well, thank you for following along! If you made it this far, I'll reward you with some bonus content: Actual photos of the golf club you came to see (with Bethpage Black as a backdrop) I actually played Black on Saturday, but my watch wasn't charged (I shot an 85, use your imagination about the driver play!)
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