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  1. I believe they reinstituted the sale because of the quarantine. I originally got in on the deal earlier in the year.
  2. Have you tried any other putting mats that you could compare it to?
  3. I don't know if these irons would be a bit too "players"-y, but I love the Srixon z785 irons. They're extremely solid, pretty, and are at a competitive price point. If you're looking for a more game improvement model, I'd suggest the Srixon z585, although I've never hit them myself.
  4. The Mevo is placed 6ft behind the ball and the ball is around 6ft in front of the ball. Overall, I used around 15-20ft of space.
  5. I haven't tried any other personal launch monitors, but I've used Trackman and GCQuad plenty of times. I chose this one because, at the $500 and under price point, it seemed to track the most data. Also, it can work both indoors and outdoors, whereas something like the Rapsodo only work outside.
  6. Hey Everyone, I recently got the FlightScope Mevo, and I decided to do a little review for anyone curious about purchasing this launch monitor during quarantine. I hope you find it helpful! Qualifications: -This will be exclusively used INTO A NET, except for the pitching portion (this will be done in a grassy field). -All balls are Vice Pro, and the metallic dots have been applied. -I apologize in advance if I make a mistake in my understanding of the device’s characteristics or capabilities. Please let me know in the comments if I've made any mistakes! Unboxing: The Mevo comes in a nice, compact package. Honestly, the packaging (and device!) is not much bigger than a pack of playing cards. Everything fits snugly inside the box. My only complaint is that the directions I received were primarily in Japanese. The instructions were still navigable, but a tad difficult to follow precisely. It even comes with a nice sleeve for the deivce! Setup: What is there to say: there is very little setup. Most of the setup occurs within the associated app (I used the iPhone version). Connecting the device to the phone is straightforward. The main parameters for setting up the device are inputting the mode you will be using (pitching, indoor, or outdoor), distance between the device and the ball (recommended 6 ft.), and the altitude. As I mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you put a metallic sticker on each ball you will be using with the device (in order to better read spin). Pitching: My first test was the pitching function: I aimed at about 20 yds with my 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges. Here are the results: The Mevo did a good job of picking up my shots, provided that they were hit in a path relatively straight and in-front of the device. If a chip was too far left or right, it wouldn’t be picked up, but this only happened on shots that were significantly off the mark. As you can see, the Mevo did a great job picking up consistent spin numbers with each club. On average, the 52 degree shots spun at 7383 rpm, the 56 at 7599, and the 60 at 7812. As you can see, there is a pretty consist 200 rpm difference between concurrent lofts! I was very happy with the consistency of the spin and carry numbers. The height numbers seemed to be a tad high generally speaking, but not out of the realm of possibility, and I was unsure as to the accuracy of the launch numbers. At this point, my only complaint is there isn't a feature in the app that lets you average your stats for a single session or club (it is possible, though, that this feature is available, and I'm unsure how to access it). Here are some examples of the data for my other types of clubs. As a note, I deleted the shots from each club that were mishit. Short/Mid Irons: Long Irons: Driver: The driver is the club that I struggle the most with, and good on the Mevo for showing that with some data! Conclusion: In a setting in which you are hitting into a net and applying the metallic stickers to your golf balls, the Mevo works FANTASTICALLY as a launch monitor. It picked up ~95% of my total shots and, the great thing was, when I felt I struck a ball poorly, the numbers on the Mevo usually backed it up (and vice versa!). In terms of number reliability, I was impressed with the consistency and perceived accuracy of CARRY DISTANCE, SPIN RATE, BALL SPEED, CLUB SPEED, SMASH FACTOR and LAUNCH ANGLE. I was not able to assess the accuracy of ball height and time in the air, but the numbers were, at least, consistent. As for the app interface, I wish it was more user friendly with more features like averages of specific clubs or sessions. The video feature worked okay, but there was a significant lag-time between capturing the swing and displaying the data. I am more partial to the data-only recording, but it’s nice to have the camera feature available. Overall, I would highly recommend the FlightScope Mevo as an at-home, indoor/net launch monitor. I am very happy with the accuracy and consistency of the device with respect to its price point.
  7. Does anyone have experience with the New Level 1102 Forged clubs? They're New Level's foray into the world of lefties, and I'm intrigued to hear if anyone has any experience with them. They seem to be distinct from any of the RH models. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone tried the Tri-Turf mat that comes in the Haack Net package? If it's decent, I'm thinking of getting it.
  9. Hey Everyone! The first version of WITB on this cloudy, Chicago, quarantine day. Driver: PXG 0811 X GEN2, 8.5 degree, Alida Rogue Elite Blue 55 3 Wood: Srixon X F85, 15 degree 3 Iron: Ping G410 Crossover 4-PW: Ping iBlade, black dot, S300 52/56/60: Ping Glide 2.0, black dot, SS Putter: Toulon Design Las Vegas ( my baby ) Ball: Vice Pro x Cleveland Cavaliers
  10. To anyone currently gaming Dynamic Gold 105s (any flex), how have you found them? I haven't been able to find much discussion of these shafts in particular, and they ostensibly seem comparable to the Modus 105s.
  11. Has anyone ever done just a shaft fitting? I enjoy my current iBlades, but the stock DG S300's aren't doing me any favors. With the cost of the fitting, installation, shafts, and grips, do you think that a shaft fitting would be beneficial, or would you recommend splurging on a full-on iron fitting? Thanks!
  12. I finally got back into golfing after almost 15! years off. I've been playing and practicing heavily for about a year, and I'm looking to get a new set irons that will complement my game. Right now, I see myself in the game improvement category of irons, but I'm trending towards players in the near future. What are some of the best irons that can be categorized as a bit of a hybrid between players and game improvement? I'm left handed, so my options are somewhat limited. I've been eyeing the Ben Hogan Edge or PTx, so bonus points if you have experience with those. Thanks!
  13. Hey Everyone, Checking in from Chicago. Looking for a way to spend my golf-free quarantine days!
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