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  1. Hi spies, I will be visiting Manchester and wanted to see if any Manchester based spies would want to play a round or two with me. I'll be available to play 19 & 20 Sept
  2. Still looking if anyone is selling
  3. Yeah, that's the list I was going off of and where I got Derek's name from. I used to play out at Sugar Creek but never got the chance to go to Jim Murphy, but from what I read and stuff, he seems very old school
  4. Thank you so much! I'll look into all of them. Have either of y'all hear of Derek Hooper? I read up on him and saw that he was listed amongst the best in Texas.
  5. Hi Spies, Any have any recommendations for coaches in Houston, TX? I have tried everything and feel like I need a proper coaching session or two to fix some of the issues I have with my game. Please suggest good coaches that y'all might have had experiences with. I look forward to your replies. Thank you!
  6. That's good idea! I'll do that. Thank you! Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Hi Spies, I am considering buying the "Ultimate Irons" coaching plan from MeAndMyGolf to improve my iron game, as that is my biggest weakness. Has anyone tried it or heard any reviews about it? Would love to hear y'all's feedback. Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Yasin Sugar Land, TX M5 10.5* 16 90 TSi3 10.5*
  9. Hi Spies, I'm looking for a slightly used Garmin Approach S62 Golf Watch. If anyone is selling one, please let me know.
  10. Oh. That makes sense. Tbh I'm not quite sure what the style of a good instructor should be, I've only been to one golf pro for a couple sessions, Neil Wilkins in Missouri City, and that too was like 10 years ago. So don't really know what to be looking for and what to expect. And yeah, he isn't all that expensive, a video analysis is for like $75 and a if you get the Improvement Plan, $50 a month, the video lesson goes down to $50, so not a bad deal at all. Brady Riggs, another known coach is offering video lessons, so send him the video, he analyzes it and gets back to you, so I'm reaching out to him for pricing too, I've heard he's really good.
  11. So for me, FaceTime lesson isn't really feasible because of the time difference, so recording my swing, sending them to the coach and receiving feedback is realistically my only option. I just downloaded it and it has A LOT of coaches, didn't know that existed. I'll look at all the options there will see which one I like. Thank you dude! This is really helpful!
  12. He offers swing analysis too, so I can reach out to him and get his feedback too Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Yeah, that's also what I'm looking for, I don't want to just go off of just simply videos online and follow them blindly, I want a coach to analyze my swing, give me feedback about what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right and how to correct the issues have, let be drills or specific videos or whatever. Has anyone heard of "SwingLineGolf"? I found them online on Instagram and they seem to offer swing analysis and coaching for quite cheap, but idk how they are and can't find any reviews on them. Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Hi Spies, Hope y'all are doing well and staying safe. So I know there are a lot of Golf coaches that offer online/virtual coaching and lessons for their students, but how does one find out who is good and who isn't? I am a 16 Handicapper and have been stuck at that for quite some time, multiple people have told me that I need a few lessons from a good golf coach and my game should improve. I live in Pakistan and so there aren't any PGA professionals close to me that I could go to and so my only option is finding one who offers trainings and lessons online. I have found a few and have reached out to them but I don't know who is good and who isn't. If any of y'all have any experience with a specific coach that offers online/virtual sessions, or have taken virtual sessions, please share your experience, what the outcome was and how much it costed? I look forward to your replies!
  15. Yasin, Sugar Land, TX I live in Texas, so winters aren't really that bad for, so just practice on the greens at the club No prior experience with putting mats Slow Green Speed, I usually play at public courses and the greens aren't that fast Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  16. Yeah, I feel like I should wait until my next visit somewhere to try out both of these head to head and see which one feels better and then make the decision. No use spending $300-400 to purchase something I don't really like and then have no option to return it.
  17. Thank you so much for your response and its great to hear from one of the Most Wanted Testers. So, speed off the face isn't really an issue, that is something that will just take some getting used to, a little practice on the green and I should have better understanding of the impact. The issue with my putting is off center strikes which causes my putts to miss left or right and I feel like Evnroll can do a better job at managing that. So I recently got fitted, in Houston, for a full set, including a putter, but my fitter didn't carry Evnroll Putters and so I couldn't really try them out. My fitter had told me that the putter that I currently have, the Odessey O-Works is fine for me, but I really haven't been putting well with it, multiple 3 putts, so I decided to switch. The issue now is that I recently moved to Pakistan for work and there aren't any fitters here and no pro-shops carry Evnrolls or Bettinardi's, we can only find the big name brands like Scotty Camerons, Odessey and Taylormade and that too in stock configurations and over priced, so how my purchase would work is that I would ship the product to my family's address in Houston, then they would ship it to me, so returning it after purchase won't really be possible, my only option would be to try and sell it here.
  18. Yeah, how they've performed in the MGS Most Wanted Putter testing is what pulled me towards Evnroll in the first place. They've placed in the top spot 3 times in the past 4 years! That's something, whereas Bettinardi, even though have been tested, but have never even been in the top 5. And I trust their reviews and their testing methods and I know I won't go wrong in their recommendations. And like I said, I was pretty much sold on the ER2 and was ready to buy one until the Bettinardi was brought into my attention. The look of the Queen B 6 and the reviews that I have found about their feel is what got me thinking. The one con that ER2 had in their year's Most Wanted Putter was that it didn't feel that great. And that is basically the only reason I am confused.
  19. Hi Spies, So I've been looking to upgrade my putter recently and I was pretty much sold on the Evnroll ER2, it has a couple of Most Wanted Blade awards under it's belt and the team at MGS seem to love it too. Then, recently someone introduced me to the Bettinardi Queen B 6, similar in shape, looks better, but doesn't have the groove technology like the Evnroll, instead relies on the old school milled face for optimal feel and response. The person who recommended the Queen B 6, told me that he himself had switched over from an ER2 and the ER2 he had up for sale was because a client had order a customized ER2, then tried a Queen B 6 and decided to go with the Queen B 6. According to him, the Queen B 6 offered a much better and softer feel. So now I'm confused and I can't decide which direction to go in. I live in an area where I can't try out either of these putters, no pro-shops near me carry either of them, I would purchase purchase them online and have them delivered to me. So, I can't test them out to see the results or the feel. I would really appreciate y'all's input and would love to hear from people familiar with the putters. Thank you!
  20. Bump Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  21. So, they're both more or less the same. There are 2 major differences that I have found so far: By default, the speed on the red one is set tot Meter/Second instead of Miles/Hour. There is a way to change it, but I haven't tried too much to figure it out, if you look closely at the device you can see "MPH" on the screen, it just isn't activated. The PRGR Black has the option to show Smash Factor, this one shows total calories consumed. Besides those 2 things, they're both essentially the same
  22. Hi everyone, I am selling a brand new, in box, PRGR Red Eyes Launch Monitor. I have one that I use personally and absolutely love it, had ordered one for a friend that wanted it too, but he backed out, so now I'm stuck with 2. Asking $115 + Shipping Please message me if interested.
  23. Can you DM pictures of it with me if you can? Thank you for the suggestion and I have made the edit. I'm looking for 34/35" but I make 33" work too.
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