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  1. 3 hours ago, TBT said:

    What’s the difference between the black and the red eyes?

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    2 hours ago, dbdors said:

    I was wondering the same thing?

    So, they're both more or less the same. 

    There are 2 major differences that I have found so far:

    1. By default, the speed on the red one is set tot Meter/Second instead of Miles/Hour. There is a way to change it, but I haven't tried too much to figure it out, if you look closely at the device you can see "MPH" on the screen, it just isn't activated.
    2. The PRGR Black has the option to show Smash Factor, this one shows total calories consumed. 

    Besides those 2 things, they're both essentially the same 

  2. Hi everyone,

    I am selling a brand new, in box, PRGR Red Eyes Launch Monitor. I have one that I use personally and absolutely love it, had ordered one for a friend that wanted it too, but he backed out, so now I'm stuck with 2. 

    Asking $115 + Shipping

    Please message me if interested. 




  3. 19 minutes ago, yungkory said:

    I have an ER2 33" 355g head. No gravity grip but it's in great condition. Lmk if you're interested! Might want to edit the post to include what length you prefer to filter your results. Good luck!

    Can you DM pictures of it with me if you can? 
    Thank you for the suggestion and I have made the edit.

    I'm looking for 34/35" but I make 33" work too. 

  4. Hi everyone,

    I am looking for an Evnroll ER2 Putter, 34/35" preferably with the gravity grip, and in good to great condition.

    Please let me know if any one is interested in selling.

    Thank you!



  5. On 6/10/2020 at 1:28 PM, kennyky said:

    super interesting item !

    i did some research and apparently you can change the m/s to mph via pushing the mode button and then arrow:

    "Only downside is the instruction is in Japanese but it is pretty easy to figure out. You click on "Mode" and "Up" arrow to change to mph & yards from m/s and meters. "

    from an amazon review comment

    i also saw on the previous version of this launch monitor to change tp mph you needed you long press the menu button several time (cycling between different mode).


    Other people are talking about another brand as well, looks very similar : yupiteru. about the same price ranges but they have more models (owing to one post, this brand is more popupalr in japan for launch monitor than the prgr ones). the easiest to find is the gst-5. In the gst-4 manual it was written you could change m/s to mph in the settings menu. for gst-5, in its manual, this particular section on settings does not exist. 


    Thank you for your response, I was that review as well and tried that but no luck, I tried it again after you posted with the hope that I might be doing something wrong, but still no luck! 

    But its fine now, I am using an excel sheet to track my speeds and the sheet converts the numbers to MPH for me. 

  6. Hi everyone,

    I am looking for an Evnroll ER2 Putter, preferably with the gravity grip, and in good to great condition. 

    Please let me know if any one is interested in selling.

    Thank you!


  7. 147712218_ScreenShot2020-06-02at12_33_43PM.thumb.png.8b71cb07c0ddd9820c20b138fd4938f0.pngWeek 2 is in the books and it was.... something. I recently took up cycling and so in my usual Super Speed Training time I go cycling and by the time I get back, its dark, I'm tired and I get beyond lazy, somehow I managed to go these trainings at 1 AM (On Wednesday) and 2:30 AM (on Friday) and the results are as good as I could have expected them to be and since I was swinging inside the house, I didn't swing my driver, so could get that speed. Overall, I saw a slight increase (barely any) but I was closer to my highs on average, so speeds are creeping up, slowly but surely.

    Also got my first round of golf in this past weekend and I was driving a better than I expected, hit a bomb straight down the fairway on the first couple holes, then the fades/slices started to creep back in, but not a bad first round back overall.

    With week three on its way, I'm hopeful for the best. Will keep y'all posted. 


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    10 hours ago, SuperSpeed Golf said:

    @YKodvavi the PRGR we sell doesn’t measure in meters per second. There was an old Japan version that had that and a calorie counter. 

    we have a modification for those who don’t feel comfortable kneeling on our site. It’s a narrow stance standing swing.

    Thank you for responding, but is there a way to change the setting of that version to MPH? Its not really a problem anymore considering my excel sheet does the conversion when I enter the data, but it would still be a good to have kinda thing. 

    Oh, I didn't know that. I'll try that out, kneeling wasn't really a problem, it was more of an inconvenience and discomfort, and now that I think about it, this program is all about stepping out of our comfort zones. So lets see how it goes this time. 


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  9. 14 hours ago, rreeves35 said:

    Anyone have any recommendations for favorite handheld rangefinders? Current golfbuddy is broken and the apps on my phone are just keeping me afloat. 

    I use a Bushnell Pro X2 and my buddy has a Bushnell Tour v4, love using them both, they work amazingly well. The JOLT feature is great and tells you as soon as it locks onto the flag, the only time I have maybe faced some issues with it is when the flag is tucked in a dark corner of the green or the flag is surrounded by trees in the background, besides that it works great. 

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  10. Ok. so I am not an official tester but wanted to share my week 1 results with y'all. I feel like a weekly check-in will keep me going and won't let me quit even when I stop seeing progress.


    Last Friday, I did more of a dry run to see where I stand before I start the program to set a baseline, I didn't do a warm-up and did the training at around mid-night.

    The program officially started this past Monday, in the evenings with the Dynamic Warm-up, and we can see that with 3 days of training my Driver speed has increased by almost 5 MPH (ignore the Monday Driver After, as that was a misread but I couldn't get the PRGR to read the driver properly because of low light). All other speeds have more or less stayed consistent, I'm not exactly sure why, I can't find myself to break 111 MPH with the Green club in the final 3 swings, but I'm hopeful, I know I'll get there. 

    Are there any tips that y'all can offer to get better results? 

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  11. 18 minutes ago, Getoffmylawn said:

    I am sold...going to go buy this tomorrow.

    That said, I don't have the coin to get the radar too...am I wasting my time then?  I mean, I'll still improve, it will just be harder to quantify by how much...right?

    I got the Japanese version of the PRGR, costs about $100 shipped, off eBay, its basically the same thing with UoM as M/S instead of MPH. Everything else is basically the same. If you can, get that.

    I did the program for a few week without a radar and got bored of it as I couldn't see numerical/tangible results, having a radar helps you understand your progress and keeps you motivated. 

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  12. 17 hours ago, pozzit said:

    The main difference is that the Plus can measure swing speed without hitting a ball. Mainly to measure superspeed.

    I have been seen that on ebay as well and have been curious about that version since 1) its only $100 and 2) its the only PRGR that seems to be in stock. Glad you feel its accurate enough. 

    Question I have this question for the PRGR and SC200/200+ can you look at previous swing data after a session? 

    I can't speak for the SC200(+) but with PRGR can store data of up to 500 previous swings, so all information will be saved. There is no way to export the data to any external devices but as far as viewing everything on the device itself, you should be fine .

  13. I got one a couple days ago and its good! I recently got fitted at Club Champion and so have an idea of where my numbers were on their trackman, swing speed wise, and the numbers that I have been seeing on this are quite similar, like within a 5% range. And for the price its unbeatable. 

    I actually got the Japanese version, its available on eBay for like $100, so basically half the price, the only 3 differences are 1) It shows my swing speed in M/S, and I know theres a way to change because I can see MPH on the screen, just can't figure out how to switch to it and 2) It doesn't show total distance, which is barely ever accurate because total distance numbers depend on spin, course condition and many other factors and 3) Its red in color, which makes no difference to me. 

    So all in all, not a bad investment to know my numbers.


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  14. 20 hours ago, B.D. Scott said:

    Golf apps for course I use 18 Birdies great app. Golf logic has a green reading options that's pretty handy. I use the PGA tour app to follow all golf 

    How well does the green reading feature on the Golf Logic App work? 

    I personally use Hole19 as my course App, works great and the GPS system on the App works pretty well too. 

  15. Hi Members,

    Lets use this forum to discuss your favorite golf apps to use:

    • On the course
    • For Practice
    • Track the tour
    • Others

    I lets see what y'all like, what y'all don't like, what are some things y'all wish your favorite apps had and lets find the best app to use.

    Excited to see the responses!! 

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  16. 19 hours ago, pozzit said:

    I do not have a device but i know i have seen the question on amazon and have hears the "Down arrow" and "Enter" at the same time should do it.

    Yeah, I saw that too and tried it, but sadly no luck. Thank you thought! 

    10 hours ago, Subdiver1 said:

    Not sure how to make the change on the PRGR, but if you multiply your M/sec x 2.237 that will give you MPH.

    Yeah, that's what I did. I set up excel sheet to convert my numbers directly. So as soon as I get done inputting my data, I find out my speed in the correct UOM. 

    13 hours ago, MaxEntropy said:

    First week is complete:


    Started out great, then flattened out later in the week, not that I expected that trend to continue. Being stuck on 111 is not a concern to me since it is still 15 mph above where I ultimately started. Hoping next week to crack 111 with the driver and 120 with the green stick. I have to wonder how much is related to mechanics and my body needs to figure out what it needs to do to get more speed.

    Stay tuned....

    Great results in the just 1 week. Excited to see how the rest of the program goes for you! 

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  17. 6 hours ago, edingc said:

    I gave up on the kneeling swings and just do feet together now. So much more comfortable. Maybe not getting exactly the same benefit, but my knees thank me. 🤷‍♂️

    I feel you! I breezed through Level 1 and made decent progress, but 1 week into the Level 2 Protocol and having to kneel got me to just give up. 

    I just got myself a PRGR Launch Monitor and that's got me excited to start the program again and hopefully not give up this time around. 

    Anyone here know how to change the unit on the PRGR? Change from MPH to M/S? I've been trying to figure it out but can't seem to find anything about that.

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