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  1. Like the consistency of Ball 2 and also like its Bridgestone BX! Thanks for sharing this test!
  2. Welcome Johnny & thanks for taking our questions! Jon Rahm switches from Taylor Made to Callaway. It was reported, the first round Jon plays with Callaway clubs he shoots 59. First question - was it true he shot 59? Rahm seems to be striking ball better with Callaway irons. Any particular reason why Rahm's ball striking has elevated with the change? Was it a shaft change? Better fitting process? Thank you!
  3. to add my 2 cents, it really sounds more like a shaft issue. It's possible the S300 is not the correct shaft for your swing. You hit hard enough, numbers you posted were good. If you're going to tinker, try a different shaft with different kick points in an iron. If you're hitting too high right now, look at testing a mid to high or high kick point shaft vs a low kick point shaft. Stiff or Xstiff. I'm tinkering right now trying out a heavier shaft 123gram stiff vs 105 gram stiff, in an 8 iron. getting a feel. I put lighter grips on all irons reducing grip weight from 78 grams (Golfpride tour wrap to 52 gram Superstroke). Best fitting I ever had was from an LPGA Pro and she was good in diagnosing & matching ball flight with proper flex shaft and swing, unfortunately she moved when I bought new set of irons. Good luck!
  4. Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes!! I appreciate it!
  5. Before you go through a reshaft of your wedges, if you have a PGA Store, Dick's or Golf Galaxy in your area try and demo wedge with "A" Shaft, check the feel. I bought a sand wedge with KBS shaft, cause I wanted to switch to KBS from Titleist Wedge Flex. I regretted it! Went to a Titleist fitting for wedges and back to using Wedge Flex Dynamic Gold. The performance of KBS shaft is not for me.
  6. As with many previous comments, I've narrowed my shoes to New Balance (fresh Foam PaceSL - water resistant) and Sketchers Go Golf (waterproof). Both very comfortable as well. Will never buy Nike's! You can almost predict the shoe lasting 6 months or less, and heel/sole starts separating. Even the waterproof Nike's are not durable. Love Ecco's but don't hold up under wet conditions such as playing in mornings with morning dew. Just got done walking 18 holes wearing Sketchers Go Golf pair and feet dry after round. Tomorrow I'll wear New Balance.
  7. Great question! For putts under 30ft my routine is not to take a practice swing, if on the green. Over 30ft, my routine is to stand behind ball, give it a quick plumb for the line & spot to putt to, take 3 practice strokes (facing hole/spot), then set the putter, one look at spot and go. Seems to work well. Lately though, not making as many shorter putts (8 - 15ft), so might change my routine and use same method as used for longer putts, for all putts.
  8. Got fitted for Evenflow Riptide 6.0 stiff - 60 gram shaft in Maverick Pro 3w. Really liked it. Then tried a 6.0 stiff 50 gram Evenflow Riptide shaft in driver and liked it as well. Still have the Evenflow 50 gram shaft in driver. Switched out a 75x shaft in driver. Evenflow Riptide shafts work for me.
  9. I belong to & regularly play a Semi-Private course. The course condition & maintenance is fantastic all year round & as good private courses in the area. The tee time availability, the ability to walk, course condition & staff makes it enjoyable! Couple of times a month will go out and play other area courses.
  10. STallion Mountain Golf Club, which ajdegeno mentioned above. We chose that course because Frank Sinatra Celebrity Classic was played there. Nice Course, also got a deal on Golf Now. Aside from playing Mesquite courses, I'd play both Bear's Best & Stallion Mountain again.
  11. Last time in Vegas one of the course we played was Bear's Best. Got a good Golf Now Hot Deal. The course was Fantastic! Definitely would go back and play again.
  12. Whaat a great Give-away!!
  13. Normally Play ProV1x, lately trying other golf balls - Bridgestone B rxs and both Taylor's TP5 & TP5x. Really like the TP5. Ball seems to fly off club and feels good putting. Tried the B RXS, since it's good enough for Couples, good ball & like it. just bought a dozen used to try out.
  14. Mostly Callaway products in bag now. Epic Subzero driver (although just switched out driver shaft to 50gram Stiff-Evenflow and reallys like it); Maverick 3wk with 65s Evenflow shaft; Callaway RazrX 5w; Bobby Jones 21 degree Jessie Ortiz rescue (do swap out at times for Maverick Pro 4i); Maverick Pro Irons; Titleist SM5 54 & 60 degree wedges; Scotty Newport 2 putter. Tried Callaway wedges but went back to Titleist, really like feel & performance of Vokey wedges. Also just switched out my iron grips to Superstroke Oversize 52gram and has made a difference in the feel of club, which I like.
  15. Thanks MGS & Titleist for the opportunity!
  16. I found Phil Mickelson's video - Chipping 101 - to be a great tool and offers great practice techniques. One thing that Phil advises & he is absolutely correct, never let the club head pass your hands when chipping. We amateurs like to flick our wrists when chipping. It's amazing the technique with being conscience of not having club head pass your hands is great and under any condition. Good luck!!
  17. Onestop, I got fitted for a new Maverick 3w, with an Evenflow 60g stiff shaft. Really like it. Always played a 75stiff or 75x shaft in fairway woods and hitting. but the 60g Evenflow appears to be the right fit. So by chance a golf buddy had a 50g stiff Evenflow Shaft in his driver and didn't like it. We traded driver shafts about a month ago (figured I had nothing to lose before buying a new driver - lol) & it's fantastic (traded him out a 65s shaft). I'm finding driver with 50g shaft is given more accuracy & actually hitting it further. Also changed the grip from the std tour velvet my buddy had on it, to a jumbo Golf Pride tour wrap. however that changed the feel of the club. Could not feel the head of the club with 76gram grip on a 50g shaft and didn't like it. Couple of weeks ago changed grip to Superstroke Oversized grip - 50g weight with two rounds of tape. Its made a world of difference in feel. Also just changed iron grips to Superstroke from Jumbo Golf Prides because of lighter grip weight & thats given great feel on irons as well. The one issue the lighter shaft gives me is less fatigue by end of round. I do think it's because of the lighter , and I walk either 9 or 18 almost every day. You mentioned you get tired swinging the heavier club, the lighter shaft is noticeable difference. I agree with comments of getting fitted and you've been to CC, so you know your specs. Nothing wrong, in my opinion, with tinkering if you have the time & know you'll spend a little money. The lighter grips have provided a better feel for me, without compromising the grip size. 50g stiff & 50g xstiff shaft technology today is very impressive. The internet has been a great opportunity to research the different shafts & grips and their specs. Good luck & apologies for longwinded reply!
  18. Great advice Caddie! I failed to mention before purchasing the Maverick 3w, I went through a fitting process which included trying out the Tour Edge 3 woods and different shafts. Fitting resulted in Maverick 3 wood with an Evenflow shaft & that made a world of difference. So when the opportunity arose to put an Evenflow shaft in driver, I tried it and liked it. But if it were not for the club fitting, I would not have tried that model shaft. Good call Caddie!
  19. Not an expert, but do tinker a bit. I've been one to play the 75g extra stiff or 65g stiff shafts in driver. However, 3 weeks ago tried out a 50g stiff Evenflow (mid/high kick) shaft in driver and love it! I would have never thought of switching to that light of a driver shaft, however the feel of the driver head is much better and have not lost any distance, in fact i do believe I've gain some distance. Accuracy also appears to be better with the lighter driver shaft. One other thing I've done to get a better feel is change the grip, going from a Golf Pride Jumbo Tour wrap at 75grams, to a SuperStroke Oversized at 50 grams and it really has given a great feel to the club. Right now I'm tinkering with loft of driver, turning it down from 10 degrees to 9 degrees, with the lighter shaft I'm hitting 9 degree loft really well. My instructor told me with the lighter shaft going from 70g stiff to 50g stiff you will not be as fatigued by the end of the round, swinging a heavier club. So far he's right and I walk 18 pretty much every day and in the heat. Good Luck Steve!
  20. Good poor man's ball - try the new Top Flite Gamer you can order at Dick's Sporting. Under $25 dozen, it's a good deal. Good luck & Keep Hitting it well!
  21. Leska its good you have the passion to get better & you found a coach who you like and getting results. instructors can see things in our mechanics we don't see. The danger (LOL) is when we try to self-diagnose. Don't be resistant to a change especially if a change that is producing results. Congrats to getting down to a 5.9, that's awesome! Your coach may see something in your swing with new grip, which gets you in the correct positions to make a good swing, hence the drop from 12 to 5.9. Plus you're playing more, which hopefully helps with repetition of what you learn from your coach. Take a video of your old swing you want your coach to see, so he/she can evaluate your swing as you were playing. this should give your instructor an idea what positions you are in with the strong grip and compare it to the new set up & grip and can help you understand why the change. Be patient with change and keep your passion! Good luck!!
  22. Not a New Model must have guy. I change my wedges out as grooves wear out, but have tried different brands of wedges over the last 5 yrs; going between Callaway, Ping & Titleist. Always go back to Titleist, though. Like the feel, look and bounce options. S Bounce in 60 degree and M bounce in 54 degree. Tried the F bounce and did not like it. Also found the black nickel doesn't wear as fast and like the Titleist Wedge Flex Shaft.
  23. Ladies quite impressive. 13 under is a tie for like 26th. 23 under leading, excellent golf!! Fun to watch!
  24. Tiger plays the Tour BXS. If it's good enough for Tiger, it's good enough for me! LOL!
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