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  1. You bring up a great point, If Freddie can play the ball, how can that be a bad thing! Agreed! With winter upon us and weather getting colder, I'm going to try a lower compression ball & will try the B RXS again. MyGolfSpy does a great job with ball testing! I've tried the Taylor Made TourResponse, good ball, doesn't spin much but a good feel to the ball. Prefer to Taylormade TP5. But will now try B RXS, good enough for Freddie LOL! Anyone else think the ProV1 feels harder in cold weather? I stop using the ball in winter months.
  2. I've had Clickgear by Dicks Sporting Goods, 3 wheel. It was alright, had a difficult time getting replacement parts if something breaks. So switched to Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart last year (2021) and really like it. It folds up nice & compact. Easy to push, brake is is good too. Bag Boy has accessories & replacement parts available. Although Haven't needed any replacement parts yet! LOL. Overall, it was worth the $259!
  3. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Had the traditionally cooked turkey, with all the trimmings!
  4. Finau certainly has learned how to win. He has the Iron & Wood game for Augusta, but does he have the consistent putting? He proved at Houston he can drop a 62 on you and putt lights out. Augusta will have a tad faster greens, LOL. Finau is a different player today, he can play under pressure & win. Having that experience taking a 1 or 2 shot lead coming to holes 17 & 18 at the Masters is huge! Two years ago, I wouldn't give him a chance of closing the door, but he's certainly matured since then!
  5. Welcome to the Forum Matt! In reading your post concerning how much you spend on golf gloves, you don't realize the cost of gloves a year. I had been a Titleist Perma Soft user for a long time, then due to the cost $15+ per glove, lasting approx less than 2 months, so I made the switch to Kirkland gloves - $20 for 4 or 5 gloves (during specials), however they were as durable as the Titleist gloves. I'd alternate between two gloves a round and was playing 4 to 5 times week. Every two months buying another 4 gloves, boom $100yr easily spent. But two years ago that changed, a golf buddy turned me onto Finger Ten Gloves. I was suspect at first, but became a believer and quickly. Last year (2021) I was playing & walking 5 times week, in the Florida heat & humidity, my cost for golf gloves in 2021 = $19 for 3 Finger Ten Gloves. I've since lost one of the three, gave one to another golf buddy last yr and the third now has a hole in the thumb, which I use for range time. Back in June 2022, I purchased another 3 Finger Ten Gloves for about $17 (for the 3)and still have one glove unused and two in my golf bag. I'm sold on the gloves, after they dry, they don't crunch nor stiffen up. Have not had any rip in palm area of my hand (also went to larger grips) and they seem to absorb sweat very well. I've good experience with Finger Ten Gloves. Purchased them on Amazon. Good Luck and again Welcome!
  6. At the Range this morning, turned on Pandora and listened to the Lou Monte Radio. Italian music by Lou Monte, Louis Prima, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Vale, Sergio Franchi to name a few. Then went over to putting green to putt & chip and put in the ear buds to listen a bit more private. Nice morning to practice!
  7. Thanks Kenny B!! Happy Birthday @Firebird
  8. Thanks Matt & Lefty!! I appreciate it!
  9. Just got my new Sqairz's shoes today. Yesterday Superstroke putter grip
  10. Agreed Golfspy! Tom Kim is going to be a star. His play is poised and showing he is the real deal. Impressed with his poise, not to mention he has a great caddy who keeps Tom focused. Kim's play during Presidents Cup certainly gave him confidence, which clearly he's parlayed into a quick PGA Tour victory!
  11. Nice Round Matt!! Way to get it back!!
  12. Technically this would be first Loss of a Wild Card Game for Tampa to Guardians. Nothing was avenged, Indians dead
  13. Golfspy_TCB: The one thing I have decided not to buy used, are wedges. I went down that path in years past, but to me, there is no place that groove wear is more impactful than my wedges. So for that I budget for wedges each season (sometimes only one is needing replacing, sometimes more than one... but there is nothing like a crisp grooved wedge - Golfspy you are correct about the wedges and grooves. I did break down earlier this year and purchased a brand new SM8 SW to replace an SM5 SW and it certainly was refreshing having new grooves. Found a close out on previous models, brand new, but wait & take risk you may not find the grind & bounce you want It seems and tell me if you agree, the nickel/brushed steel (now it's jet black) faced heads seem to not wear like a Tour Chrome or Raw. Maybe just trying to rationalize not spending the money for a new 60 degree. LOL
  14. Have purchased used/pre-owned driver, irons & wedges. Have traded in clubs (much to my wife's delight) for my last driver & iron set. Callaway Pre-Owned irons are pretty darn good shape. Just wasn't going to pay $499 for a new driver or $1,200 for set of irons. As for wedges, like what Cnosil mentioned above under "Cons": Finding exactly what you want may take some time. He's right. Willing to take a little bit of time to cut my cost in half at times. Also, if unsure about a wedge brand or style & bounce, buying a used at much lower cost enables to figure out if the wedge fits my play. I've been able to weed out certain shafts & club styles buying used. To be honest it seems I always going back to Vokey wedges. Intrigued by MyGolfSpy recent testing of Taylor Made wedges! Never have played Taylor Made Wedges. Going to keep an eye out for TM wedges
  15. Watching Couples swing is awesome! Never saw an overhead shot of a pro like in Couples video. One thing is so clear, Couples head never moves through the swing. It stays just behind the ball during take away through downswing. Then follows through. What a freaking swing! The overhead shot gives you an idea of ball position as well. weight on his left side at address, beautiful takeaway and same swing with all clubs. Thanks for sharing video!
  16. Hang in there Sluggo! That competitiveness gets best of us, get to where you're afraid to miss. Shrug it off & go to next hole & smile at your buddies! What a crazy game, but GREAT!
  17. Beautiful fall morning in Central FL - 64 degrees at 7am Tee Time. Walked 18 holes, hadn't played in a week, itching to play. Been working on Saguto.golf teaching method, I'm liking it. 3 over for 18 with no birdies, will definitely have to hit the range tomorrow. Surprisingly course was fairly dried out after all the rain from Hurricane Ian, but three days of no rain helped. Nice morning to walk!
  18. USA Wins - 16.5 to 13.5 Thanks My GolfSpy & Titleist!
  19. Thanks Tift! Great summary & thanks for putting together the chart above. Very helpful. Interesting about switching to Nippon shafts, I've been contemplating changing to same shafts or purchasing new irons with the Nippon shafts. Not sold on my current irons, Maverick Pro's, especially after changing from Titleist AP2 714. Knew there would be a difference. The T200's look good. Appreciate your comments!
  20. Tift, you finding the T200 irons to be hot and forgiving? What shafts do you have in the T200 irons?
  21. tdroma98

    Taylormade TP5

    Christof, I would say Yes to your question of feel with a different putter & especially in chipping. Just look at the "controversy" or at least the discussion when pro's play team events, such as Alternate Shot. Aside from pro's having ball contracts, some have stated the feel of the ball is different. Personally, I can tell the difference with a ball, when putting with a Scotty vs a 2 Ball & the feel of a ball when chipping. ProV1 & V1x have a very good feel when Putting, the feel is softer with a 2 Ball, feels good with Scotty Cameron as does both the TP5 balls. I will not use a Callaway Supersoft, don't like the feel off the putter (either Scotty or 2 ball) & chipping ball, it's too hot. Even the AVX has a different feel off the putters & wedges when chipping. One ball I found of late to be favorable is Tour Response ball. While the feel is firmer than ProV & TP, Tour Response has a good feel to me, but can tell the difference.
  22. Chose the Forged Tec X model for forgiveness, slightly stronger lofts. Being older, still want the Forged feel, it appears Forged Tec X could provide that forgiveness. In addition, Mid/High Kick shafts for Forged Tec X confirmed choice. Tom / Orlando, FL Currently playing Maverick Pro Irons - 4-GW (however replaced 4i with Rescue - now using 5 - GW) Handicap = 1 Definitely would agree to participate in forum discussion and relay experience with Forged Tec X irons!
  23. I still have my Hogan Edge irons! Not going to give them up. I love how they used the E & F for Pitching Wedge (E) & Gap Wedge (f)! Too bad!
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