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  1. I love the neverending search for the Magic Wand to save our putting. Face it People God him/her self could give you a putter and you will still need to read the break and hit the right speed and no putter in the world will do that for you! Having said that- I would like to try out this putter!
  2. Just bought some avx balls. 17 hdcp I’ll will tell you if these balls are any different from any of the other balls Would love to see if these balls make any difference. Play 3x week
  3. Peter Albany,CA Srixon Z-Star XV The first time I ever broke 100 I played a Top Flight. Kind of had to rethink opinion that it was a cheap brand for people who know they are going to lose them quickly. Would like to see if this ball works well for my swing because lets face it- it ain't the ball; its the way you hit it! Funny thing is no one ever seems to sell them but I find a lot of them.
  4. I received the same email and my question about it is not the quality of the club itself (which is allegedly free except for the shipping I guess) but more "what's the catch?" . Somebody mentioned Warrior Golf in this thread and that is a perfect example. I think Warrior clubs are perfectly good. The problem with them is they use the club and other giveaways to get your contact info and then RELENTLESSLY market time shares/condo sales to you. So wha tis Patriot Golf selling? Has anyone done this - received the driver and then had to fend off telemarketing calls?
  5. Peter (and Henry my son) Albany, CA TM M2 D-Type 18.7 (higher after yesterday!) - My son doesn't keep one 85/110 (I'm slow , he's fast) Any TSI2 (stiff shaft please) You'll get 2 reviewers for the cost of one....
  6. I am on my third GPS watch and have some very strong opinions on what separates a good watch (Garmin) from a crap one (Golf Buddy). Here are some things I would test: Accuracy to front middle back vs. laser range finder (just bough Precision pro from your recommendation!) Ease of use in starting, loading coarse and wear during play. ease of movement from hole to hole. Noticed this when using above mentioned WTX watch. Pull up cart next to tee going back (maybe 2 or 3 holes ahead) watch moves to that hole but then when you walk over to your 30 yd pitch shot refuses to move back to your hole. How well it interfaces with phone app for keeping score and stats (putts, penalties etc.) How easy it is to change settings Battery life. In short - I know a crap watch from a good watch. Peter
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