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  1. That’s a doozy. Almost need to practice a shot just for the hole. Some subtle grip change or something you can count on to give you that little fade when you have to have it. I have a 3 iron with minimal offset and a Dynamic Gold X-100 that is hook proof. It’s not always in the bag, but I’d hit it as hard as I could at the left bunker and just know it’s falling right.
  2. I have a local course that bites me. I always shoot well over my handicap there. The worst thing is, it’s an easy course. Extremely short. 5500 yards with relatively flat greens. Fairways are only 15 yards wide and burnt, and greens are postage stamps. But it’s all in front of you with no slope. I cannot for the life of me put a good score on that course.
  3. Definitely need a new driver shaft. My PWR65 Stiff felt like a limp noodle today on my hard swings, and I had some bad hooks. Not quite ducks, but they were turning hard. Sidenote: I flipped a 4 iron upside down and hit it lefty out of a bush from 80 yards and put it on the front fringe today. Guess those lefty swings are paying off.
  4. Played a true practice round with a couple extra wedges and an x-stiff 3 iron in the bag. Hit the ball all over the place, similar to when I broke my first swing speed plateau. Reinforces my thoughts that speed comes first, then face control. I did hit a 250 yard 3 iron though, so there’s that. Otherwise my chipping and putting felt pretty average and I gave myself different looks at common pin placements.
  5. New personal best tonight. Post-workout second driver swing was 119. By my standards that is SMOKED. Breaking through that second plateau.
  6. This is an interesting concept for sure. Really curious how it turns out! Good luck everyone who applies!
  7. Been on both sides of this one. I’ve hit into groups that either I didn’t see, or thought I couldn’t reach and hit my drive 30 yards further than usual. Best one was on a 315 yard par 4, and I smashed it by my standards. Ended up hitting the flagstick while the other group was putting. I always go and apologize when that happens. Typically if a group hits into us once, I wave at them. If it happens more than once I’ll go and chat with them. I’ve been hit into even after our chat, and I had to get the pro shop involved because it’s dangerous. Occasionally in the men’s league I play in, one of the guys will hit up on the group ahead. In good fun the ball gets teed up where it lies. Sometimes on a beer bottle or other prop.
  8. Pretty good stuff. I feel like most beginners I’ve helped get steep, which drops the toe into the ground first. Hitting ground heel first is generally the lesser of the two evils, unless there is a big loop in the swing. But who knows, he could be the next Furyk or Wolfe. Take lessons is an easy answer, and a good coach will help him understand how to deliver the club into impact. This might cure his lie angle problems. I suspect not if he has to fight his natural movement patterns. I would bend the irons flat until his swing produced a level ground interaction. Only then you can tweak his face-to-path angle consistently. If the heel is digging different amounts on every swing, particularly in different turf conditions, the face will come into the ball at a different angle to the path. Lie angle can be monitored as his skills improve.
  9. Like @jlukes said, if you want to be your absolute best a fitting is essentially mandatory. Otherwise, play what you like! If the clubs look good that’s a big head start for your confidence. There are “muscle back” profiles loaded with technology like the new Cobras. There are some really sharp looking cavity backs now too, with thinner soles and reduced offsets. Or you could game a lot of offset in a bigger club head bc it makes you feel like you’re going to smoke it! Personally I love the look and feel of a traditional forged muscle back, so I play Mizuno MP-4s. Am I losing a stroke or two a round? Maybe so. But that compact head, chromed finish, and thin top line are exactly what I like to look at.
  10. 1. Putt to smaller targets like coins to make the hole look huge. 2. Ladder drill as said before. 3. Try to hit different spots on the face to gain strike awareness. 4. Play a pressure game with $1 per hole with a buddy, but everything inside 3’ must be placed 3’ away.
  11. You’re not leaving much on the table for distance. You are hitting it with near peak efficiency, and all the charts say at 95mph swing speed max carry is somewhere around 225. IF I was going to nitpick, you should be somewhere between the two settings. Your launch is great on the lower setting but too high on the second, and vice versa regarding spin. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 13-14 degrees of launch with 2800RPMs should be the target. That being said, I’d be more concerned with face direction. You do not want to start trying to guess a two-way miss. Zeroing out the path to face relationship at impact will also optimize launch.
  12. Welcome back to golf! Depending on your price point there are a lot of options out there. The boxed sets are decent value these days, and aren’t as bad as they used to be. If it were me though I would go to a PGA Superstore or some other retailer that carries used sets. They will do a decent job of fitting you into a set.
  13. Well, there is nothing wrong with playing old equipment. I still play my X Hot fairway woods because nothing at the current price point goes significantly further or straighter than mine. If I get around to it I’ll post a picture, but I have wear marks the size of quarters right on the center of the face. I’d just hit some new clubs occasionally and see if any just fit your liking. Lots of private courses of demo days open to the public, so I’d start there if you can find one. I prefer these bc you can watch the ball flight, and some even have trackman available now. If not a big box store can get you an idea of the new offerings, but often don’t have the options a fitter or demo day might have.
  14. Are you looking on advice for where to get lessons, where to play, or how to start learning? If you don’t have a lot of spare time, the easiest skill to master that translates to everything in the game is learning the swing from hip high to hip high. Lots of great YouTube content out there. Build a grip and a stance and put a short tee in the ground so the ball is just above the grass. Make little swings hip high to hip high just trying to meet the ball on a gentle arc with the middle of the face. See if you can purposefully hit the toe and the heel and practice those for face awareness. Pay attention to the curve of the ball. You shouldn’t be concerned with distance, even if it goes 10 yards that’s great. As you get comfortable hitting the center of the face you can swing a bit faster and take the club back further. If you want to play, then don’t worry about the tee boxes or par or playing by the rules. Start close enough to the green so that you can get there “in regulation” so if your hip to hip 3 wood goes 60 yards, tee off no further than 120 yards on a par 4 and 180 on a par 5. Tee the ball up on every shot so it’s just above the ground and try to clip it towards your target. Once you are comfortable with taking more full swings and can hit it further distances move back to the tee boxes appropriately and start playing the ball on the ground. Golf is definitely a buildup approach, and I think too many players want to look like the pros to early. Work on the basics first, be forgiving to yourself on the lie, and add skills as you go. You’ll have more fun that way IMO.
  15. I’d rather hit my irons less crisp and make every putt, than feel like my iron swing is flush, and watch putts stop 1” short. So hard to convince yourself to just hit it 1” further lol
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