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  1. I must play 8 different brands of golf balls. All my iron and woods and driver are Ping,, Wedges are from PXG and Cleveland.
  2. As a new customer of Arccos and long time user of Golf pad app ( with out sensors ) and user of Sky Caddie. I have been blown away by ease of use for Arccos. I love the tech side of golf and the idea of looking inside my numbers for how to improve my handicap. ( currently a 12 handicap ) Arccos is not the cheap answer but the information and game improvement has blown me away. I bought the link belt clip $ 150.00 so I don't have to keep my bulky phone in my lead pocket, and after 3 rounds wearing the belt clip i forgot I had it on. the post game review of my club distance and GIR and putts is short of outstanding. After a small learning curve and the price point I feel this could help any player understand where their game is and where they need to work to improve. I'm excited to unlock the caddie A.I feature that can be used before you play a course and during. assisting you in club selection and taking into account where you miss the most.
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