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  1. I saw the thing about using the matched pitching wedge. For me, I love the Ping PW that's part of the set and I l ike the range I hit it, so I'm definitely keeping that. Aside from the PW, the rest are Vokeys although I'm going to play around with some different brands, like maybe the new Cleveland.
  2. Matt / Peoria, AZ Current Handicap: 10.5 Ping i210
  3. I agree. So many great options, seems like a shame to limit yourself to just one brand. One of the pro golfers said something about that recently - about how it's almost impossible to get all the clubs that you like from just one brand and to not be married to the brand.
  4. Matt Rogers - Peoria, AZ I use my iPhone and Apple watch as GPS devices regularly. Apps like The Grint and Hole 19. Depending on the situation, I'll use my phone, watch, or rangefinder.
  5. Cool. I actually live fairly close to Vistancia but have never played it. Most of the people I golf with live in Scottsdale so I'm not opposed to driving east.
  6. Just found this thread. Soooo... How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? - Playing around 15 years. Really only gotten serious about it in the last couple of years. Currently taking lessons. Would really like to get good enough to play in competitions. I'm at a 10.5 index. What do you love about golf? - Love the challenge and being outdoors. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Found the site through a link when I was looking for golf ball comparisons. Found the golf ball test which
  7. Those irons in black are just pure sexy. Matt, Peoria AZ Handicap - 10.5 Ping i210 PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  8. Veteran and Broke 80 badges please.
  9. Have you had sets from the traditional brands? Are the PXGs noticeably different from those?
  10. Not sure about the Pings, but I've been hitting Vokeys for a while. Tried the Callaways and hated them. I'm kind of attached to my Vokeys.
  11. If anyone is up for a round, let me know. I live in North Peoria. Been golfing quite a bit during this "quarantine". 10 handicap.
  12. For $130 you can't go wrong with the Caddy Tek from Costco. I'm on my second one (first was stolen). Yardages are accurate, it's got pin-seeker and slope plus some magnification. I don't see spending hundreds on a higher end one.
  13. I'm playing srixon z-stars and I'm going to play Snell MTB-X. I track all my driver and iron shots with a gps shot tracker so that should give me a good idea on the yardage differences. I figure a few rounds gives me enough data with several clubs.
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