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  1. Here's the form to test the app. It's my intention to help golfers improve their game, not to sell the app. Here's a beta link to use the app for free:
  2. Hey guys, I'm a student at UC San Diego. I've been golfing for years, and am constantly trying to improve my game. As I was golfing several months back, I was thinking about how much I love golf, and want to expand its reach to new golfers. I want each golfer to walk away from the game (or the range) feeling empowered, gratified, and relaxed, just the way I do when I get out and hit some shots. I want a product that's easy to use, so that it brings out the best in each golfer's game. I'm creating an app prototype that uses just the iPhone camera to analyze every part of your swing
  3. Broderick H La Jolla, CA 8 handicap current: Titleist AP2 2019 T-100-S
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