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  1. Like the Truss so far, but all the courses are shut down in the area I live, so just putting on the carpet right now
  2. @Calvo90 Only played a few rounds with the SIM but really liking it so far. I was having the same problem with the M5 - too much spin/too high launch. The SIM with a low spin/low launch shaft produces a much more penetrating flight for me. Haven't really noticed a fade bias, but I work the ball left to right (RH) anyways
  3. Driver: Taylormade SIM - 9deg - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 - Stiff 3w: Taylormade M5 - Tensei White - Stiff 3i: Taylormade GAPR Mid - set to 19deg - Tensei Blue - Stiff 5-7i: Titleist T-200 - AMT White S300 8-GW: Titleist T-100 - AMT White S300 52 (bent to 53): Titleist SM8 - AMT White S300 58: Titleist SM8 - AMT White S300 64 (bent to 63): Taylormade High Toe ATV - TT Gold S300 Putter: Taylormade Truss TB2
  4. Stephen - Seattle, WA - 6 - T-100 (8-GW) / T-200 (4-7) - T-100s. Can compare to T-100
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