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  1. Pete Denver, CO I walk 95% of the time and use a Clicgear Model 3.5+
  2. Pete Denver, CO Tour Edge Exotics EXS 10.5 3.7 hcp, SS ~ 105 I would like to test the TSi3
  3. Pete S, Denver CO, home of BirdieBall I've had a BirdieBall putting mat for about 8 years. The one I own has been scuffed by dogs running on it but I still really enjoy using it. Would test the slow green speed as I mostly play at munis
  4. Pete Denver, Colorado Usually practice 1 day a week for about 30 min. Need to do more. How many 3 putts do you average per round? 2 I love technology and would love to try anything that gets me excited to practice more.
  5. Pete-Denver, CO Driver SS ~98mph, 4.0 index Currently only carry a 17* 2 hybrid, no fairway woods. Next club is a 3 iron
  6. Pete-Colorado Odyssey Black Series i #6 I would say my putting is more of a weakness than strength.
  7. Pete, Colorado 25 rounds per year approx Twitter, Instagram, Facebook 4.1 GHIN with 98 mph driver ss TM R7 425 driver, TM 17 degree hybring, Titleist 716 CB irons (4-PW), Vokey 52, 54,58 F9 speedback driver 9 degree and std iron set. Wedges 50,54,58.
  8. Pete, Colorado HCP 4.3 driver SS 95-102mph TM R7 TP Would like to review Epic Flash
  9. Pete-Colorado Hcp 4.1, driver swing speed 96-99 mph Current Driver TM R7 TP 425 with a Graffaloy Blackbird shaft Would love to try to G410 Plus
  10. Pete, Colorado Only have a pullover jacket from Under Armour. Storm gear 20mph winds with rain so bad a bunch of us headed for the shelter for 30min. This was during the club championship.
  11. Pete, Colorado TM R7 TP with Graffaloy Blackbird Shaft I was fitted for this driver several years ago.
  12. Pete Colorado Vokey SM 52, Vokey SM5 54, Vokey SM 60 degree Desired 50/54/58
  13. Pete, Colorado Index 4.1 Do not currently use a shot tracking system but looking.
  14. Pete in Colorado TM R7 425 with Grafalloy Blackbird shaft SS ~ 100-105, index 4.4 9.5 degree, stiff flex Tensei CK White
  15. Pete Colorado, USA ​Do you use performance tracking? NO Do you use a GPS watch? NO Which ones? N/A I'm really intrigued by this product. I don't like to carry my phone on me during the round but I've actually been wearing a regular watch this season to get used to the possibility of wearing the Shot Scope one in the future!.
  16. 1. Pete, Colorado 2. 4.5 index 2. D TM R7 430 TP, Hybrid TM rescue 17 degree, 3i Mizuno MP-52, 4-W Titleist CB 716, Wedges Vokey 52, 54 SM5, 60 SM3 Goal for the season is to place in the city amateur and win club championship.
  17. Pete 38 Denver, CO Your biggest golf bugaboo: wedge game too inconsistent to take advantage of opportunities to make birdie. Also the driver can be my best club or worst, depending on the day.
  18. Pete Colorado TM R7 TP with Grafalloy Blackbird shaft SS 104-106 distance 265-280 @schlickD on twitter Android
  19. Pete- Colorado TM Resure TP 2009 2h 17 degree Shaft was not custom fit Biggest strength is distance, biggest weakness is direction consistencty
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